Because this place doesn't need a filter! Nope.

We have been LIVING it up here in Mexico. This is definitely the most beautiful area in Mexico that I've been to. Next place on the list is Tulum, which is only about an hour from here. We went to a beach party in Tulum last night but it was night time so we didn't get to witness Tulum in all of its glory!

We chilled by the pool, got massages, and hung out at the beach all day… a perfect vacation day in my eyes! I accidentally went on Instagram Live when I was at the beach so that was fun. I had the full on double chin looking down at my phone before I realized what was happening haha.

We're doing an early night because we have a 5am wake up call in the morning to catch our flight at 8. Why so early!? Goodnight guys 🙂


We have arrived in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico, at an unbelievably gorgeous hotel, which will be our home for the next few days. So far the trip has been so smooth, thanks to all of the wonderful staff and impeccable service. This place knows how to take care of their guests!

We have a nice big room overlooking the pool and the ocean, with a hot tub on the balcony (that I definitely need to try out). The entire hotel is all inclusive, and not like nasty food that the cruise ships have, their food is sooo good. They have a handful of different restaurants at the hotel and the menus are set up as a normal restaurant… (no buffet style here). The breakfast is a huge buffet complete with a Bloody Mary and mimosa station (that's my jam) and full omelette bar. It's safe to say I'll be enjoying my days here!

Now we're on our way to zip line through the jungle and visit some cenotes… talk later!

Mexico Tomorrow!

photos by Christian Fang

Hi guys!

Tomorrow we leave for Mexico with Daniel Wellington! We're staying at a beautiful resort in Riviera Maya over the weekend, and we have some fun excursions planned. Unfortunately Austin isn't able to come with me because of law school, but I'm bringing his sister instead and we always have so much fun together 🙂

This will be my fourth time in Mexico, but to a completely different part of the country. We'll be going to the cenotes, zip lining over the canopies, massages, and enjoying the beautiful hotel. Stay tuned for tons of pictures!

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IMG_4904      IMG_4926



Last week it was 100 degrees here in LA.  Now it’s cloudy and overcast, and it finally feels like Fall.  It makes me excited to start wearing my jackets, sweaters, tights, and tall boots!

Last week I did a photoshoot with Elison Rd, and (I mean you can see in the pictures) it was like a Fall explosion!! The location was a rented out AirBnb in DTLA, and the decoration was so on point.  They had a library wall (with the ladder of course), cozy string lights, big windows, and even a swing right in the middle of the living room.

It gave me some ideas about my home decor.  I think the second we ”made our apartment ours” with our own decorations and design, that’s when I become a home decor addict.  I’m always trying to find new ways I can rearrange the room, and that was totally not the case at our old apartment.  Our old apartment was just a collection of my mom’s hand-me-down furniture (which we were so thankful for) but for our new place we got a little fresh start.  Now I’m constantly coming up with ideas about how I can improve.

When I was helping Nicho move into his new apartment yesterday I realized how much shit I’m collecting in my room.  Nicho had just the bare essentials.. and it felt so fresh and clean.  I think my room needs a good deep clean, to get rid of the stuff I don’t use and don’t wear! Are you guys good at keeping your clutter pretty minimal?

Chinese Takeout Box

Hi guys!

So my joker outfit didn't end up working out, so I became a Chinese takeout box instead! I did an Instagram story takeover for Pacsun, so make sure to go to their instagram before 4 pm today to watch it! I got ready and did some hair and makeup, and it was a little nerve racking because they have 1.8 million followers, and most of them had no idea who I was, by I think it turned out okay 🙂

We went to Poppy and danced the night away. I was so tired though so we ended it a little bit earlier than usual. How was your Halloweekend?!

Halloweekend Begins!

Happppppppy Friday!!!

These are a few behind the scenes shots from my shoot today! The team rented out the cutest loft in downtown LA. It was nice to shoot in an actual location rather than just random places outside like I usually do with blog pictures haha.

So, Halloween weekend begins. Tonight I'm going down to OC with Sara for a togas, robes, and kimonos party. I was really set on NOT spending a dime on my costumes this year, so I rummaged through my closet to find something to wear. I grabbed my morning robe, a pink wig, and fuzzy bunny ears and I'm calling myself a playmate haha. It actually came out really cute…. pics coming tomorrow 🙂




P1470525P1470596Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.33.28 PM      Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.34.04 PM


Hi guys 🙂

Last week I went to the store opening of one of my new favorite activewear brands, Vimmia.  I actually just found out about their line a couple weeks ago, but I already wear it religiously! I’ve been going through my workout clothes like crazy ever since I started working out so often, so I needed to upsize my collection.

I’m very picky about workout pants in particular, because in my opinion it’s very easy for a pair to be unflattering on the legs and stomach.  Sometimes the design is not well thought-out, the waistline hits at an awkward spot, or the seams cut into the wrong places.  We’ve ALL had that one horrible pair of workout pants that you just hate, that you would never pick out from the drawer, and that ends up just sitting there for a year or two before you finally have the guts to throw it out haha.

That being said, the sets I’ve gotten from Vimmia I really love!  I have the set that you see above, and the pants are so cute on.  Today I wore another set from their line and got so many compliments in my class!  Maybe you guys don’t care that I got compliments on my workout outfit, but I do because I swear I workout 10 times better when I look and feel good.  Anyone else like that?

Click here to see some more styles from their line 🙂


IMG_9506      IMG_9504 2

IMG_9508payasa      IMG_9502


my entire outfit is from Pacsun

Who else is getting into the spooky spirit?? I know I sure am.  Today I tested out my panda costume, which is what you can see here in the photos.  What do you guys think?! Maybe I should have added more white to the costume?  Not white face paint though… I’m not that committed haha.

On Saturday I think I’m going to dress up as a joker!  Not the one from Batman, but from the cards.  Black and red, with cool joker makeup like you see above.  I’m going to a club on Saturday so I don’t think I’ll go all out with the hat that jokers are usually known for wearing, because it would probably be annoying to wear on the dance floor haha.

Do you guys know what you’re being?





dress by MinkPink // bodysuit from Kookai // shoes from Tony Bianco

photos by Mathilde Bresson

Hi angels!

I just got the first batch of photos from my photographer Mathilde, who I shot with a couple weekends ago, and I am loving the photos.  We actually just took these real quick on our walk up back to the car after the photoshoot, and they ended up being some of my favorites from the whole shoot!  The vibe here reminds me of Halloween…. it’s pretty with the white flowers and the black dress.  It’s like innocence and mystery all in one 😉

Speaking of Halloween, what are you guys being?  I think I will be a couple of different things this year, since I have a few events that I’m planning to go to.  One of my Halloween looks I’ll be posting on my Instagram tomorrow.. so make sure to look out for it!

Is it just me or does it get harder and harder each year to find a somewhat not-overdone costume?!  Everything I think of is like been there, done that.  BUT I did come up with a costume that hasn’t been THAT overdone and I’m really excited about it.  Do you guys want to know what I’m being, and possibly see some inspo photos that I’ve gathered for it?

I want to know what you guys are being!!! Anyone have an original AF costume this year?