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wearing the Parker tee from Montazami Brand [here]

So it’s 2018, and we’re about five days in, so now what?

I feel like this is the time when you start planning your actual goals for the year. Not just the semi-vague New Years resolutions (even if they’re big or small). If your New Years resolution was to travel more, now’s the time to sit down and figure out where you actually want to go.

Well I kind of already led into a goal of mine, which is to travel more. Some new places I want to travel to are Australia, New Zealand, New Orleans, Miami, South Africa, and Amsterdam. Maybe I won’t go to ALL of these places in just one year, but they’re on my list, along with the other places I love that I’ve already been to.

That’s just one of the resolution-turned-goals that I’m sharing with you guys so far, and I’ll be sharing more throughout this month!

Do you guys have any set in stone plans so far?



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jacket and skirt from BCBG // shoes from Via Spiga // socks from Calzedonia // backpack from Louis Vuitton // sunnies from Quay Australia

Hi loves!

Back in LA and it feels good! Today was a complete organization day, and I’m just bareeely finished with my room.  I got two new pieces of furniture for Christmas, so I could hardly wait to get here and put it in my room.  I got rid of a grey Ikea bench on the side of my room and upgraded to a beautiful wooden side table with three shelves.  It’s industrial-looking and gorgeous.  I’m about halfway done decorating it with plants, books, and candles, so I’ll show you guys a picture when I’m finished!

Oh and good news: after not being here at my apartment for a month, somehow all of our plants survived??? SO confused, especially since even when we were here watering them once a week, they would start to die a little bit here and there.  Maybe that means we were watering them too much? Haha.  Maybe I should let them be… I need to brush up on my plant skills.

HELLO 2018!





It’s the second day of 2018, but it officially feels like the first.  Yesterday we spent the whole day in the car driving home, so it wasn’t necessarily ”back to work” on the 1st.  But now it is, so HELLO 2018!

Here’s a couple of more pictures from our trip.  We also have more on the camera but I need to download them on my computer first.  As I mentioned before the snow was kind of crappy so we only ended up snowboarding 2/5 days, but we did other fun stuff like go to the hot springs! We found a secret hot spring spot after about 45 minutes of making the wrong turns and getting lost along the way.  I guess that’s probably why it’s remained so secret over the years!

It’s been pretty much almost a month since I’ve been living down in OC for the holidays, so I’ll be going back up to LA tomorrow and returning to reality.  I’m especially ready to get back at the gym!  I’ve missed it so much.






Happy 2018! I’m so excited to see what this year has in store for us.  We rang in the new year at the bowling alley in Mammoth and it was so much fun!

Did you guys make any new year resolutions?  I have two resolutions: to drink more water, and to focus on keeping positive energy.  Kind of simple, and not too specific!



Aside from the lack of snow and the crappy wifi, Mammoth has been treating us very well! We’ve been snowboarding the past two days, and even though it’s a little icy on the mountain it’s still fun to get out there.  I’m happy we decided on Mammoth for New Year’s Eve.. the fact that I don’t need to deal with any stress about NYE plans is music to my ears.  I feel like every year everyone gets so stressed about the plans and the night itself is so hyped up that it never really lives up to your expectations.  This year I’m just going with the flow and enjoying the night stress free 🙂 What are you guys doing for New Years?

By the way sorry that this is the only photo that will possibly upload, but this is the living room of where we’re staying! Our friend Rudy has a house up here right by Eagle Lodge and it’s ski-in/ski-out.  How beautiful can it get?



We’ve arrived in Mammoth! This was the windshield shot as we drove up to Convict Lake yesterday.  It’s so beautiful up here.  I’m so ready for another amazing snowboard trip 🙂

We’re taking off for the mountain right now, and I’m all dressed up in my brand new snowboarding gear from PacSun!  Pictures coming later 🙂










pajamas are from Ugg // jacket from Urban Outfitters // Christmas tableware from Fyrklövern by Maria Montazami 

Finally my photos are up and runnin’!

We had such a relaxing Christmas, at home in our pajamas all day… just how we like it.  We played games and did our annual ”shitty” white elephant gift exchange, which is always a hit.  Basically we play just like you would a normal white elephant exchange, but instead of regular gifts we buy ”shitty” gifts.  Gifts that you kind of don’t want but you would kind of enjoy having, and that have a bit of humor.  I bought an ugly white dinosaur thing that had a succulent growing out of it’s back (see above).  The best part was it was from Nordstrom and wrapped in a cute Nordstrom box so everyone thought it was going to be a great gift lol.

Emma ended up getting it and loving it, but later we found out that the succulent isn’t even real!!! How shitty is that? Haha.

Emma brought the most creative gift to the exchange though.  She put 9 different gift cards (to different places) in a box, and wrote ”there’s money on one of these cards…. good luck finding out which one”.  SAVAGE haha.

We’ve done this tradition for about three years and it gets more and more funny each year.  It’s so much fun to do with the family or friends!

And To All A Good Night

Still can’t figure out why I can’t upload pictures to my blog but bare with me! It will hopefully be fixed in a matter of hours 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and/or holiday with your loved ones! Our hearts and bellies are full, and we’re all going to sleep with that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling. I can’t wait to show you guys photos from our day!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi guys!

For some reason I’ve been having issues uploading pictures to my blog, so this post will have to do without pics! I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones 🙂

I’m so thankful for all of you, for the ones who have been reading my blog since the beginning, and for the new readers. You guys are the best! I’m wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday!

Right now we’re making hundreds of Swedish meatballs for the Christmas Eve party at Madison’s family’s house. It’s a tradition that we make them every year… everyone loves them! So you bet I’ll be sneaking a meatball here and there all throughout the day 😉

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Would love to hear!







photos by Jessie Ryerson

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