Montazami Brand Black Label

photos by Taryn Dudley

Here are the official campaign photos for Montazami Brand's second perfume, Black Label. We had sooo much fun creating these photos. We rented an old classic car and drove around Beverly Hills, making a pit stop at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. The inspiration for the Black Label scent came from LA nights, when you're stepping out for a night out, and you complete your outfit with a spritz of perfume, instantly ready for the evening.

White Label and Black Label are two very distinguished scents, different from each other yet still connected. Personally, I wear my White Label during the day and Black Label before I go out at night. Black Label Eau De Parfum exudes luxury, and it is long wearing. It is the kind of scent that is a little strong when you first spray it, but then settles into your skin so nicely.

Base notes: Sandalwood, Oud
Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Patchouli
Top Notes: Geranium, Blue Violet

If you're in Sweden I highly recommend you trying Black Label next time you're at an Åhléns or Kicks (or another store that you see it at)! Between White Label and Black Label, I'm sure you guys are to fall in love with one of them!

You can buy the Black Label online here!

This post is in collaboration with Montazami Brand

My Secret to Glowing Skin

Hi my loves!

It's our last night in Sweden, which is always bittersweet. We leave tomorrow morning! I feel like our trip flew by…

So I'm not sure if you guys have noticed recently, but my skin has been extra glow-y. Like the I can leave the house without makeup and be totally confident kind of glow-y. (Maybe you guys haven't noticed because you're only seeing me through pictures, but my family and friends have told me numerous times that my skin is looking great!) And I know why. It's all thanks to my new skincare routine from Bioclarity. If you follow me on Instagram you've maybe seen the video questionnaire I did about my routine, as well as a couple posts where I talk about their line.

I 100% fell in love with their product! It could have been all mental but I swear I noticed small results even after 1 nights use. This stuff is AMAZING. And it has plant based ingredients, which I love. It's free of harsh chemicals that harm your skin, which also puts my mind at ease.

The good news is I've teamed up with them to give you guys 50% off (so it's under $15!!) with code HANNA at checkout!

Visit their website here and try this amazing stuff for yourself!

In collaboration with BioClarity

Happy Birthday Momma!

Hat is Hanna Montazami X Hat Attack (here) // dress by Lulu's // tights by Calzedonia

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world! The funniest, smartest, kindest, and most generous person I know. I hope she had a very special birthday!

We organized a private dinner for us five at the Klitterhus restaurant, and it was nothing short of magical! It was so cozy… just us, good food, and good company, celebrating my wonderful mom!

We had three courses: 1st was a seared scallop dish a mashed potato purée, 2nd was a seared halibut with boiled mini potatoes, chanterelles, and fried beet chips, and 3rd was a white chocolate ice cream with a creme brûlée mouse on top of a chocolate ganache. We drank buttery Chablis to start and ended with a nice Italian red wine. Our bellies were full and our hearts were happy as we walked out of the restaurant. And that's the way it should be 🙂

Meet and Greet at the Calzedonia Store!

Sweater dress from One Teaspoon // tights from Calzedonia // boots from Kendall and Kylie

You guys, it was so nice meeting you the other day at our meet and greet! Thank you to everyone who came out and said hi.. it really meant a lot to Sara and I. Here are a few pictures from throughout the day, with some of the sweetest people ever!

We're not in Helsingborg anymore, we left around 3 pm to come to Ängelholm for my Mormor's party she threw for a pre-birthday celebration for my mom! When all of the guests went home it (of course) turned into a dance party (typical Montazami fashion) and it's now 2 am and were still hangin around the kitchen table talking. Quality family time if you ask me 🙂


Black Label is coming….. and it's here to take the stage! Stay tuned tomorrow for our official launch!


Just landed in Sweden! No, these photos were not taken here haha. We have an early morning tomorrow so I'm going to catch some sleep! Good night 🙂



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Hi loves!

Sitting in the business lounge at LAX and our flight to Sweden is delayed two hours…. but I’m secretly smiling inside because I have so much work to catch up on since Mexico, so I’ll take these two free work hours for sure!

Last night we went to the launch dinner of River Island to celebrate their fall collection! There were a bunch of LA influencers, all dressed up in RI, who got together to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Verlaine in West Hollywood.  I wore some polka-dotted ruffled culotte pants with an asymmetrical strapless bow tie top!

top here // pants here // purse here

Now I’m about to sip some red wine (in preparation for the flight) and catch up on some more emails!  Lots of love to you all <3

PS we have very big news that we will be announcing over the next couple of days!  Please stay tuned <3


New hair who dis?!

But for real, today was a big day. I tried a new hair colorist for the first time in about 6 or 7 years. This was a big break through for me, given all of the hair trauma I went through growing up. I have my mom to thank for my orange, purple, and red hair in high school, followed by bad hair colonists one after the next. Once I found Vanessa (who's been doing my hair for 6 years or so) I thought I would never leave her chair. But I needed to color my hair in between my Mexico and Sweden trips, and I didn't have time to go all the way back to OC.

So I asked my peeps on Instagram who they recommended for blonde highlights in LA, and I found Spencer Henry, who was nice enough to take me in last minute before I leave for Sweden tomorrow! He brightened up my blonde and lifted it near the roots. I'm so happy with what he did!!! I'll definitely be going back to him 🙂

What do you guys think?

Priceless Moments

This moment was one of the highlights of my trip! Just laughing uncontrollably with Ashli, while the sun set over the water on this beautiful beach outside the hotel. Moments like these are priceless and I will remember it forever.

We are home now, but just for a short time until we take off for Sweden on Wednesday! I'll be going to Stockholm and Helsingborg for some events and to shoot a fun campaign with my mom and Sara 🙂

Life is good!