CHIMI EYEWEAR GOES BLACK. Black Friday that is.  Don’t miss out on Chimi’s site wide 25% off sale from now until Monday the 28th!  They have a bunch of fun colors and styles that you can see here!

Hi guys!

Is it just me or are there CRAZY sales this year?!  Usually stores will only do Black Friday, and online stores will only do Cyber Monday.  But that is totally not the case this year!  All of the stores are going all out and REALLY showing their appreciation for their customers by doing an all weekend (I’ve even seen week-long) sales.  Perfect for some early (is this considered early, or am I just accustomed to last-minute?) Christmas shopping.  I can’t wait to curate a little Christmas list and show it to you guys here on the blog!  Think portable phone chargers, top of the line skin care products (because let’s ‘face’ it, what you’re putting on your face matters, and it should be high quality sh*t!), shoes, Chimi sunnies, and of course a bottle of Montazami Brand White Label perfume!

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Madison’s birthday!  She’s been my best friend since 3rd grade…. and now she’s turning 24!  Since both of our moms are best friends as well, my mom is coming with me to her house around 10:30 am for a nice brunch.  I’m giving her a wrap top and choker from Montazami Brand xx


Hi lovie dovies!!!

It’s sale season baby.  Montazami Brand’s first Black Friday sale!  We’re going all in and offering 20% off the entire store (excluding the White Label fragrance) just as a thank you to all of our wonderful MB babes.  Even though the White Label perfume isn’t on sale, when you purchase it anytime before Monday at midnight you will get a free Black Star Choker with it!  How can you say no to that? 🙂

Make sure to check it out!!

USE CODE ‘BF20’ at checkout

Sale ends Monday at midnight!




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Wearing: jeans by Bik Bok // jacket and crop top by Pretty Little Thing // purse by Zara // rings by Wanderlust & Co., The Great Frog, and Gorjana

Hiiiiii y’all!

After my photoshoot yesterday Sara and I were feeling our weekend vibes (since today is Thanksgiving) so we dressed up all cute to go to dinner on Abbott Kinney.  We first went to this one place but it was SO DEAD so we turned right back around, through the door and started walking in search of another spot.  We came across a sushi restaurant called Wabi Sabi, which is a place that also happens to be known for their amazing cocktails.  We had extra spicy cilantro margaritas and fresh sushi…. so yummy!  After I took these photos we went up to the apartment to drop off the camera and I ended up changing my jacket to a long gold one.  It matched a little more, but this pink fluffy bomber still looked cute with my outfit!

Like I just mentioned, today is THANKSGIVING!  We’re all going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house around 2 so Sara and I need to start cooking the dishes we’re planning on bringing!  We decided on sautéed green beans with mushrooms and garlic and homemade pumpkin pie 🙂

Thankful for all of you guys, my wonderful readers <3












Wearing: cargo pants by Zara // white tie top by The Fifth Label // denim jacket by Levi’s // boots by Jack Rogers [here] // bag by Meli Melo [here] // necklace by House of Harlow // watch by Triwa

Baby T-Rex hands strike again haha.  This is what I looked like yesterday, running around LA from meeting to meeting.  I kept it cool and casual with some army green cargo pants, a fresh white tee, and a good ‘ole washed out denim jacket.

Happy Wednesday! Only one more day until we stuff our faces with turkey and gravy, pumpkin pie, and everything in between.  This year we’re celebrating it at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Santa Monica.  We’re each bringing a dish so I think Sara and I are planning on making candied sweet potato and some sort of vegetable side.  I need to Pinterest a fun recipe for that.  I was on Pinterest the other day and came across a sweet potato recipe that called for chopped nuts on top, next to the melted marshmallows.  I think that will be the ”twist” I’ll add to my signature Thanksgiving dish this year… just ‘cause I’m feelin’ a little ballsy.  To my American readers, what are your guys’ plans for Thanksgiving?!


Put It in a Ponytail 

Hi cuties!

I just got back from a jewelry event for Wanderlust & Co, after it only took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there haha.  The LA holiday traffic is wack!  I’ll be enduring it again tomorrow because I’m working and have a photoshoot downtown, but hopefully I can get out of there before it gets too bad.

Tonight I went for a different hairstyle— ponytail!  The gold shirt I wore kind of forced me to put it up since my hair got stuck in the sequins every second haha.  For some reason I always get nervous putting my hair up or wearing a different hairstyle when I go out, but this time I got so many compliments on it! I have to venture out a little more often in the hairstyle department.  This might sound weird but I feel like my hair is in some way my security blanket. I feel ‘more safe’ with it down I guess? Am I the only one who thinks this haha… And plus my head starts to hurt when it’s up for too long because my hairs too heavy!




Holy crap.  Where do I even begin to comment on last night’s American Music Awards show?  In my opinion it lacked the ”magic” that music awards shows often have.  It was kind of just blah?  Gigi’s jokes came off rude and offensive, none of the presenters/hosts/anyone speaking were funny… I don’t know it just didn’t do it for me.  BUT Selena Gomez’s speech was the highlight of the night.  You can tell she was speaking from the bottom of her heart.  I love her!

Although Gigi fell flat on the hosting job, she did look gorgeous in this Roberto Cavalli white lace dress.  It was perfect for her!  And Selena’s red gown fit her like a glove… amazing.

Damn!  Hailee Steinfeld is totally rocking this green Ellie Saab romper, and Rocsi Diaz picked the perfect color silk for her skin tone! Might swap the shoes for a lighter pair though 😉      rs_634x1024-161120171655-634-lady-gaga-2016-american-music-awards

Tehana Taylor brought her A game, covered in a beautiful black lace dress that showed off all of her assets.  We were all wondering if Gaga would show up in some out-there outfit, (TBT arriving to the red carpet in an egg, on ”horse”back, in a meat dress, list goes on…) but she totally kept it elegant in this all white ensemble!  She looked so pretty.

I loved the look Keke Palmer went for…. she totally nailed it!  And Ty Dolla $ign was so on point.

WORST      rs_634x1024-161120165338-634.Joan-Smalls-Worst-Dressed

Oh no….. What happened here?  Olivia Munn’s dress was WAY too short, and Joan Smalls choice was just overall confusing?

I thought Chrissy looked beautiful, but her dress revealed a little more than she planned for.  At some angles you could see everything…. and I mean EVERYTHING.  Karlie Kloss’s dress looked like 5 different dresses put together.  Not sure if she pulled that one off!

Either Ariana Grande’s stylist was on vacation or she simply doesn’t have one because this outfit was so not put together!  I love both pieces separately on their own but they shouldn’t have been worn together.  There’s always next time!  And Heidi Klum’s outfit was just a lot to take in.  So much material… it hurts.

Do you guys agree or disagree with any of my best or worst picks?!  Were there any that I missed?  Comment below!

pictures from E! Online




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SURPRISE!!!  Last night I surprised Austin by taking him to the taping of the live TV after-show Talking Dead at CBS Studios!  Austin is a HUGE fan and my friend Jennifer invited us because she had a couple extra seats in the audience.  I told him we were going to a Revolve party… which he totally believed so it was easy to trick him 😉

First we watched the newest episode of Walking Dead at Jennifer Åkerman’s place (remember she modeled for Montazami Brand?) where she lives together with her boyfriend Tom Payne, who plays the character Jesus on the show.  After watching the episode a black SUV (fancy!) picked us up and took us to the CBS Studios to see Tom Payne, Xander Berkeley (who plays Gregory in the show) and director Kevin Smith appear on the after-show with host Chris Hardwick.  It was so fun to see how everything works behind the scenes.  I’ve seen Sara and my mom appear on live TV before but it was fun to see how it works in America!  It’s pretty much the same though 🙂

Are any of you guys Walking Dead fans?!  Austin was so happy!!!  His eyes were lit up the entire time haha.



photobooth fun with Sara at the Fred by Fred Segal launch party at Palihouse in West Hollywood

Happy Saturday loves <3

I’ve had such a lonely day today and I hate it!!! I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this before but one thing I hate is being alone for too long.  Yeah I like a good hour by myself but I can’t stand sitting at home with no one to talk to haha.  That is why I could never live alone….  But everything is changing now, my friend Sam is coming over and we’re gunna get ready together for Taylor’s birthday party at Doheny Room!  For those who don’t know, Taylor was my first roommate in college, gosh we had so much fun together.  It’s hard to meet up with her these days because she’s going to law school, but tonight we will have so much fun!











Wearing: Dress by Majorelle Collection [here] // boots from Stuart Weitzman [here] .. bag from Permasan [here] // watch from Nicole Vienna // necklace from Sophie by Sophie [here]

It’s Friday, which only means one thing…. WEEKEND!  I wanted to share this look with you that I wore in Sweden last week (then with a black coat over) because I never got to snap a photo in it.  Imagine the terror wearing these boots on the snowy streets of Stockholm?  Even if it was only from the taxi to the front door of the restaurant, I was walking like a scarecrow trying to make sure they didn’t get ruined in those five steps haha.  That one Saturday night I went out in Sweden I mistakenly wore my beloved suede Kendall and Kylie boots… and let’s just say… RIP.  I’m devastated!! I had no idea we would be bar-hopping so much.  I’m taking them to be professionally cleaned, hopefully it will help.


IMG_7221-51      IMG_7237-54

IMG_7249-56      IMG_7226-52



Montazami Brand is having ANOTHER giveaway, and this time it’s for one of our latest arrivals, the Maroon Wrap Top!  This top can be worn a few different ways, depending on how you tie it (see above).  And it’s perfect for the holidays coming up!  Here is how you enter:

1.  Follow @MontazamiBrand on Instagram

2.  Like the latest photo of me wearing the Maroon Wrap Top

3.  Tag a friend in the comment section

THAT’S IT FOLKS. Yep, easy as cake.  Winner will be announced tomorrow 😉