Friday and Saturday

A little glimpse of my Friday and Saturday down in San Diego and OC.  I am so exhausted from last night!!! We went out to Omnia (best club in downtown SD) after dinner last night and we got barely anyyy sleep.  I am such a wimp though because I couldn’t even bare the thought of going out two nights a week these days… one is PLENTY enough for me.  I’m just exhausted after a night out.  How do people do it these days?  I feel like I shouldn’t be like this yet since I’m only 22, but hey we’re getting older! 

We were celebrating Sara’s birthday a little early since she leaves for Bali on her actual bday (Wednesday).  Last night we got her friends together and today was the family celebration.  We took the boat to Waterman’s for dinner and brought along our two Swedish friends Hampus and Jonas ūüôā They are just the sweetest people.  Now I’m off to bed for some much needed sleep!  Ta ta!









And 24 hours later, I’m back home in LA. ¬†WE HAD THE BEST TRIP IN NY! ¬†My mom and I are seriously debating moving there after the amazing experience we had. ¬†We ate the best food, met some great people, and the weather was perfect. ¬†We stayed at the charming Ace Hotel (definitely recommend!) in Chelsea, which was conveniently located right next to the Chelsea¬†television studio.

Skavlan was SO much fun. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, Skavlan is a Norwegian/Swedish talk show that brings on different celebrities and public figures from all over the world for interviews. ¬†This is my mom’s second time on the show and this time she was asked to join alongside Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and popular magician David Blaine. ¬†I got to watch the show live from the ”green room” and all of us were laughing so hard at everything my mom said. ¬†She really is a character haha. ¬†Since Skavlan is a Norwegian/Swedish TV show, the live audience were mostly Scandinavians living in NYC. ¬†We took some photos with fans afterwards and then went out for lunch before we had to head back to the airport. ¬†Overall it was an amazing trip and I’m so happy my mom took me with her ūüôā

Now I’m literally falling asleep on the keyboard so I will talk to you guys tomorrow! xx

Arrived in NYC + Contest Winners Revealed!

I love New York! Every time I visit this city it grows a little more in my heart.  This is my third time here this year, and I’m so excited to be back ūüôā My mom and I got in around 9 pm, and the flight went pretty smooth for the most part. There was a moment of moderate turbulence, so I did my usual protocol and stared at the window to gain some feeling of safety.  I’m so happy I looked outside because it was the most gorgeous sight.  I couldn’t capture all of the beauty in a photo, but the sky was all white and baby pinks and purples.  I was in awe.  I went from being a turbulence wimp to annoying photographer… don’t know which one’s worse haha.
Now we’re getting ready to hit the hay because we have a big day tomorrow. BUT before I close this up I want to announce the lucky winners of the Montazami Brand social media contests!!!  Thank you guys so much for entering, and if you didn’t win this time don’t be discouraged, there will be more opportunities in the future xx

Facebook Winners: Amanda Stolt and Annelie Stolt

Instagram Winners: @idavaiho and @ssofialindberg

My Blog Winner: Kelly Marija (lookout for my email!) 

Sara’s Blog Winner: Lovisa Torfg√•rd

My Mom’s Blog Winner: Hanna (last name unknown, but we will be emailing you!)

Yayyyyy so happy for all of the winners ūüôā I hope you enjoy your new Montazami Brand pieces!






lovely pink plate from the ”Moments by Maria Montazami” collection from Fyrkl√∂vern (here)

Hi babes!

Thanks to everyone who has entered our social media contests so far! ¬†Just to remind you, all of our contests are open until Wednesday night, and we will be announcing the winners Thursday morning. ¬†These are great giveaways that you do not want to miss out on. ¬†Day 3 of our giveaway week will begin in a few hours… on Instagram. ¬†Make sure to keep checking for more info on that ūüôā

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite, low-key, low-hassle desserts that I just love to make. ¬†Sliced bananas and berries with crunchy almond butter drizzle (I usually buy fresh almond butter from Whole Foods but I also like this one from Trader Joe’s) and bee pollen on top. ¬†I am so obsessed with bee pollen. ¬†I’ve been adding it to all my fruity snacks, smoothies, and protein shakes and it gives a sweet, honey-like taste with a creamy/chalky consistency. ¬†Bee pollen has been known to naturally reduce¬†inflammation, boost the immune system, and relieve stress. ¬†Fun fact: we buy our bee pollen from our dog groomers! ¬†Apparently it’s great for your pups too ūüôā

SIDE NOTE: My mom and I are taking a super last-minute work trip to NYC tomorrow!!!! I’m so excited ūüôā ¬†My mom was asked to be on Skavlan, a popular Swedish/Norwegian talk show which will be filmed on Thursday. ¬†We will be there for only 24 hours before we fly back home to LA on Thursday night. ¬†Still haven’t packed…. and I’m in OC. ¬†I’m waking up super early tomorrow morning and jetting to LA to pack my bags before heading to LAX. ¬†Our flight is at noon, so we don’t have too much time to prepare outfits!


IMG_6976-1 IMG_4949 (1)

Welcome to day 2 of Montazami Brand’s giveaway week!

Yesterday’s contest was on Facebook (which is still open to enter, so if you haven’t, check my recent blog post for more info), and today is right here on the blog!

Today you can enter to win my mom’s signature shirt ”Don’t Hassle The Tassle” in your choice of black or white, along with one of our newest accessory, the Flower Choker!

All you have to do is comment below! SO EASY.  There will be one winner selected from all three of our blogs, so comment on each one to increase your chances of winning!

Good luck babes!






Don’t you just love when things work out? ¬†Like when you score the PERFECT nude nail polish from the nail salon. ¬†I have been looking for a natural-looking pink/nude shade for quite some time now, and today’s the day I found it. ¬†It’s called ”Put It In Neutral” by OPI. ¬†The only downside is that it is a little sheer so I had to do three coats. ¬†Three coats is always scary because it’s more likely to get marked up (because it’s thick & gooey), buttttt you only live once, right?

Do you guys have a neutral shade recommendation?  If you like natural-looking feminine nails, I highly suggest trying this one out!

You can buy the polish¬†here¬†ūüôā





It’s day 1 of our social media contest week! ¬†Today is FACEBOOK day. ¬†So if you have a Facebook, make sure you enter for a chance to win a Del Rey Tee and a Moonlight Choker for YOU and A FRIEND! The winners will be able to choose which color and size they prefer.

All you have to do is:

1.  Like Montazami Brand on Facebook (HERE)

2. ¬†Tag a friend in the comment section of Montazami Brand’s¬†latest FB post

That’s it! ¬†So easy, it would be silly not to enter ūüôā ¬†The contest will be open until Thursday, when the two winners are announced. ¬†In case you don’t have a Facebook, don’t worry, there will also be a contest here on my blog and on Instagram as well. ¬†Good luck!










Wearing: flare pants by Montazami Brand [HERE] // Topanga tee by Montazami Brand [HERE] // velvet choker by Montazami Brand [HERE] // necklace from Emma Israelsson [HERE] // coat from Chiquelle [HERE] // bag by Mansur Gavriel // boots by Pierre Balmain from Me and the Met

Hello my loves!

Here’s a look from Friday, decked out in Montazami Brand. ¬†The rodeo flare pants are my absolute favorite— they’re stretchy so they really hug the butt and give it a natural lift, while the long flare leg elongates the body. ¬†I hope you guys got to take advantage of our free shipping weekend, but in case you didn’t, don’t worry! ¬†We are having GIVEAWAY WEEK starting tomorrow, with multiple giveaways on three different social channels. ¬†Keep checking the blog for updates on our contests all week, because you won’t want to miss out!

I’m back home in Orange County sitting in the backyard with my momma… the fire pit is on and the¬†dogs are by our side. ¬†We’re getting ready to watch the Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. ¬†I wish Stranger Things was out in time to receive Emmy nominations!! ¬†I just started watching it on Netflix with Austin and we are completely hooked. ¬†Are you guys watching it? ¬†I’m on episode 7 which is semi-depressing considering there’s only 8 of them haha.












Wearing: jeans by Urban Outfitters [here] // Jimmy Choo shoes // Storets jacket [here] // Flynn Skye top // Shevoke sunnies [here]

Oh Venice Beach… you never cease to amaze me. ¬†Sometimes I forget how much of a tourist attraction it is down there by the boardwalk. ¬†You will basically see anything and everything walking through those crowds… including this unicorn-dance-club-mobile we had the pleasure of experiencing haha. ¬†This contraption had two guys on the top floor blasting house music— and I was loving every minute of it bc everyone needs a little toonage when they’re photoshootin!! ¬†Their unicorn cart also went perfectly with my outfit sooo ūüôā

How fricken awesome is this jacket though? ¬†I’m dying over it. ¬†Statement jackets are the new crop tops.

Sitting in bed at 8:45 pm on a Saturday night and it feels GREAT. ¬†I’m waking up early tomorrow and heading home to OC. ¬†Happy weekend babes!

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grafitti banner-1

Heeey y’allllll!

Guess what? ¬†Free shipping on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g at Montazami Brand, all weekend. ¬†You don’t want to miss out on this! ¬†Here I’m wearing the Topanga Tee (shop it here) with the Rodeo Flare Pants (shop them here) and a velvet choker (for only $25, shop it here).

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Happy weekend (but more importantly…) HAPPY SHOPPING!

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