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This was our beautiful room!  I’ve actually stayed in this exact same room before.  It’s my favorite because of the views… (the Perrier-Jouet champagne was a major bonus too) .  The best part is that you can peek down at the roof top deck to see what the crowd situation is like.  We would keep an eye on the deck before the World Cup games to make sure we got down there before it got too full.

This was hands down the best place to watch the game!  I mean, look at that view.  It’s nice that they put up the big screen so everyone could see.

I loved how the hotel went out of their way to make me a flower crown (since we arrived on Midsummer) and to get Rudy and I matching Swedish jerseys!  I’ll be wearing it tomorrow for the Sweden vs. England game.

Our mornings consisted of breakfast, which I couldn’t wait for Rudy to try, given my love for Swedish hotel breakfasts, and then we were out and about for the day.  It was nice to come back to our room around 5 ish (in between World Cup games) to recharge and relax before heading out to dinner.  We grabbed a few drinks on the rooftop whenever we could… we couldn’t stay away!  The rooftop was definitely our favorite part of our stay.

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top: Änaris scarf // jacket: vintage Levi’s // shoes: Jimmy Choo // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi guys!

For all of my American readers, I hope you all had a fantastic fourth of July! I spent mine in LA with Rudy, starting our day with the beach and ending it with a house party.  The only thing I’m bummed about is not seeing fireworks :/ I really wanted to watch them on the beach with my babe.  Next year 😛

Right now my cousin Niki is over and we’re going to walk down to the beach.  It’s a perfect sunny day here in Venice.  I have no phone because I left it in Rudy’s car, and he already drove down to OC haha.  Luckily he’s coming back tonight so I’ll get it soon!

Palm Tree State of Mind

Dress from Hello Molly

Nothing like that California sunshine! This is me frolicking around my Venice neighborhood 🙂

On another note, how awesome was that Sweden win against Switzerland?!! Ahh I’m so happy for them! Gooooo Sverige!


Dress: HOT AS HELL // shoes: Via Spiga // bag: Chanel // photos by Stefanie Marie

Happy Sunday guys!

How gooooorgeous is this dress? It feels great on… one of those dresses that you can easily throw on and look and feel good in a second.

What is not pictured is all of the people who were staring at me when I was taking these photos. Me twirling the dress around really caught the crowds attention to the point where I felt like I was putting on a show haha.


I went surfing today! Rudy took me out and helped me catch 2 waves standing up 🙂

I definitely need some work to do but it was a start.  I have some bruises, scratches and bumps from my mini wipeout, but other than that I would say it went pretty well!

I used a 10 ft longboard which is a little bit easier for beginners than a shorter board.  Rudy was a “tough love” kind of teacher, which is good, because he said we were not leaving until I stood up on a wave. Luckily the water was warm and I was wearing a wet suit so I wasn’t cold and uncomfortable! I definitely want to try it again and see if I can actually pick this up as a hobby…

Last Day Of The Trip

Meet my new baby cousin Leo! We got to meet him for the first time today and he is just the cutest little munchkin. He got woken up from a nap to be at the lunch so he was very sleepy and out of it, probably wondering who we were and why he was there and not sleeping haha.

I’m happy we got to squeeze in a lunch with my aunt, uncle and their new baby before we left to go back home! Sara and Diego are staying another night, but Rudy and I are about to board our flight for LA. We are exhausted!

Sweden Vs. Mexico at Scandic Continental Rooftop!

Can you guys believe we beat Mexico 3-0?!! The crowds were going craaaazy. We watched it on the sun deck looking over the rooftop at the Scandic Continental in stockholm. The view was insane! We had the perfect view of the game with an even more perfect view of the water and buildings behind it 🙂

Sadly we leave tonight, so we’re soaking up as much as we can of the beautiful city before we have to go. It’s been real, Sweden!

Can you Tell We’re Sisters?

Name the similarities and differences 🙂

I’ll start…. same kind of top, different color hair!


I think the title speaks for itself right?

So we had a great time at Fjäderholmarna.. we beer tasted, walked around, bronzed in the sun, and bought some little glass blown pieces. It’s such a cute island! We got there from a round trip ferry ride for about $15 a pop.  It’s the perfect place to take a new Stockholm traveler 🙂