bikini top from Calzedonia // pants from A.B.S. // shoes from Chinese Laundry // hat from Brixton // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi guys!

Today is the most Mondayist of Mondays— tons of laundry, emails, and yoga! I got back from Cabo San Lucas yesterday, and I’m already missing all of my girls!  We had such a good time together for Amanda’s bachelorette party. Do you guys want me to post some photos from our trip? We stayed at an unbelievably beautiful house in one of the neighborhoods close to town.

We did all of the fun, typical bachelorette activities and it made me so excited to go to the next one, and have my own one day! My favorite game we played was when we had her fianceé answer a bunch of questions about Amanda — what her favorite food is, his first interaction with amanda, who said i love you first,  what his favorite piece of clothing that amanda wears is, what his favorite quality about amanda is, what his most embarrassing moment in front of amanda’s parents was, he knew he wanted to marry amanda when…. Before we would play his answer, Amanda had to say what she thinks he said. It was so funny to hear their answers! Most of them were completely different haha.


Jumpsuit by Hudson Jeans // scarf by Johnny Was // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi alllllll!

Kind of in love with the denim jumpsuit, for many reasons. I’m thinking about taking down the hem to make the legs longer so I can wear them with heeled boots. I feel like you can easily dress it up or down and get completely different looks.

Right now I’m on my way to the airport to fly to Cabo for my best friend Amanda’s bachelorette!!!! She’s my first friend to get married so this is extra special for all of us.  Stay tuned for some pics from paradise 🙂


Hi guys!

How dreamy is this event location? All in my hometown of Laguna… even better! On Tuesday night the clothing brand Show Me Your Mumu (the set I’m wearing is from them) threw an influencer dinner/beach party and it was the perfect start to the already short week.

They let all of the influencers pick an outfit to wear to the event, and guess who shows up with the same exact top and same exact pants??? SARA! There were literally hundreds of options to choose from on the website haha. That just proves we are definitely sistas 😉 She ended up changing because she got another dress from them, but it would’ve been fun to be matchy matchy. My mom dressed is up as twins ALL the time when we were younger!


Hi babes!

If you’re in the OC area, it would be so much fun if you came by our sip n shop event in Sam Clemente! Montazami Brand is partnering up with our gal from Kindred Boutique, and this one is extra special because it’s the first one in OC we’re having that’s open to the public! There’ll be champagne and giveaways, so come in for some mid-week fun 🙂 The more the merrier!

WHERE: Kindred Boutique, 201 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

WHEN: Wednesday May 30 from 5-8 pm

WHY: to get some cute clothes, duh!! 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi guys!

I’m back from my camping trip in Mexico! We camped at this super cute surf spot called K58 La Fonda, which is right in between Rosarito and Ensenada. Our first morning there we saw a rainbow sunrise.. how cool is that?! One of the rainbow ends was right in front of us.. I was looking for the pot of gold but couldn’t find it :/ hehe

Now I’m back in my own bed and I can’t wait for a comfy sleep! Hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Moroccan Vibes

photos by Stefanie Marie

Bodysuit by Missguided // pants from Ronny Kobo // scarf by Johnny Was // shoes from Kat Maconie

I’ve been diggging the head scarf trend lately. There’s so many ways to tie a scarf on your hair that can easily elevate the look. My only problem is that it slides off my hair so easily!

Right now I’m down in Mexico camping with Rudy, Sara, and Diego! A little double date camping trip 🙂 I wasn’t sure how the WiFi would be at our campsite so I scheduled this post yesterday. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

New Hair

So. Happy. About. My. Color.

The other day I got my hair colored from Jaye Edwards, an Australian hairdresser who was in town for a week, and I’m SO happy with the result!  No hairdresser has ever touched the bottom half of my hair, and he took the time to go through my whole head of hair (which is a-freaking-lot) and highlight everything to make it blend in better.

What do you guys think??


Hi guys!

The other week I got an email about a self defense class that WGN America (TV network) was putting on to promote their new show, 100 Code, which is a series about a manhunt for a serial killer (sounds intense haha).  But when I saw the email, I was stoooked to go and learn some useful tips that I could use to prevent/help a dangerous situation.  I live in Venice, and this city is no stranger to crime, so it’s good to know this stuff.

Of course taking the actual class will help you learn the recommended fighting moves, but I’ll give you guys the crash course on the ‘information’ side of things.


-be extra aware when you are walking alone (to your car, on the street, etc.) and do not be on your phone or looking down.  Predators look for victims that are distracted.

-be aware of your surroundings.  If you have a ”weird feeling” about someone, follow your instinct and remove yourself from that area.  The instructor told us about a girl in Santa Monica who was exercising up and down a set of stairs outside (it was around 4:30 in the afternoon), and she noticed this one guy who was at the top, and she got a weird feeling about him.  She ignored her gut feeling, continued going up and down the stairs, and as she’s starting to go back down the third time, his hand covers her mouth from behind, he puts her into his van, and rapes her.  Always trust your gut, it’s better safe than sorry!

-have pepper spray in your hand if you’re walking alone


-if they’re telling you to get into their car, and they have a weapon, do not get in and try to run.  Your chances of survival are way lower once you step into their car.  If they are pointing a gun, run away in a zig zag motion.

-scream to try and get other people’s attention

-never give up fighting

-take a self defense class to learn fighting moves and techniques to defend yourself!

It’s always useful to know these tips, even if some sound obvious.  I definitely want to go back to one of my instructor’s classes to better familiarize myself with the moves.  My instructor has a studio called Shield in Culver City, see their website here

Have you guys ever taken a self defense class?

Lunch with Gorjana

photos by Emily Cullen

Hi my loves!

Just got these cute lil photos back from the event I went to last week, celebrating the store opening of the Gorjana store in Fashion Island, and followed by a yummo lunch at Fig & Olive.  Now you guys can see how I actually act at an event, instead of just seeing ”posed” photos and pics I take when I’m behind the camera.  Apparently I was having a great ‘ole time at the lunch as you can see 😉

Today was a touuuugh Monday because I had a rough night’s sleep last night.  For some reason I woke up every hour (I feel SO hard for people that deal with this on a regular basis) and left me feeling so exhausted and out of it all day.  I didn’t feel better until my Vinyasa yoga class and steam room session.  I used to go to yoga for the workout, and now I go completely for the body, mind, and soul re-centering.  I feel so much more balanced after my yoga class.  If I’m every having an off day I make sure I get on my mat!  Anyone else like this?

Also, took a self defense class today… more info about that in another post!

The Bushwick Spice Trade

I bought this one cocktail book called “Shake” about three years ago at a Paper Source store, (good looking cookbooks and cocktail books are my weakness!) and we put it to gooood use this weekend. Rudy brought up a nice bottle of gin, so we searched the book for a nice lookin’ gin cocktail. We came across this one, the Bushwick Spice Trade, which we both wanted to try out.

It’s basically a gin martini with lemon, pink peppercorns, basil, and fresh ginger. It was super yummy! The first batch we made was a little too tart so we added some sugar (simple syrup) and it was juuuust right.

Do you guys follow cook books anymore, or do you just look up different recipes online? For me, I do both, but there’s just something so much better about following a recipe from a cookbook!  Do you guys agree? 🙂