dress by Shop Sincerely Jules // tennies by Bardot // white denim jacket by Rails // bag from Zara // necklaces from Girlscrew // photo by Morgan Foitle

The last few days have just FLOWN by, and somehow it’s already the night before Valentine’s Day, which is also my leaving for Cabo day! I’m all packed up and ready to go. I’m ready for some serious sun, warm nights, margaritas, and chips and guac.  I’m smiling just typing that! Anyways, we have to be at the airport around 11 and I have a few things to get done in the morning before we go.

These are some of the things on my Cabo packing checklist:

  • camera
  • bikinis
  • sunnies
  • dress for the wedding
  • ALL my skincare (that I just realized I cannot bring because I’m only doing carry-on…. gotta take all that shit out so TSA doesn’t steal it from me!)
  • curler and hair products

I’ll update here on the blog before we take off tomorrow! Sending EXTRA love to you guys<3

Feelin girly AF. Whenever I dress girly like this, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. Graphic tees and boyfriend jeans get old after awhile, you know?

Dress from Hello Molly // sunniest from Quay // bag from Salar // shoes from Alias Mae

I had a productive Monday today, starting with a cleaning at the dentist office, to doing my taxes, to getting my nails done with my mom. Speaking of taxes, it’s actually good that we have to do them because it really makes you go through and review your spending. I couldn’t BELIEVE how much money I spent on Uber in the last few months of 2017. It was mind-boggling. I’m definitely going to be more mindful of my Uber spending. Do you guys spend a ton on Uber or Lyft rides too?

On another note I started putting together Rudy’s Valentine’s Day present today (so I’m a little late…) and I came up with the perfect present! I won’t tell you guys just yet just in case he reads this, but I’ll show you guys a picture after he opens it! We leave for Cabo that day, and he could possibly bring it on the trip… hint hint 🙂

Sunday Ducks Game

What my Sunday looked like! First went to Newport to lay out by the beach, then ended the day with the Ducks game. They were winning the entire game, all up until the last 50 seconds when the Sharks tied them with another goal. They went into overtime and it ended with a shootout, which they ended up losing :/

By the way thanks to everyone who entered my Too Faced mascara giveaway! (I announced the winner at 3 pm today.)

Win 1 Year Supply of Mascara!

Hi loves!

I’m doing a contest over on instagram for one lucky winner to win 1 year supply of Better Than Sex mascara! The entry is very easy, just comment on the last photo I posted (the one you see above) and follow @toofaced on instagram. That’s it!

And it’s open to international applicants as well 🙂

Top by Kookai // jeans by AGOLDE // Vans shoes // Adidas jacket

This was today during HOURS of waiting at Buffalo Exchange, which is a recycled fashion store where I sell all of my unwanted clothes. Usually it only takes around 5-20 minutes before someone can start looking through your clothes, but today there was only one girl working there and apparently everyone and their mother wants to get rid of their old clothes on a Friday, so it was poppin. It took Sara and I two and a half hours before someone went through our clothes! I was getting soooo riled up haha. I’m not the most patient person in the world, if you didn’t know.

But at the end of the day I left with my check and I was happy. And whatever they didn’t take I donated to Goodwill!

Have you guys ever sold your old clothes at Buffalo Exchange? Or something similar?

New Shoe Alert!

So yeah, they’re a little crazy, but I’m head over heels (literally). They’re from Kat Maconie, who’s famous for these eclectic, colorful shoes. What do you guys think?! I think they’re perfect for spring.


Hot air balloon: check.

Champagne: check.

Hot date: check!

This day was unforgettable! And to think I was SO nervous the week and moments before.  Literally it was the most peaceful ride in the sky. The company we booked through was called Sunset Balloon Rides, and they’re located at Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, CA.  I definitely recommend this for a special occasion with your loved one, a birthday surprise, or even just because!

We actually had a proposal happen on our balloon!  It was pretty funny because I had no idea who it was for and NO ONE was saying anything.  I knew it had to be for our balloon because we were the last ones to take off.  As soon as we start floating the crew on the ground unravels a huge sign that says ”MARRY ME?”.  There were 4 couples on the balloon, it was OBVIOUSLY not for me, not for the couple next to us, and not the couple diagonal from us because they were looking the other way.  There’s only one more couple on the balloon and they were in complete silence, so it couldn’t be them either.

Oh no, it was haha.  Half way through the balloon ride people are telling them congratulations.  I just had no idea because they were so quiet about it!  But we all celebrated with some champagne in the middle of the sky so it was definitely a great proposal 🙂

Pool Shoot

Bikini top from Soluna Swim // cover up from Zara // photo by Morgan Foitle

Here’s some photos from yesterday’s shoot at the W Hotel by the pool. I need to get a tan before my trip to Cabo next week!

So I have an exciting photo shoot with Dove today, which I’m really excited about. They hand selected some influencers to be a part of their dry spray campaign, and I was one of the lucky ones chosen, woo!

We have to style three different outfits based on three different colors, and my colors are gold, blue, and moss. I hope the outfits I picked out look cute!


Dress from Verge Girl // shoes are hand painted Kenneth Cole // backpack from Guess

I’ve been digging the summer weather here in January. It means I can wear little dresses like these! We walked to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch yesterday, and came across this cute yellow door. Naturally, I had to snap a pic in front of it since I was wearing this gold mini dress!

Im living up to the nickname that Rudy gave me, Goldie Hanna. Goldie for short 🙂

So This Just Happened!

I can’t even believe it myself! Me? In a hot air balloon? When I’m so scared of flying??

YEP. I went, and it was such an unforgettable experience. This was the Christmas present that Rudy got for me, actually. We had talked about how fun it would be to ride in a hot air balloon and then two weeks later I open a little box on Christmas that has two ”hot air balloon rides with chocolate and champagne”. I opened it in front of my parents and my mom was like ”Nooooo!” Haha.

She was terrified of me going, which actually started to make me terrified. But I decided to get over my fear and went yesterday morning! These are just four of the billions of photos we took, so stay tuned for the ones on my camera.

Happy weekend! xx