Yeeeeyyyyy it’s my birthday!!

As you can see I got woken up by the family (or at least the ones who were home at the moment) with breakfast, gifts, and CAKE.  Vegan chocolate cake that is… (the whole family loved it).  I got some super cute presents, including makeup, a Whole Foods gift card + goodies, a soft and cozy blanket for my apartment, super soft pajamas (the ones I’m wearing in these photos), and some workout clothes.  Thank you mom and dad!

Now I’m off to get my day started!  Austin will be driving down to spend the day with me so I’m gunna go get ready <3

HAHA I just realized the candles on the cake in the 9th picture say ”32”….. why does that keep happening -_-



So guys, I’m turning 32!!!!!!!! Hahaha at least according to the balloons I am.  I took 20 photos with these balloons and it said ”32” in all of them 😂 Well my birthday is tomorrow and I’m actually turning 23, which is kind of a fun number?! I think it will be a good year for me, especially career wise.  A lot of fun things are on the horizon….. 🙂

I’m home in OC so I’ll be woken up here with our traditional breakfast in bed and a Happy Birthday song sung by my family.  I’m planning on going out to a restaurant for a birthday dinner together with Austin and my family.  I picked out a vegan midnight chocolate cake that I cannot waaaaait to eat.  I wish you guys could’ve seen the look on my moms face when I said I wanted a vegan cake… she just didn’t understand why I would want such a thing haha.  I think they are so much more moist than regular cakes!!!  At least the one from Urth Caffe is…. that’s basically what I’m going off of. This better be good or else it will be the last time anything vegan is sitting in our refrigerator haha.

My dad literally just opened the fridge and said ”what is this vegan chocolate cake” hahaha I can’t!!!


IMG_5512-33      IMG_5508-30

IMG_5511-32       IMG_5509-31




Hi all<3

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  I think I might have sprained my ankle…. I took an awkward step at the bar last night and my ankle twisted so hard!  It’s very swollen so I’m gunna put some ice on it to reduce the puffiness.  Now I’m realizing that there’s a picture of my ankle right above this text haha.  I guess I can look at this picture and remember the good old days before I twisted it 😛

Right now I’m sitting on the couch watching Impractical Jokers with my mama.  I can’t believe I turn 23 on Tuesday…. I still haven’t figured out how I want to celebrate haha.  I was thinking maybe a party bus with my friends this weekend and then a dinner with my family the night of my bday?  Looks like I need to start researching party bus rentals!







It’s Saturday and the sun is shining, I’m drinking my morning cappuccino, and Impractical Jokers is on the tv.  Have you guys seen it?  It’s seriously one of the best shows haha.  It’s a group of 4 guys in New York (Joe, Sal (my fav), Murr, and Q) who make each other do and say crazy stuff to random people in public, and everything’s captured on hidden cameras.  I probably laugh out loud 25 times per episode haha.  You guys haveeee to watch it one time, you will fall in love with all of them.  It get’s even funnier the more you watch it when you know their personalities!

Here I’m wearing one of my favorite new chokers from Montazami Brand, the Rose Choker.  It’s so pretty and I always get so many compliments on it!  I paired it with my new Grateful Dead tee, which I’m thinking about slashing (is that the right word? haha).  I want to ”trash it up” a bit with some holes and slashes.  I think I’m going through a creative DIY clothing phase haha.  First the patches and now this.  But first things first I need to research on Youtube how to do it the right way…  I will never forget that one pair of Acne jeans that I RUINED trying to ”distress” them.  All I did was make an ugly small hole on my thigh that made my leg fat stick out haha.  Real cute Hanna!!

Get the rose choker HERE 🙂







shop the black denim jacket [HERE]

So I got these two patches a while ago and they have been sitting in my drawer with no use because I’m a little unsure which jacket to place them on!  I’m here to ask for your advice.  Do you think I should put them on the black denim long jacket or the blue denim one?  I just got the black one from Urban Outfitters and I think it could be cool to jazz it up a bit… and I could see myself wearing that one more during the Fall/Winter seasons.  But then the blue denim jacket has such a great color contrast with the red patches…. help!  What do you think will look best?

I’ve never patched any piece of clothing before so this will be my little project for the weekend.  The middle finger pin I will put on whichever jacket I choose to put the patches on.

I would love to hear your vote in the comments below!

in collaboration with Urban Outfitters EU











FINALLY my room is 100% donezo.  It only took a year?  Haha no well it was 90% done for the majority of the year, but now it’s fully complete with the addition of my new shoe/handbag storage shelf!  Obviously I don’t have too much real estate to work with in this room, so I had to choose the perfect piece of furniture to add to the space.  One that wouldn’t take up too much space and still had decent storage.  This shelf is light and airy, and I finally have a home for all (some) of my nice shoes and bags.  I decided to do mostly light-colored shoes to keep up with the brightness and ”light” feeling of my room.  The only dark accent in my room is the bench and my headboard.  Everything else I want fresh and white!

One of my favorite things about my room is my juliette balcony with double doors.  I open them every single morning and look at the palm trees and bright blue color of the pool.  When 5 o’clock rolls around you can hear little kidlets playing in the pool… I just love it.  The only bad thing is that all of the apartments are facing each other, so I always have to be careful when I’m getting dressed!  Even today I took off my top to change into workout clothes and I see a guy outside on his balcony facing me!!!  Luckily he wasn’t looking but you should’ve seen my face haha.  I have to be more aware when my windows are wide open!

PS how cute is my collection of sunglasses?  I love having them all lined up like this so I can see exactly what I have.  It makes it so much easier to choose when I’m heading out the door and I need a cool pair of shades to complete the look 🙂

Top Secret Fairytale Photoshoot

I couldn’t have asked for today’s photoshoot to have gone any better. Everything just fell into place perfectly and it felt so right!  I can’t really mention what our photoshoot was for, but I promise I can tell you guys soon! I have to wait until Sunday to see the photos (and from what I saw, they’re gunna be siiiick) but it will be worth the wait. We wore these gorgeous silk gowns with a long train and buttons on the backside.  Truly stunning! Sara and I had matching dresses in different colors…. my mom had to wear another dress because hers hadn’t arrived in the mail yet. And guess what was in our mailbox when we got home from the shoot?? HER DRESS. Mind you, she ordered this dress a month and a half ago for this particular shoot, and it arrives literally MINUTES after we leave for the photoshoot.  So typical haha.  But she looked so gorgeous in her lacy blush gown, so whatever 🙂

Snapshots from NYC

Still reminiscing on my trip last week to New York.  Such a magical city!

OMG you guys will not believe the changes I made to my apartment today.  It was getting so hard to find space for all of my shoes and purses, so a couple days ago my mom and I went to IKEA to get a standing shelf for some extra storage.  Today we drove up to LA to set it up and I now have such a pretty and organized room!! It was starting to get unbearable with all of the stuff I had no place for, so it’s nice now that the room can breathe.  I want to show you guys a picture but I only have Iphone pics, and I feel like this room makeover deserves a professional photo series!  I will show you guys my room this week, I promise 🙂

Friday and Saturday

A little glimpse of my Friday and Saturday down in San Diego and OC.  I am so exhausted from last night!!! We went out to Omnia (best club in downtown SD) after dinner last night and we got barely anyyy sleep.  I am such a wimp though because I couldn’t even bare the thought of going out two nights a week these days… one is PLENTY enough for me.  I’m just exhausted after a night out.  How do people do it these days?  I feel like I shouldn’t be like this yet since I’m only 22, but hey we’re getting older! 

We were celebrating Sara’s birthday a little early since she leaves for Bali on her actual bday (Wednesday).  Last night we got her friends together and today was the family celebration.  We took the boat to Waterman’s for dinner and brought along our two Swedish friends Hampus and Jonas 🙂 They are just the sweetest people.  Now I’m off to bed for some much needed sleep!  Ta ta!









And 24 hours later, I’m back home in LA.  WE HAD THE BEST TRIP IN NY!  My mom and I are seriously debating moving there after the amazing experience we had.  We ate the best food, met some great people, and the weather was perfect.  We stayed at the charming Ace Hotel (definitely recommend!) in Chelsea, which was conveniently located right next to the Chelsea television studio.

Skavlan was SO much fun.  For those of you who don’t know, Skavlan is a Norwegian/Swedish talk show that brings on different celebrities and public figures from all over the world for interviews.  This is my mom’s second time on the show and this time she was asked to join alongside Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and popular magician David Blaine.  I got to watch the show live from the ”green room” and all of us were laughing so hard at everything my mom said.  She really is a character haha.  Since Skavlan is a Norwegian/Swedish TV show, the live audience were mostly Scandinavians living in NYC.  We took some photos with fans afterwards and then went out for lunch before we had to head back to the airport.  Overall it was an amazing trip and I’m so happy my mom took me with her 🙂

Now I’m literally falling asleep on the keyboard so I will talk to you guys tomorrow! xx