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Hi guys!

This morning I woke up in a panic– I had such a frightening dream last night.  The kind that feels like it lasted for hours, and you barely got any rest because of it.  I always wonder if certain dreams have specific meanings.  I don’t really like to think about that though if it’s a bad one.  I try to forget about it….. until I bring it up in a blog post haha.

I’ve been wandering Montana St. in Santa Monica for the past two days because of appointments, and I have to say I really like it over there.  There’s so many cute shops, and they even have a Williams-Sonoma (my favorite store ever).  I always walk into Williams-Sonoma just for fun, and during the holidays the whole store smells like fresh pumpkin cake, and they’re offering samples.  Does it get better than that?  It bring me joy to look at all of the cooking ware, kitchen towels, fancy knives, and all of the baking stuff.  Anyone else have a weird obsession with home stores?  In my next place I’m going to start fresh in terms of pots + pans, silverware, furniture, basically A LOT.  My mantra will be less is more.  I want organization and no clutter!

Speaking of, Rudy and I have been talking about getting a place together (!!!).  We sat down in the beginning of the year and I told him about how I don’t like splitting my time between LA and OC like I’ve been doing.  I love both cities, but splitting my time is a lot of work, and it’s time consuming.  Packing a bag to go here and there, unpacking, driving, not having the things you need when you need them, etc.  the list goes on.  I just want the majority of my time to be spent in one city. My dilemma is, I have Rudy and my family down in OC, and my work-related stuff up here in LA.  If I move down to OC, I’ll probably still be spending a good amount of time here in LA, but I would be able to be with Rudy in the evenings and mornings.  I’ve been doing ”long distance” with Rudy for over a year now, and it’s just not ideal, I’d rather be with him!  Have any of you guys been in a similar situation?


Pinching myself that my Tuesday evening looked like this! The sunsets are so gorgeous in the winter. We had some Swedish friends in town so my parents took them out on the boat for a little sunset cruise in Dana Point. They said they were trying to soak in every last drop of sunshine before they go back to Sweden! I can only imagine how cold it is there right now…. brrrrr.


My black dress is from David Lerner // petite diamond ring is from Noemie, and you can use my code HANNA50 for $50 off your order at

Hi guys! Here’s a little peek inside my short trip to Vegas with Rudy’s family! We flew out to see the hockey game at the new T Mobile arena on the strip. One of Rudy’s sisters is married to a hockey player on the Minnesota Wild team, so we all flew out to see him play in Vegas against the Golden Knights! Minnesota won 4-2 🙂

Right now we’re sitting on the plane waiting to take off for Orange County.  I have a shoot down in OC tomorrow morning so it works out perfectly.   My tiredness is real though… I can’t wait to jump in bed!


Today we were really feelin’ it after we got our makeup done at the Laura Mercier event. I’ve used one of their pressed powders (as a setting powder for my foundation or tinted moisturizer) for years now, but today I got the chance to try out their entire product line.

The makeup artist did an amazing job with the face application (I loved the eyeshadow too). I’m very into natural tones and not an overdone look, so it was very “my vibe”.

Sometime you can’t notice when other people change their makeup (it’s easier to tell when it’s your own face), but I definitely see a difference in this compared to my normal everyday makeup! I feel like my face looks smoother.  I’m excited to incorporate these new products in my routine!


random photos from 2018 that have nothing to do with this post.. hehe

Hi guys 🙂

I really wanted to do a post about the first month of 2019.  I feel like January really sets the tone for the rest of year, are you with me?  This is when we have a fresh start, and it can be applied to so many different aspects of our lives, for example in our careers, with our moods/attitudes, relationships, habits, etc.  In terms of my career, I think the best word to describe my approach to 2019 is proactive. And so far, the first half of January has been just that.

Lately I’ve been very adamant about being and staying organized, and it’s already working wonders for me.  In 2018 I was a little all over the place with keeping track of payments for photoshoots + campaigns.  I had a system of tracking, but it wasn’t efficient enough for me.  I needed something that could provide me with more info that was accessible in a matter of seconds.  That’s why I made payment trackers. One for my modeling shoots, and one for my campaigns.  I’m talkin’ good ‘ole Excel spreadsheets, color-coded in pink, loaded with info.  I started logging everything from January 1st on, and I cannot tell you how much of a help it has been already.  Just by creating a simple spreadsheet (that took literally 10 minutes to set up), I can see how much money I’m making, which payments are past-due, if I’ve sent the invoices, and a bunch of other info.   For someone like me who is their own boss running their own show, this is  l i f e – c h a n g i n g.

What’s one way you guys are setting the tone for 2019?


We are moving FAST with the wedding plans.  Madi got engaged a few weeks ago, and we are already trying on dresses!  She wants to have the wedding in late summer / early fall, so she kind of has to act quickly in terms of planning.  This past Saturday she invited her sisters, mom, and two best friends (Amanda and I) to try on dresses at this beautiful bridal store in Newport Beach called Casablanca Bridal.

She tried on a total of 5 or 6 dresses, and each one was different than the last, and they all looked SO GOOD.  We were all like ”oh no… this is going to be harder than we thought”.  Towards the end of our hour and a half long appointment, we could narrow it down to two different styles.  One was more elegant and bridal, and the other was more sexy.  She doesn’t have her wedding venue secured, and the venue does play a role in deciding which dress to get, so she was torn.  She took down the info of both dresses so she can always go back and try them on again.

This was my first time wedding dress shopping with a friend, and it made me realize how hard it actually is!  One day I will be trying them on, trying to narrow it down to my favorites.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t help that I’m naturally indecisive when it comes to things like this.  Nothing to worry about now though… I’ll leave that to Madi hehe 🙂

Queen Bee

Hangin with my momma today! She is very into graphic tees at the moment and her jaw dropped on the floor when she saw this QUEEN band shirt at Nordstrom haha.  All I hear is a loud gasp and it’s my mom staring at the t-shirt with googley eyes!! I laughed so hard! You can see her level of excitement, taking the t-shirt out of the bag while we’re sitting down at the cafe.  Tonight she’s going to a birthday dinner and she’s wearing a graphic tee that says “Girls Night Out”.  She is such a classic haha 🙂

By the way, we bought matching graphic tees that say “I love New York” LOL.


Okay so my closet is not the prettiest thing to look at, but who’s is?? (Besides those dream closets we think of…. one day, one day).  Either way, I wanted to show you guys what my current closet organization strategy is.  It’s simple.  Categories, bins, and constant upkeep.

I separate different areas of my closet into different categories.  For example, on my ”jean rack”  I have different categories for each shelf.  Near the top, you’ll find jeans that I wear regularly, then towards the bottom you’ll find more ”crazy” pants.  Checkered denim, cargo pants, flare jeans, etc.  I’m not neurotic about keeping it perfectly separate, it’s kind of just a casual order.  I have to re-do the organization every couple months.  Also, I feel like this one’s a no-brainer, but separating your closet into a jacket section, dress section, tops, pants, etc.  I somewhat color coordinate my dress and top sections.

BINS.  Thanks to one of you guys, I found out that IKEA actually sells clips for the lids to stay on the bins!  This actually sounds more annoying to me than the lids sliding off haha.  I use my bins regularly so I can’t keep clipping and unclipping… but it would work for a bin that you don’t necessarily use that often.  As you can see in the photos, I put my workout bras, panties, sweaters, hats, bikinis, crop tops, and tights into different bins on the top shelf of my closet.  I find this is the best way to store small items that don’t fold easily/nicely.

Constant upkeep is key to making your closet feel like a nice display of your things, instead of an overcrowded mess.  I give away clothes regularly (but this is also because I keep adding a lot of new clothes to my closet… someone who doesn’t add that often probably shouldn’t clean out so often).  I also try not to ignore the things I see that seem annoying to deal with. A lonely sock on the floor, a bag filled with random items, you get the point.  Keeping my closet neat and clean is no easy task, but it feels so much better when it’s tidy!

Do you guys have any must-do advice for organizing your closet? If so, do tell.


Here’s a sneak peek of oooone of the bikinis I got yesterday on my bikini spree!  It’s a textured black, and it’s very simple and sexy.  The top is itty bitty (perfect for me) and the bottoms have a little more coverage in the back. I have tons of random black tops and random black bottoms, but now I have a great matching set.

I paired my TWIIN bikini [had trouble finding the link for the top] [bottoms here] with a white button up shirt from Montazami Brand [shop here] and a Balinese hand bag.  My hat is from Brixton.

Speaking of bikinis, I did a major clean out today.  I got rid of all of the bikinis I never wear and organized the ones I do have into small little bundles inside my clear Ikea storage bin.  I LIVE for those IKEA storage bins.  They are perfect to store bikinis, crop tops, workout bras, etc. and they all fit on the top shelf of my closet.  It’s been a life saver in terms of organization.  The only thing I get annoyed of is how the lids don’t close properly?! They slide right off!  The only time I use the lid is if I’m stacking the bins, then it stays.  I feel like IKEA should get on that, right?  Do you guys use clear storage bins in your closet for organization?


Holy crap guys—- are you seeing this?!  Tonight we had the most orange, fiery sunset that I ever remember seeing.  I had a meeting with a fit model agency in downtown Manhattan Beach, and as soon as I got out I looked at the sky and knew there was about to be an epic sunset.  I walked to my car, dropped off my laptop, walked into Starbucks for a chai latte, and strolled down to the pier to watch the surfers and the sun, both gliding down the water beautifully.

It was a perfect evening actually– alone to myself— observing, thinking, watching everything around me.  I’ve realized it’s when I’m alone that I’m best at taking everything in.. it’s also great for productivity and self-improvement… I love it.

[BUT it also can be dangerous when there’s no one there to tell you NO when you go on a shopping spree!!] On the way back up to my car, I saw something sparkly in the corner of my eye.  It was a rhinestone top and skirt set (LOL) so I walked into this bikini store.  Next thing you know I’m trying on alllllll the bikinis and end up spending way more money than I wanted to.  Do you guys want to see which bikinis I got?  Let me know in the comments!