Patent Leather moment

Photos by Ben Staley

Entire outfit from Nelly (this post is in collaboration with Nelly)

I realized I never posted this look from a month or so back! This patent leather skirt though…. I was so into it.  I was totally having a Kim K moment.  I think it would look even more killer with a pair of thin strappy black heels. 

Monday’s are the best for reality TV. We have Vanderpump Rules and The Bachelor so I just watched three hours of tv… probably not anything to brag about haha but I’m hooked! What’s your favorite reality tv show?? Hope everyone had a nice day :)

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Good morning loves!

Today’s Monday, but not really since it’s Presidents’ Day here in the states. Although I have a fitting downtown for my photoshoot on Wednesday so it’s not going to be a full day off. Yesterday we went to girls brunch in Venice and we went home when it was almost time for dinner haha. That’s when you know you had a good Sunday brunch!

I also really want to shoot outfit photos for you guys so I’m gunna fit that in today as well :)

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It’s Saturday night, and I’m feelin’ alright!  We’re going to an “old” themed birthday party tonight so we are pregaming with these blackberry lemon whiskey cocktails.  I think this is the first drink I’ve made myself that actually tastes like a crafted cocktail.  So I had to share with you guys!  The recipe is below :)


2 shots whiskey

4-5 muddled blackberries

a splash of lemonade

juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 shot simple syrup

rosemary for garnish

Directions: In a shaker, add a handful of ice together with whiskey, blackberries, lemonade, lemon juice, and simple syrup.  Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.  Pour into glasses and garnish with a rosemary sprig.


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This post is in collaboration with

Look what came in the mail the other day!  My new Eiffel Tower poster from Sverigemotiv.  When I visited Paris last summer I just fell in love with the city so I decided it was a good idea to have a little piece with me in my home.  I’m still trying to find a good place to hang it up in my apartment (this is at my parent’s house) but I don’t have much space at the moment unfortunately.  I might have to save it for my next place when I move out in July! But isn’t it so pretty?

I’m working with them to give you guys a discount code for 20% off their online store!  Just use code “Hanna20″ at checkout :)

SHOP it here!

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Wearing: coat from Zara // jeans by Shop Redone // Timberland boots from Nilson Shoes // shirt from Zara // bag by Strathberry

In honor of the big storm that’s coming to LA, here’s some photos of me freezing my butt off in Sweden about a week ago!  Man it was cold there.  Some days it was so beautiful and sunny out and I automatically thought it would be nice and warm but I was SADLY mistaken.  How’s the weather there now?

Today I went downtown with my mom and Sara for Montazami Brand meetings.  We found gorgeous pieces of jewelry that we’re planning on adding to the collection… Can’t wait to show you guys!!

I’m off to bed, talk tomorrow lovelies!

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shot by Marcus Gustafsson

Montazami Brand’s latest lookbook, titled To The Land of Wildflowers, is equal parts magical and dreamy.  Our vision for this collection was to embrace femininity and use different patterns and prints to enhance each design.  We created Montazami Brand to design clothes that women can feel beautiful in, and I think this collection aligns with our mission perfectly!  The small details and quality of fabric are two things that we take a lot of pride in, aside from producing our clothes locally in Los Angeles.

We are starting to talk to different boutiques and retail stores now, and things are getting very exciting! This will give our customers a chance to feel our fabrics, try on different styles, and recognize the amazing quality of our clothes.

What do you guys think about this lookbook?  See more photos here


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HAIR.  Sometimes difficult to tame, can be a pain in the ass, and requires your tender love and care day in and day out.  I started actually “taking care” of my hair when I went to college.  To be honest I treated my hair like crap in high school.  One day I wanted purple mermaid hair and the next day I had highlights (applied by my non-hairdresser mom with at-home coloring kits).  Needless to say my hair was not in it’s best condition.  Thankfully my hair was tough as nails so it didn’t get completely damaged, but it was still pretty close.  Once I got to college I started to learn different tricks and tips to keeping my hair strong and healthy.  Over the years up until now I think I have gathered quite a bit of information to give you guys some expert advice on keeping your locks vibrant and in tip top shape!

I curated your questions into a little list of answers that I think are some of my most valuable pieces of advice. Enjoy!

What products do you use?

Shampoo: Color Proof Super Rich (don’t use a shampoo with sulfates because it can dry out your hair and strip the color from a dye job)
Conditioner: Redken Extreme (the blue bottle) seriously the best!!! makes my hair super slinky.
Detangler: Unite 7 Seconds (hands down the best in the game)
Blow Dry Treatment: Kérastase Nectar Thermique (this is for heat protection!)
Oil: Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil (I use this on either damp hair or after I’ve styled it)
Hairspray: Depends on what kind of hold I want but I love Kenra!

How often do you cut your hair?

About every 2 months.  I know I need to make an appointment when the ends are stringy and dry.

How often do you wash your hair?

About 3 times a week. Washing it too much can rid your hair of it’s natural oils.  And if you wash it too much, your hair gets greasier faster.  If this is the case for you, start training your hair by washing it every other day, and then every two days.  Your hair will soon adapt to this washing cycle.  It will be annoying to deal with oily hair in this training mode but it’s so much less work in the long run!  Just throw on a hat and call it a day :)

Morning hair routine?

I take my hair out of my twisty bun (see that post here) and curl it with my T3 curling iron.  Then I work in some Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil and “scrunch it”.

Do you have a secret hair weapon?

Yes and I JUST discovered it thanks to my mom.  It’s a mini hairbrush with bristles.  Sometimes my hair can get piecey and this is the perfect tool to lightly brush your hair with for a fresh touch up and polished look. I can’t find it online but it’s a thin bristle brush which I’m guessing you can find at most beauty supply stores.

Do you have hair extensions?

Nope!  This is all my own hair!

Which curling iron do you use?

I swear by the T3 1.25 inch curling iron.  Find it here


Hope this answers most of your guys’ questions!  Do you guys have any hair tips that you’d like to share?!  I love hearing new ways to keep my hair healthy.  If you guys have any groundbreaking hair tips I’d love to share them in another post 😉

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Stayin’ Alive!

Wearing the Parker tee from Montazami Brand and Timberland boots from Nilsson Shoes (this post is in collaboration with Montazami Brand and Nilsson Shoes)

As you guys know we go out on the boat quite often, and most of the time we cruise outside of the harbor into the open sea. Well it can get kind of scary at times when the wind is high and water is choppy! Today the boat nearly flipped (not really but it felt like it) and it was so scary! I hate when it feels like you have no control…. my stomach sank just like how it does when there’s turbulence on a flight. Anyways we learned our lesson to not go out to the ocean when it’s that windy.. it’s not worth it.

Thank you for your guys’ questions about my hair routine (see my last post). There’s still time to ask some questions if you have any because I will be posting my answers tomorrow. Now I’m off to bed, awaiting a busy and productive Monday! :)

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Hair questions?

Happy Saturday loves!

Lately I’ve been adding a few new steps to my daily hair ritual, and I’ve noticed a complete difference. My hair is healthier, bouncier, and shinier: and those are three things that you always want your hair to be! This is your time to ask me anything about my hair care routine, whether it be “who colors your hair?” or “what is your favorite hair product?” or literally ANY question you guys have :) ASK AWAY!

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Landed in LA

We landed safely in LA! We flew out of Stockholm around sunset so we caught this beautiful view on the way up :) I didn’t get too much sleep on the flight so I’m a little exhausted.  Getting some sleep now, goodnight babes xx

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