Photos by Claire Huntsberger // outfit by Bella Dahl (except for my Hudson Jeans jacket)

About a week ago, my friend Payton, Sara, and I were asked to shoot the LA look book for the latest collection of Bella Dahl.  They pretty much gave us a ton of creative freedom (it was just us and our photographer Claire), but all they asked is for some iconic LA locations.  First thing that came to mind? The Beverly Hills Hotel of course!

The first time I went here was for a shoot about a year and a half ago, and I was absolutely star-struck.  I think I get more star-struck with places than people. You should’ve seen my face when I saw the White House for the first time haha. Or the Abraham Lincoln Statue, NYC, Hollywood sign… etc.

I’ve never actually stayed at this hotel, but I sure have taken enough photos there to make it seem like I have! I’m the kind of person that truly enjoys hotels. The vibe, the smell, the feeling of a getaway.  It’s just the best.  And I’ve been like that since I was little!  I remember always saying ‘ahhh it smells so good” whenever I walked into a lobby (and I still do it to this day).  But that doesn’t go without saying I don’t get a tiiiiny bit upset when there’s no ”hotel smell” when I walk into a hotel. Am I crazy or is anyone with me on that one?! Haha.

One day I’ll book a room here… I hope they never completely change the decor though because I’m a huge fan of the light baby pink with dark green palm leaf prints!

This Seat Is Taken!

Laying unbothered and happy! I can’t wait to show you guys the picture from my stay at the Pelican Hill for Rudy’s birthday. But for now, here’s a little pic of me poolside!

So, an update on my underarm situation: I went to the dermatologist today and my doctor said it’s a bacterial infection. He was asking if I think it’s from shaving but I know it’s from that natural deodorant that I recently tried out! He gave me some antibiotics and a topical gel so hopefully it goes away before Coachella….

Play Koy

Photos by Tien Nguyen for Koy Resort

Hi friends!

It was Rudy’s birthday yesterday and everything I planned for him was a total success! We checked into the Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach for a romantic staycation, and had dinner, took a nice morning bubble bath, and hung out by the pool the next day. It was so nice!

Later that night we got dinner with his family and met up with friends afterwards. He turned 31, so he’s a little bit older than me, which I like! I think he looks very young for his age, which I’m sure he will appreciate in twenty years hehe.

I made an appointment for the dermatologist tomorrow, to check out my underarm rash. It’s getting a little worse and more painful, but hopefully my doctor can give me something to help it go away FAST. I haven’t been able to shave (since I didn’t want to irritate it) so I’m trying not to lift my arms in public haha.  I’ll let you guys know how the appointment goes!


Hoppy Easter!

Photos by Champagne Victoria for Nidodileda

Happy Easter! Glad påsk!

We had no Easter egg hunts this year… just a very casual Easter Sunday with the family. We cruised around on the Swedish Fish (our dinghy in Dana Point Harbor) and had lunch at Wind N Sea with the pups!

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get an appointment with my dermatologist because I got a painful allergic reaction to a new deodorant I tried! It’s an all-natural one, so I didn’t think there would be an issue but apparently my body did not like it! I’ve been dealing with painful and sometimes itchy underarms and it’s so uncomfortable! Hopefully my dermatologist can give me a steroid cream or something…


bikini top and pool cover up from Meshki Swim

my Palm Springs wardrobe! White, tan, and denim, with a pop of bright orange!

the gals hangin by the pool with our mini BAYE Calpak bags

How cute are these?! Calpak is seriously my favorite luggage company.  They have the cutest styles and they’re all top quality.  If you’re on the market for a new suitcase, do yourself a favor and get one from this brand!

Rosé champagne, fluffly monogrammed robe, and marble hotel bathroom.  What else does a girl need?

Pre-massage divas. We got our massages outside side by side in a shaded tent.  The only bad part was there was a gardener walking around the tent with his leaf blower haha.  Kinda killed the vibe / kinda didn’t care because I’m getting a massage so whatev.

Look back at it hunny!

Palm Springs

We’ve arrived! I’m here in Palm Springs with Bloggers Who Brunch and Calpak (my favorite luggage company) for a one night getaway with the girls. Perfect timing with my mold situation going on in my apartment right? I’ll trade a fluffy robe and hotel bed for sleeping on my living room couch any day!

I’m definitely having a Palm Springs moment, as you can see from my white sheer pants and straw hat. Both my olive green suit and sheer pants are from Meshki, and my hat is from Brixton.

Tomorrow we have massages booked in the morning, followed by brunch. I feel like an over-excited kid the night before the first day of school 😉

Waiting for the Desert Sun

Jacket and pants by Dahli The Label :/ shoes by Kat Maconie // top by Kookai // sunnies by YHF // photos by Coco Biro

These shoes! Talk about a pop of color. They look extra colorful against my all white outfit heheh.

I’ve had a busy day today… worked and caught up on emails, ran some errands, met up with my friend Hanna (Swedish blogger Hannalicious) for dinner at Gjusta in Venice (my new fav healthy dinner spot!), then packed for my blogger trip to Palm Springs tomorrow! I’m sooo excited for the hot desert sun.  We’ll be checking into the Avalon Hotel for one night for a mini girls vacay. You can find me at the pool baby!!!


photos by Champagne Victoria for Nidodileda

Hiiiiii guys!

Is it just me or did this weekend go by way too fast? It’s Monday, which officially marks the last week of March.  What?! 2018 is really flying by, anyone with me on that?

We’ve been having some issues with our apartment in Venice lately. When I came home from Australia, I noticed a huge mold growth happening on the wall of my bedroom near the window.  It had rained a ton when I was gone, and mix that with a roof leak I had no idea about and WHAM! you’ve got mold.  Mold growth is super hazardous to your health so I’ve been spending time in OC or sleeping on the couch while we figure out a solution.  I think my property management team needs to set me up in a hotel where I can stay until the mold is tested and removed.  For what I’m paying to live there, this is not okay.  With this and some other apartment issues that we’ve experienced in the past 3-4 months, I don’t think I will be renewing my lease for another year.  The building is super old and with that comes a ton of problems.  I’ll be sad to move (probably some time in July) but this place is simply not worth the price.


hanging out at the Daniel Wellington grand re-opening party on Abbott Kinney!

I had my Roxy event at the Tillys store at Irvine Spectrum! There was a DJ, braid bar, a DIY keychain station, and raffles!  It was a ton of fun.

Amanda’s engagement party was on Saturday night and it was so gorgeous!  She decorated her house so beautifully… it was like a mini wedding.  She gathered all her best girlfriends to the theater room and announced that we’re being her bridesmaids! I accepted of course 🙂 This will be the first time I’m being a bridesmaid.

A little car selfie with Sara during our photoshoot around LA on Friday.  She came home from Hawaii on Thursday and since I was in Australia for so long I hadn’t seen her for a month!  It’s good to have her back 🙂

Behind the scenes of our Friday photoshoot.  We ate at The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker (the cafe behind me in this pic).  The best photoshoots are ones that include food, am I right?


photos by Champagne Victoria for Nidodileda

Eeeeek.  I just got these photos back from the shoot I did before I left for Australia and there’s so many good ones left to show you!  This day was probably one of the top 5 coldest moments of my life.  We had 20 looks to shoot, and the temperature was around 50 degrees with very strong winds.  I almost cried mid shoot because I was so cold haha.  Walking barefoot on sharp, cold rocks, and ice cold wind blowing in every direction, while wearing dresses that are getting wet from the ocean haha.  I now fully understand and respect the term ‘bone chilling’. Luckily the team was so nice and helped me warm up in between looks!

And, well, it was definitely worth it.  My photographer Champagne (yes, that’s her name, how cool is that?!) is seriously so good at capturing the shot, and she kills it with the lighting and editing.  She’s definitely got the eye for photography.  Knowing how good she was was basically the main thing driving me forward throughout the shoot.  I kept thinking, ”it’s okay if you’re cold now, the photos will be worth it in the end!!” ….and I was right 🙂

Tomorrow I have another shoot around the WeHo/Beverly Hills area.  I’m hoping it’s not going to rain like it has been the past few days.  The weather app says sunny with a cloud so I’m hoping it’s true!