Wearing my new workout set from Strut This!  Top here and pants here.  My tennies are from Kenneth Cole (bday present from Amanda!)

When I walk in to this store all I can think about is what if an earthquake hit??!  Everything would be destroyed!  I get anxiety the second I walk in… God forbid I trip on my shoe and fly into the table haha.  Or dropping my phone onto the table and everything goes flying… Is it natural to have these aggressive thoughts when simply visiting a bead store?

My mom and I were shopping for some unique charms to go on some of Montazami Brand’s new choker styles!  You can see in the photo some of the colors we are doing… a pretty silver, a rosy dark pink, a light sage green (not pictured), and black.  All of the bands are velvet, which will be perfect for the holidays coming up!  We found a few charm styles that we liked, including the circle pendants with the black, white, and burgundy stones.  What do you guys think?!  They are so chic.

These new chokers will be up on the website soon, but for now you can check out our currently available accessories HERE!

lots of love xx




I know the flyer says it but I’ll say it again.  Get 15% off the black or grey Palma dresses!  This is a 2 day sale, starting now and ending on the 27th.  Just use code ”PALMA2016” at checkout.  And just as a little treat from me, type ”choker please!” in the ”notes” section when you place your order and we’ll throw in a free choker for you 🙂


love you guys!


FullSizeRender 19      FullSizeRender 20


Instagram screenshots!  Love this bikini… the shape of these bottoms is my favorite style.  And this quinoa/tempeh stir fry recipe that I’m dying to try!  My friends over at Curry Girls Kitchen always make THE bombest food.  I might try this recipe this week, and if I do I will definitely post it here on the blog!

FullSizeRender 22

FullSizeRender 21

Some sneak peeks of behind the scenes in the Montazami Brand studio!  The next collection we are releasing is FIRE.  We are going big.  How pretty is the eyelash lace peeking through this top? And you can see a rough sample of the beautiful blue dress we’re making.  I tried it on and felt like Cinderella!

IMG_5838   IMG_5848   IMG_5849

Snapchat!  I was dying over Amanda’s dog Leo dressed in a hot dog costume.  He looks like such a nerd haha.  Then a little selfie action, and a good ole face swap with Nicho!  I don’t think I look so good as a guy?  And Nicho looks Native American on my body haha 🙂

On another note I think I gained 20 pounds just from today!!  I’ve been a little hungover all day so all I’ve been doing is eating shit food. Donuts, egg ham & cheese breakfast sandwich, chips and yogurt, ice cream, the list goes on haha.  I’m definitely going on a run tomorrow morning with Copper and my mom!  Today was definitely a cheat day, but hey— life is about balance. xx












The day is finally here, the day I can tell you guys what I have been longing to tell you for months and months and months.  Montazami Brand is launching a perfume!!!  It is called White Label, Eau de Parfum.  We have been working endlessly to create a perfume that represents who we are as women, and we are so excited to now share it with you!

The White Label is everything we wanted it to be.  It embodies elegance and sensual femininity, opening with a radiant aroma of grapefruit blossom and following with soft notes of jasmine and white musk.  The three of us have always had a fine appreciation for fragrance and very similar taste in perfumes, so creating one of our own just made sense to us.  We have developed it together with our friends at Dofta, a family-owned fragrance company from Sweden.  To give you guys a better idea of what it smells like, I’ve listed the top, heart, and base notes below:

Top Notes: quince, pink grapefruit blossom

Heart Notes: jasmine, blue iris, hyacinth

Base Notes: musk, cedar wood, amber

November is going to be a very exciting month for us because we get to come to Sweden for a mini perfume tour!  The official launch date is set for November 11th at Åhlens in Gothenburg.  We will be having a launch party/signing there to introduce you guys to the perfume, and everyone is welcome!  The next day, on November 12th, we will be at Åhlens City in Stockholm.  If you guys are close to any of those two cities, it would mean so much to us if you came!  You have to come smell this amazing perfume for yourself… and hopefully you’ll leave with one of your own!

November 11th: Åhléns City, Göteborg (Nordstan, Östra Hamngatan 18)

November 12th: Åhléns City, Stockholm (Norrmalm, Klarabergsgatan 50)

We have put together a little statement about the White Label and what it means to us:

In creating the MONTAZAMI BRAND WHITE LABEL Eau de Parfum we wished to reflect the true sense of who we are as women in the Montazami family; celebrating our heritage, strength and femininity together.  Making this perfume allowed us to revisit all of the wonderful memories our family has experienced over the years—including the light and floral aroma of hyacinth filling our home as we celebrated Persian New Year, as well as our beloved grapefruit tree in the backyard.  We were able to incorporate the scents that remind us of our happiest moments into a fresh and elegant perfume that we call the White Label.  This we want to share with you – in a perfect dose of freshness!

And in Swedish…

När vi tillsammans funderade på hur vi ville att vår efterlängtade parfym skulle vara, så önskade vi att den verkligen kunde återspegla vilka vi är som kvinnor i Montazamifamiljen. Vi ville hylla vår historia och vår plats på jorden, men även vår styrka och vår kvinnlighet – allt på samma gång i härligt lyxiga droppar! MONTAZAMI BRAND WHITE LABEL innehåller doftnoter som påminner oss om våra lyckligaste stunder som familj; den blommiga aromen av hyacint från när vi firar det Persiska Nyåret, och doften från vårt älskade grapefruktträd som står i vår trädgård. Doften är uppfriskande fräsch och elegant lättburen – exakt så som man önskar att en parfym ska vara. Vi hoppas att ni vill dela den med oss!

I will be sharing more photos and text about the story of how we came to make our own perfume, along with other details and information over the course of the next month.  But I want to hear what you guys think?!  We can’t even believe it’s real <3





Ohhh so this is what home cooked food should taste like… haha.  I’m finally back to cooking some winning dishes in the kitchen.  Those chewy sweet potato chips can kiss my A**.  I’M BACK BABY!

Austin and I threw this together in literally ten minutes (ok maybe not the rice, he already started cooking that before I got to his place).  All we did was throw store-marinated chicken breast (cut into small pieces) onto a scorching hot cast-iron skillet with sesame oil.  Right before the chicken was done we took it off the heat and added stir fry vegetables to the pan, with sesame oil.  After about 3-4 minutes I added a mixture of teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, and rice vinegar to the veggies and let it simmer.  Ba-da-bing ba-da-bang you got yourself a crowd-winning stir fry extravaganza.  Serve over rice 🙂

Side note: Austin recently got this rice cooker.  It’s kind of his second girlfriend.  ”She can make white AND brown rice” ”she also doubles as a veggie steamer and slow cooker!!” ….yeah yeah yeah we’ve heard it before.  Aside from third-wheeling Austin and his rice cooker, this is very bad news for me people.  Imagine hanging out with someone who eats fluffy white rice 24/7, and *worse* offers it to you all the time.  Can I say no?  Hardly.  I keep telling him to AT LEAST make brown rice but he says it takes longer, doesn’t taste the same, etc.  How does one learn how to say no to something?!  This just makes me think of people who work at donut shops and bakeries.  How do they resist?!!

If you work in a bakery or Italian restaurant please tell me your secrets.



Guess what is right around the corner and will be here before you know it?  Hallo-fricken-ween.  This holiday is notorious for sneaking up on us, sometimes forcing us to dig up the ole’ dusty costume box and try to put some half-ass costume together 1 hour before the party.  Well I am here to help any of you avoid that situation this year!  I’m definitely going all out with my costumes, but I’m not about to spend a bunch of money, because who wants to do that?  Not me.  I think there’s ways to put together a cool costume using things you already have and by tapping into your creative side a little bit.  And let’s be honest who really wants to wear those mass-produced itchy polyester costumes from Party City anyway?  SO OVER THAT.

This year I’m going crazy on the makeup.  I took to pinterest to get some inspo for DIY Halloween makeup and found some ah-ma-zing ideas.  I even made my own Halloween pinterest board because I was getting overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Makeup is the icing on the cake when it comes to Halloween costumes.  It takes it from wow to WOW.  Also, this is the time to do some temporary hair dye & wigs!

I listed some ideas below to get your brain going on ideas of what to be.  I think I might be a gypsy woman and/or Edward Scissorhands.  What are you guys being?!

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Eleven from Stranger Things (or the Demagorgon haha) (or Joyce)


Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump

badass biker babe

zombie from Walking Dead

Katniss from Hunger Games

American Horror Story white nun

Stormtrooper from Star Wars

Brenda Bunson from Sausage Party

Dia de los Muertos skull

gypsy woman

ANY of the Snapchat filters

galaxy girl

Edward Scissorhands

Follow my Halloween Pinterest board HERE!











red lace dress: NA-KD // denim jacket: Urban Outfitters [HERE] // H necklace: Dana Seng Jewelry [HERE] // boots: Kendall and Kylie from Lulu’s // bag: Strathberry [HERE] //sunnies from Chelsea Market in London //  [contains adlinks]

Major realness happening here on the blog today.  So I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you guys before (in fact I’m pretty sure I have not) but my bladder is the size of a peanut.  Like when I gotta go, I GOTTA GO.  It’s always been bad but it’s progressively gotten worse over the years.  Ever since college, it’s been an ongoing battle with my bladder.  (My gynecologist mentioned that it could be due to spicy food.  The lining in my stomach maybe can’t handle it.  It makes sense because I started eating spicy food right when I got to college).  I’m always racing for the bathroom, trying to concentrate so I can hold it in, and doing those embarrassing pee dances while I wait in line at the bar (or anywhere for that matter).

Yep.  It’s so annoying but it’s something I’ve just had to deal with for so many years.  If I could only tell you the amount of conversations I’ve had to suddenly end because I have to B-line for the restroom.  They are always so confused-looking when I’m like ”OK NICE MEETING YOU BYE!” during an in-depth convo.  If only I could tell them without being embarrassed.  Well if they ever read this I guess they will know haha.

So back to yesterday’s wardrobe malfunction, it was kiiinda a long drive from LA to Santa Barbara, and I had just drank a large smoothie right before we hit the road (I think we all know where this is going).  We arrived a few hours early to take some outfit pics, stroll through downtown, and grab dinner.  After we took these photos we started doing a little shopping on our way to dinner.  *please note, I’ve had to pee ever since we got out of the car, so it’s been building up until this point (couldn’t find a restroom).  I’m in the Free People store and I’m adding things to the dressing room when all of a sudden I GOTTA GO.  I quickly ask where the bathroom is and she tells me directions and gives me a code to the door.  I’m just thinking, ”ohhh no….. a code?!”

So I take off for the restroom and everything’s going great.  I’m walking briskly but I’m still able to hold it in.  I punch in the numbers on the keypad and try to quickly open the door.  BUT IT WOULDN’T OPEN.  This is when everything started going downhill.  I had to bend over to hold it in when I notice three ladies walking toward me.  I’m screaming inside!!  I’m literally bent over crouching down *pretending like I’m fixing my shoe* and they’re all just staring at me.  I realize I have to get up, but I do it a few seconds too early and start peeing my pants!!! UGHHHH I was so mad.  Why did these ladies have to come here at that exact moment?!!!  I didn’t fully pee but still enough to have to change my outfit.  I marched right back to Free People, bought a fresh pair of underwear and the first dress I saw and changed into it as fast as I could.  Poor Austin had no idea what was going on until we left the store haha.

It’s a real problem, but I’m not sure if I want to give up spicy food because I just love it so much.  And maybe that’s not the real reason for this condition?  Do you know anyone who suffers from having to pee badly pretty much all the time?  Looking for solutions here!

Gosh it feels good to get that off my chest haha.


HAHA me walking to dinner with my new outfit.

Santa Barbara Baby!

It’s my first time going to Santa Barbara, and definitely not my last! What a magical little town.  Austin and I went for a James Blake concert but made a little road trip and dinner date out of it.  It’s only two hours away from where we live and it was such a gorgeous drive!  BUT something veryyyyy embarrassing happened on our way to dinner and I will tell you guys the story tomorrow haha. Don’t know if I should publicly talk about it but what the hell. Stay tuned for details…. 🙂






Don’t let your eyes fool you… these sweet potato ”chips” were a HUGE FAIL.  Nicho was staying over at my apartment so I wanted to make a nice homemade dinner for us, and maybe show off a few of my cooking skills while I was at it.  I thought sweet potato chips sounded great next to some grilled BBQ chicken, so I went for it.  I even used my new fancy kitchen tool (forgot what it’s called) that slices vegetables perfectly (notice the uniformity on those slices!!).  I coated them in some olive oil and salt and pepper and put them straight in the oven.  The recipe called for two (!) hours in the oven on 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  And of course my impatient self thought, ”oh well maybe if I crank up the heat a bit I can speed up the process.”  I left them in for about an hour and 20 minutes, gradually increasing the heat as time passed.  Right as they were turning golden and crispy I took them out of the oven.  I go in for the taste test and end up chewing on semi-uncooked, burnt sweet potato chips!!  I could tell Nicho was probably thinking ”wtf are these” but he ate some anyway just to be nice haha.  All we could do was laugh at how gross they tasted!

I might want to give this recipe another go, or make a different sweet potato dish.  Maybe like mashed sweet potatoes??  If I could, I would have candied sweet potato casserole but that’s kind of a once-a-year dish only to be enjoyed at Thanksgiving 🙂

Do you guys have any recipes for sweet potatoes that you recommend?  Comment below!



Hope all of you had a nice Sunday!  We drove to the harbor early this morning to look at another boat, because my parents are thinking of upgrading to a more spacious one.  It was so beautiful! There would be enough room for like 20 people…. Not sure that we will get it though, since there are not many on the market and we might not have a boat slip big enough to park it in.  

We spent the rest of the day cruising the harbor and eating at Wind N Sea with some family friends.  After dinner we really wanted to go on a sunset cruise… next thing we know we’re out on the choppy ocean getting sprayed with salt water haha. 

Now we’re watching The Office together at home. Talk tomorrow babes!