The Butcher’s Daughter









Just some more dreamy photos from our NYC trip!  I’m happy I have these to post because I’m so busy with other things at the moment (like packing and preparing for my 3 week trip to Europe that I leave for on THURSDAY) and didn’t have the time to take pictures today.

This was the day we walked around Little Italy and the SoHo area.  We were so starving so we ate at a restaurant called The Butcher’s Daughter…. great atmosphere, but the food was okay.  I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t in the mood for it at the time or what because when I look back at the pictures now it looks freakin’ delicious haha.  I might get grilled for saying this, but I don’t think I enjoy eating avocado toasts.  I tried to be one of those people but I just can’t.  Something about the avocado and the egg just doesn’t do it for me!  Sub the avo for some fresh berry jam and now we’re talkin.



So…. as I’ve mentioned time and time again, I love my sugar.  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  I must say that it’s mostly natural sugars that I’m eating (from fruits), but I definitely have my fair share of candy and chocolate as well.  Either way, I’m eating too much sugar, and it finally took it’s toll this week.  I have been dealing with pimples all over my cheeks, and I’m pretty positive it’s because of a sugar spike in my diet.  For the past week I’ve been eating a bag and a half (!) of Barnana snacks a day.  It’s safe to say I’m addicted.  They are soooooo damn delicious.  But yesterday I looked at the nutrition facts.  And my heart dropped.  There’s 20 grams of sugar in 6 pieces!!!!  And there’s like 15 pieces in a bag, so I was eating like 25 a day.  THAT’S 70 GRAMS OF SUGAR, JUST FROM ONE SNACK!  Even though the only ingredients are dried bananas, dried apples, and cinnamon, it’s still a lot.  And that’s one of maaaanyyyy other sweet snacks that I normally eat throughout the day.  The skin problems were almost an immediate response that my body made to tell me to stop eating so much sugar.  I know that because I have never had acne issues in this area of my face, and those Barnana snacks were just recently introduced to my diet and in mass quantities.

Moral of the story is that as much as I love my Barnana snacks, they gotta go.  Or at least I need to keep it to a minimum (words of an addict much?).  I’ll try going with the recommended serving size limit per day.  In the meantime you can find me drinking plenty of water and green tea and walking around with a face mask on!

Do you guys have any tips on keeping your sugar intake low?  Is there anything naturally sweet that doesn’t have that much sugar?!

Fruits that are low in sugar:

strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, oranges, grapefruit

Fruits that are high in sugar:

bananas, cherries, mangoes, grapes and figs


On a more serious note, I have to address the devastation that occurred in Orlando, Florida this weekend.  My heart is so heavy thinking about all of the innocent lives that were taken by that selfish, disgusting man full of hatred.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, along with their families and friends.  Something needs to change, and I think we should start with the obvious.  America needs stricter gun laws. Period.  How many more of these tragedies do we have to endure before something is done to prevent them?  Stay strong America <3

Throwback to Gov Ball







Wearing: shoes by Indigo Rd. [HERE] // dress from Lioness Official [HERE] // NA-KD body chain [HERE] // Triwa sunnies [HERE]

Flash back to last weekend at Governor’s Ball!  I took the photo of me in front of the sign literally seconds before it started down pouring and everyone had to hide underneath tents!!  I was kinda mad since I missed Miguel, who I really wanted to see perform.  I could only hear him from a distance since we had to seek shelter :/

This day I wore my starry romper from Lioness paired with some cute natural-colored wedges from Indigo Rd.  This heel is called The Kokko, you can find it HERE. I’ve never had a heel that was this damn comfortable!  It didn’t even feel like I was walking on a heel haha.  Perfect shoe for the summertime 🙂  I jazzed it up my look with my silver NA-KD body chain underneath.  I wish I had brought a jacket (or umbrella for that matter) but I still managed to stay somewhat dry!








Wearing: top from Chiquelle // shorts from IMSO [HERE] // shoes from Indigo Rd [HERE]

Here’s a little glimpse of Governor’s Ball Day 1 in NYC this past weekend.  I wasn’t really sure what the
”normal fashion” of this particular music festival was, so I made sure to play it safe and feel it out before I dressed up in anything crazy haha.  *Thank God I didn’t show up in Coachella gear*

But what I learned about the fashion is something I wasn’t expecting.  Friday was WAY casual, and Saturday was way more dressed up, fun festival fashion (and Sunday Day 3 was cancelled).  This might be because different crowds are coming each day because of the single day ticket system.  Regardless, I was happy I kept it cute and casual in my Chiquelle lace up leotard, Levi denim shorts, and my Indigo Rd shoes.  I have a thing for chunky heels and denim shorts, and it’s a look I’ll do over and over again this summer.  I’m happy I got this taupe-grey color because it’s a neutral shade and it will go with so many outfits.

This shoe is called the Kiana heel and you can find it [here].    It also comes in denim blue and tan!

Day 1 featured the following artists: Elle King, Of Monsters and Men, Beck, The Strokes, Duke Dumont, Jamie XX, and Robyn











Proudly wearing my Canadian tuxedo around the streets of NY

Wearing: NA-KD burnt orange top [HERE] // Fidelity denim jacket [HERE] // Levi shorts from IMSO [HERE] // boots from Din Sko // bag from Strathberry

Hi guys!

I’m back in LA and work is kicking up into high gear again as Montazami Brand is beginning its’ second round of production.  Speaking of Montazami Brand, we just released our summer colors of the Moonlight Choker!  It’s now available in tan, sky blue, graphite, rust, lavender, and black.  They’re so cute!  You can check them out [HERE]

I still have tons of photos from New York, so I’ll be mixing them in with current pictures throughout the week 🙂  Since it was just us two it was super easy to walk everywhere or zip around town on the metro.  We didn’t use Uber or a taxi once except for getting to and from the airport!  I was very impressed with ourselves haha.  I wish we could walk around like that in LA, but sadly it’s just not the culture or the right city set-up.




IMG_1111 (1)-2





Wearing: dress from Lulus // shoes from Indigo Rd // bag from Strathberry

So we’ve all heard the buzz on New York’s hip and trendy brunch spot, Jack’s Wife Freda.  It’s practically all over Instagram and it has attracted the likes of many celebrities and bloggers who have ever visited NYC.  Naturally it was one of my top 3 must-go-to restaurants for my visit there this past weekend.  I just had to see what all of the hype was about!  Well I’m here to say that it definitely did not disappoint. Located on charming Carmine St, this restaurant has dishes that are simple yet delicious, and worth the visit!

We had to wait about 45 minutes for brunch, which ended up working in our favor because we got to walk around and explore the area in the meantime.  Austin ordered skirt steak with poached eggs and fingerling potatoes and I got the smoked salmon Eggs Benny on potato latkes with beet hollandaise sauce.  Mine was deeeelish.







Wearing: denim dress from Lulus [here] // jewelry from Capwell + Co [here] // watch from Nicole Vienna [here]

And just like that, Governor’s Ball Day 3 (the day with the best lineup) was cancelled due to severe weather.   Such a bummer, considering the fact that we flew all the way out here for it, but it’s not all that bad when you get to spend more time strolling the streets of this magical city! For such a short amount of time here Austin and I feel like we covered a lot of ground. There’s so much to do and see here in NYC though so we will try to cover the rest when we come back here in July for Austin’s brother’s 21st birthday!

Oh and PS we seriously DODGED a disaster by ditching our Times Square hotel plans!!! Times Square is cool but I would only want to see it, not stay there. The hotel that we’re staying at has a great location and it was much more fitting for us. I want to do an NYC travel guide but I might wait until the end of July so I can have more recommendations and more experienced travel advice. Can’t wait to show you guys all of the photos from my trip!



This city is EVERYTHING!!! I fall more in love with it every second.  Today we walked the streets of Midtown and found a street market, went to see the Museum of Modern Art, and stopped for some delicious pizza.  Tonight’s the first night of the Governor’s Ball, so I have to rush and get ready for that now.  I’ve been taking TONS of photos so I will share them with you guys very soon 🙂  But for now, this photo of Austin and I kissing in front of the LOVE sign will have to do!





IMG_0740 (1)-5



Touchdown NYC!

I swear I couldn’t stop singing the Taylor Swift song “Welcome To New York” as we drove into the city this morning haha. Even though we’ve only been here for half a day, Austin and I are having so much fun exploring the city together. The weather today was absolutely gorgeous so of course we took advantage and strolled the busy street of Fifth Avenue and all around Central Park.

Right now I’m sitting in the lobby all dressed and ready for dinner but I wanted to update on the blog before I left! The pictures are taking 5 years to upload and I can just feel Austin’s patience slowly drifting away upstairs in the hotel room haha. Tonight we’re getting a drink up at the terrace of our hotel and then we’re gunna head to a place called Ocean Prime (I think that’s what it’s called?? Haha Austin picked it out, so I’m sure it will be great! I’m soooo in the mood for some oysters and champagne 🙂

Talk soon!










wearing: dress from Lulu’s [HERE] // shoes from Via Spiga // bag from Culture Riot // body chain by NA-KD [HERE] // watch from Nicole Vienna [HERE] // bracelets from Pura Vida [HERE]

Hi guys!

I’m totally feeling this black and white print with the gold accents.  This look is perfect for the warmer weather and it’s so easy to throw on.  You guys know I’m a huge fan of watches, so you could imagine how excited I was when I received my first gold one!  This one is from Nicole Vienna and it has a black marble face with gold links.  I looked at Nicole Vienna’s whole collection and they’re all stunning.  If you guys are looking for a graduation gift, I would definitely consider getting one of these!


I’m currently writing to you guys from LAX.  Austin and I are officially on our way to the city that never sleeps….. yes, that’s New York City!  We’re taking the red eye so we’re arriving on the East Coast around 9 am.  If it wasn’t for Austin checking the tickets this morning we would have totally missed our flight!  For some reason I was thinking our flight was on Thursday night…. but nope.  This is a PSA for anyone who will be taking a redeye in the near future….. please check your plane ticket not once, not twice, but ten times to make sure you’re going to the airport on the right day!  Redeye flights can be VERY confusing especially if you’re a busy bee thinking about a million things at once like me.  Disaster avoided and lesson learned 🙂