Today I tried an extremely fun class at ModelFIT, a workout studio in West Hollywood, for an event sponsored by Varley, a super chic activewear brand!  I’m always down to try a new workout, so when i was invited to this blogger event I was obviously all for it.  The invitation said ”sculpt” so I was expecting some type of Yoga variation class.  BOY WAS I WRONG.  Five minutes into the class we’re doing jumping jacks, punches, and push-ups haha.  Half of the class was cardio and the rest was resistance training and booty burning exercises with a sprinkle of ab sculpting.  The music was BUMPIN’ and every move we did went along with the song. I love when that happens because you just can’t stop— you get so into it!! After our workout we walked over to Sweetgreen for fresh salads… healthy afternoon if I say so myself!

Have you guys been to ModelFIT?

All of us are wearing Varley gear!

BTS at our Joshua Tree shoot!

If the behind the scenes pictures are this good, you can only imagine how the actual pictures are going to turn out!  What a location…. Joshua Tree is the perfect place to shoot if you’re looking for something different.  Unfortunately we got there a little later than we hoped so we were racing against the sunset but we still managed to get most of our looks done 🙂

I loved working with an all Swedish crew.  They kind of just ”get it” more than American photographers/stylists that I’ve worked with in the past.  So happy we did this shoot and cannot wait to share the pictures with you all!






IMG_8828-8      IMG_8825-6





wearing: jumpsuit by Ramy Brook // bag by Strathberry // planet bangle by Sophie by Sophie [[pieces were gifted]]

Hi honey bees!

I couldn’t wait to show you guys my look from the Ramy Brook blogger brunch last week.  This jumpsuit made all my jumpsuit fantasies come true.  We got a chance to meet the designer Ramy and she spoke to us a little bit about her brand, who she is, and about her love to create clothes that women feel sexy in.  She talked about how every woman wants to wear something that they look and feel great in, and she definitely accomplished that.  We nibbled on gourmet french toast and toasted bagels with lox as we got to know the other bloggers sitting at our tables.  The lighting inside the brunch room wasn’t very camera friendly, so hopefully I set up the scene for you guys to picture it in your heads 🙂 Thank you Ramy for an incredible event!


Sara and I just shot some photos in Santa Monica and now we’re working at a coffee shop nearby.  Feels good to get out of the house and get work done… it can get quite stuffy always working from home.  It’s always nice to change it up a bit 🙂





IMG_8971 (1)-9

OM9C1526 (1)


Remember Montazami Brand is doing free shipping WORLDWIDE until Christmas!  This is the time to get that perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, whether it be our top-selling perfume, wrap tops, palazzo pants, and dresses!  With our faster delivery times you’ll get it in time to put it under the tree 🙂  Here’s a little mix of my outfits from this week, all featuring Montazami Brand clothes.

Sooo tired, it’s been a long day of catching up on emails and cleaning out my closet.  Tomorrow will be more of editing photos and preparing some exciting things for the blog and Montazami Brand.  By the way our photoshoot trip to Joshua Tree on Sunday was sooo worth it (it’s only 2 hours away).  Some of the shots we got are NEXT LEVEL people…. we went with the best crew.  Just a bunch of people who love to create content 🙂


December in LA

Happy Sunday!

Here’s some pics from the other day as I adventured a little bit around Santa Monica!  The last time I’ve been to the SM pier was like in high school… even though I practically live right next to it!  I also tried out the rings as you can see 😉

Right now we’re on our way to Joshua Tree for a photoshoot! More pictures coming later xx


Dress by Storets // shoes by Raye // purse by Sole Society // sunnies by Chimi Eyewear

Sooo I’ve found my new favorite photographer?  I mean look at these photos!! It is pure magic what Fabian Wester can do behind the lens.  Major shout out to him!  These photos make me even more excited to shoot with him this weekend at Joshua Tree.  We’ve stopped by some showrooms and pulled some cool outfits specifically for the photoshoot.  Think bad ass/ biker / cowboy vibes. It’s gunna be KILLER.

Well it’s FRIDAY and I’m really hoping this cold I have goes away before it gets worse. I’ve been sneezing and sniffling for two days, I felt bad for the uber driver yesterday because I sneezed every five minutes and he was probably cringing at the thought of my sick germs all over his car haha. If you’re reading this Omar, I’m sorry.  

Tonight Sara and I are going to our dad’s office holiday dinner at Fig & Olive!  It will be fun to see everyone, including my ex boyfriend Nick who still works for my dad haha.  Remember Nick?! We dated back in college. Major TBT moment happening tonight.





HAVE YOU HEARD of the Christmas gift that Montazami Brand is giving this year?  The gift of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE…. all the way up until Christmas!  Buy your holiday gifts without the hassle of shipping fees 😉

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….Because skincare and beauty products can get expen$ive, and you’re probably going to end up buying it anyway so why not just ask for it for Christmas?!

[Clarisonic brush]

MAC lipsticks (I’m wishing for Velvet Teddy, Whirl, and a few others)

KYLIE COSMETICS Kyshadow (this bronze pallette is amazing!  I’m all about the warm colors)

[Clarins UV Plus Sunscreen] (It has a ton of sun protection and it goes on your skin really nicely)

[L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks] (I do these weekly… they give me such a glow!)

This post contains some adlinks!


Part II of my holiday gift guide is now here and everything you see above is ready to shop!  Just click on the links I have provided and it will take you straight to that product.  Some of them I couldn’t link because it’s sold out (AHEM, Kylie Cosmetics).

ps. taking any and all recommendations on MAC (or any other brand) lipsticks for the season?  I want something a little more dramatic.  TELL ME.  Darker and bolder than what I usually wear (Velvet Teddy by MAC).


Secretly loving every second of shooting in front of this damn wall.  I don’t know why I always had so many negative feelings about it?? Maybe just because I saw it all over Instagram and thought it was kinda been there, done that.  But don’t hate it till you try it folks! We snapped a few pics here for Chimi Eyewear because it was right around the corner from where we ate lunch. The photos turned out so sick!! Patiently waiting to see them 🙂

Have any of you guys visited the pink wall? If you have then you know what I’m talking about! Not to mention it looks so chic on your insta feed….. 🙂






Last week, shooting with Christian Fang


Had a super fun day today around West Hollywood.  Gosh it feels like I’m always there…. it’s so much driving for us since we’re located by the beach, but I don’t think I would ever trade it to live in deep LA.  I’m more accustomed to the laid back, beach town vibes rather than crazy traffic and fast paced mindsets haha.  Anyways, we met with the guys behind Chimi Eyewear for lunch at Mauro’s Cafe and then we shot some photos at the infamous pink wall.  I’ve never had the urge to go there and take photos but when I got there it turned out to be pretty cool haha.  The bright pink is so nice in the photos… it really pops.  Can’t wait to show you guys!

Now we just made dinner and we’re heading to the Rufus Du Sol concert!  I saw them at Coachella and really liked them, and now I know a few more songs than I did back then so maybe it’ll be a little more enjoyable this time 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide Part One

for her gift guide1-1


click to shop

[[ CANDLE by Craft + Foster ]]

[[ CHOKERS by Montazami Brand ]]

[[ HANDPAINTED CLUTCH by Florian London ]]




[[ peach lace set by FOR LOVE AND LEMONS ]]

[[ white set and black set from GOOSEBERRY INTIMATES ]]

[[ black set from FOR LOVE AND LEMONS ]]

[[ black set from OW INTIMATES ]]

[[ WHITE LABEL fragrance from MONTAZAMI BRAND ]] (free shipping!)


[[ KERASTASE blow dry treatments ]]

[[ UNITE 7 SECONDS detangler ]]

[[ REDKEN extreme conditioner ]]

[[ GISOU honey-infused hair oil ]]

So I got a little carried away with my holiday gift guide so I decided I’m going to break it up in different segments, so it’s not too overwhelming for you guys.  Today is all about pretty little things, down to your skivvies, and haircare.  These are little gift ideas that I came up with that you can either put on your wish list, buy for someone special, or just buy for yourself 😉  I linked everything in writing so you can find it straight from here.  Half of the things on here I’ve tried and loved, and the other half I’m putting on my list this year.  I’m dying to try Negin Mirsalehi’s Gisou honey hair oil… I just recently started following her on Instagram and fell in love with her look!  She has amazing hair so I’m sure it’s a really good product.

Hope all of you had a great weekend and an even better Monday!  Now it’s time for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in a couple hours!!  I’ve never been more excited to watch it than now, maybe because Bella is walking this year.  The only bad part is I feel like I’ve already seen all of the outfits?  Thank you social media…..