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Wearing: dress by Tularosa // shoes by Din Sko (here) // purse by Strathberry

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I had so much fun showing you guys ”A Day in LA” with me on Din Sko’s snapchat.  If you haven’t already, make sure you add them (dinsko_official) before the 24 hours is over!  You’ll see everything from a tour of my apartment, lots of palm trees, me bartending, and tons of outfit talk.  You don’t wanna miss it 🙂

I ran into a few friends at the Revolve party, including Jennifer Åkerman, who you might recognize from Montazami Brand’s website!  We mingled on the rooftop deck, listened to upbeat music and sipped on Patron margaritas.  After the party Austin and I went to go see Explosions In The Sky perform at the Avalon theatre.  It was a successful night!









I got my first pair of Levi shorts about three weeks ago from IMSO.com, and today I’m sitting here wondering what the hell I was doing all my life without them??  They are so much more flattering than the other shorts I used to wear.  I’m very picky about my shorts and to be honest I have been looking for good Levi shorts for years and years and never found it.  I finally found it at IMSO and I was so happy that I got it in every shade of denim they offer haha.  Now my Levis and I are living a very happy life together.  I took my Levis down to the beach with me last week and you can see in the photos we had such a great time. Look how happy we are!!

Well that’s about it for tonight’s love story… I’m sure there will be another Levi Love post soon 🙂

bikini top from Khongboon Swimwear
photos by Tien Nguyen



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_DSC2067-4   _DSC2086-6


WEARING: suede top and skirt from Sanne Alexandra (here) // Din Sko shoes SOLD OUT (here) // Strathberry bag (here) // Kendra Scott earrings (here) // bracelets from Vitaly // Ray Ban sunnies

photos by Tien Nguyen

Hi guys!

Well, today was amazing.  I’m literally smiling ear to ear right now as I reflect on my day.  Montazami Brand hosted its’ first pop-up shop in Sweden and it was a HUGE success!  We got amazing feedback from everyone who came out, and A LOT of happy customers as well.  It was so great to wake up this morning with tonssss of MB order notifications coming in on my phone 🙂

Around noon I stopped by the REVOLVE showroom in West Hollywood to pick up my outfit for the Cinco De Mayo party we’re going to on Thursday.  I feel like you should dress a little extra fun and different on a Mexican holiday so I picked a dress that is out-of-the-ordinary for me.  Think polka-dots!  Afterwards I drove to downtown to pick up the jumpsuits for Montazami Brand that will be launching on our website this Friday.  You guys they are sooooo cute!


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IMG_0701   APRIL_KAMPANJ_3-3112   IMG_8666-4

IMG_5189-13   IMG_4806-2


Some of my recent looks…. which one is your favorite?

I love the Montazami Brand set (shop it here) with the black bomber jacket… <3


IMG_7897-2   IMG_7909-6   IMG_7907-4   IMG_7902-3

IMG_7908-5   IMG_7919-8   IMG_7893-1   IMG_7911-7


wearing: white embroidery skirt from NA-KD here // embroidery top from NA-KD here // purse by Culture Riot // Brixton hat from PacSun // white Vans

It was such a gorgeous day today in Venice Beach!  Like usual, we spent our Sunday strolling around Abbot Kinney.  Austin and I love our little Sunday tradition.  We usually grab lunch at a restaurant (today was LA hotspot Gjelina), then walk around and shop, split an ice cream cone… Something about it is so romantic.

I did some serious retail damage at one of my favorite clothing stores Principessa.  I bought a very expensive dress that is one-of-a-kind, Indian silk and just GORGEOUS!  It’s from a local brand called Sun Child and part of the proceeds go to helping women in India.  I think I might wear it to my uncle’s wedding this summer in Sweden.  I also got some other dresses that are perfect for my summer travels to Croatia (yep, Austin and I are doing a little Euro trip this summer and Croatia is one of our stops!).  Austin surprised me and bought me two dresses that I was planning on buying… he is so sweet <3







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IMG_9964-13       IMG_9948-11


wearing the Fresh tee from Montazami Brand here!

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday 🙂  I wanted to share with you guys my face mask discovery that I’m so happy about!  The line is called Petaluma & Co, and they carry a bunch of different sheet masks that are made from some of the best dermatologists in Korea.  The masks contain natural ingredients (heck, yes!) and they are each designed to target various skin problems, like wrinkles or acne.  I picked up the Radiant line of Calming, Lifting, and Moisturizing.  I also got some other fun ones like this one and this one.

Check out all of their different masks on their website here (there’s even coconut gel masks with broccoli and tomato!!!)

I tried the Lifting mask first, which is an ultra-soft, collagen infused mask that is designed to fill the fine wrinkles on the face.  I left it on for about 35 minutes (it says you should leave it on for 20-40 mins) and it felt soooo amazing.  It was heavenly.  The gel had a cooling sensation (so relaxing) and it was so soft on my skin.  I can’t wait to try another one!  It even had a cute lace design which is always a plus 🙂


IMG_0106       IMG_0105



IMG_0116-3       IMG_0111



Today I’m going for that sporty chic look.  I’m wearing the Downtown Crop Top (here) and Downtown Mesh Skirt (here) from Montazami Brand.  I paired it with my black bomber from Chiquelle, white converse, Mat & Nat backpack, and my Ray Ban sunnies!

What do you guys have planned for today/tonight?  I’m waiting to pick up my car from the dealership (it’s getting a brand new windshield because a rock cracked my whole window when I was in Malibu a couple weeks ago) and then I’m driving up to LA!  I’m thinking a little night out sounds about right 🙂  I can even transform this Montazami Brand outfit into a sexy night look with a pair of booties and a leather jacket.






Sooo can you tell what color I like to wear on my lips?? Haha oh gosh… I didn’t realize they were all THIS similar in color.  But then I look at it and they’re all so different! Haha.


FAUX: my favorite light, daytime, pinky shade

CREMESHEEN MODESTY: this is the shade I bought yesterday! It’s like if Faux and Velvet Teddy had a baby

VELVET TEDDY: my favorite light and neutral shade

TWIG:  this was my very first lipstick shade! I wore it for sooo many years and still occasionally wear it when I’m feeling pink.

PERSISTENCE:  I bought this not too long ago and I like it… it looks really pretty with golden makeup.  *embarrassing story* the actual word is split up in two on the lipstick bottle (probably because it’s a long word and they ran out of room) but I totally read it as two separate words so I go to the MAC employee and I’m like ”Hii can I get 1 Persis Tence?” haha and he just looked at me and said ”you mean persistence…………” and I was like oh wow.

WHIRL:  my favorite deeper and darker shade

RETRO: I have a love/hate relationship with Retro.  If you don’t apply it dark enough, it comes off like a reddish pink which I hate… but I love it when it’s layered enough to look like it’s true color.

DIVA:  the shade every girl needs but rarely wears haha.  Sometime I feel self-conscious when I wear it.


My lipsticks usually have some pink/orange/brown tones, which I think fits well with my skin and hair color.  I usually go with MAC.. in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever used another brand’s lipstick more than once, but I’m open to trying!

Do you guys have any lipstick recommendations that isn’t MAC?  Or is there a MAC lipstick that I need to buy ASAP?  I’m always willing to add on to the collection.  Lemme know 🙂

PS. Did you know, if you bring in 6 empty lipstick bottles to the MAC store, they will give you 1 lipstick for free?  I just found this out!!







Mmmmm I love how romantic these photos are.  It’s not everyday my hand photos come off as ”romantic”…. they usually look like dinosaur claws in pictures haha.  But I love these! I’m a true sucker for a few roses and some gold jewelry.  The ring and two bracelets I’m wearing are from Vitaly (here).

Today I spent the day with my grandma, who’s staying with us right now at my parents house.  We had a total girls day… we went for a light lunch at Nordstrom Cafe and did some light shopping afterwards.  We both had the mixed berry & goat cheese salad with spicy candied almonds and vanilla bean dressing 🙂 After lunch I dragged her to the candy store and she was like ”Ohhhh Maria’s favorite store” haha I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s so true.  We are a candy family!  My grandma is just the cutest though….  I haven’t seen her in a long time so I’m so happy that I get to hangout with her for a few days 🙂








I’m so in love with my Birk Sun solar backpack!  I can now charge my phone from any sunny place in the world.  I really want to take this with me camping!

wearing: shoes by Din Sko (here) // t-shirt from Montazami Brand (here) // jeans from LF Outlet store // solar backpack from Birk Sun (here)

Hi guys!

Oh gosh…. I need to take a breather! There has been so many things going on lately that it’s hard to keep my mind in one place for more than five minutes.  Do you guys ever feel like that?  It’s so counter-productive… right before I get to finish something I’m already onto the next thing.  It is nice, however, to slow down and gather my thoughts here on the blog after a busy day of scrambling around.

As you guys might have seen on my social media pages today, Montazami Brand is having it’s first sale!  Check out the website [here] to see which pieces got marked down <3  One of my favorites, [the Melrose Dress], is on sale for $89!


Here’s one of my favorite pairs of sandalettes from Din Sko, paired with my ripped jeans and a plain white tee.  These shoes are so perfect for spring and summer!  I like how I can make it casual with denim and dress it up with a pretty summer dress.  I definitely want to pair these with a floral print dress this summer!

Also, I want to thank you guys for your support with the Din Sko #ASISTERSTORY campaign 🙂  To show you guys how much I appreciate your help, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram this week just for you!  You guys will get the chance to win a Din Sko gift card…. HECK YES!  I’ll be giving more information on this very soon so stay tuned!  You don’t wanna miss out on getting that new, must-have summer sandal now do you?!

Remember that for every photo posted with the hastag #ASISTERSTORY, Din Sko will donate 10 kr / 1 Euro to Plan Sverige to help girls around the world fight for their rights.


PS. is this blog post not living proof that my mind is all over the place haha?  Sorry for the jumble of information… so many important things to say! 😛