You guys know I’m all about the gold jewelry, and I’ve added some good pieces to my collection recently, so I wanted to share.

-My dainty choker necklace is from ByChari and it says “GOLDIE”. This is what Rudy got me for Christmas.. I’m so obsessed with it! He’s been calling me “Goldie Hanna” since we met 🙂 [shop here]

-The little coin necklace is from Les Néréides. I’m actually wearing it backwards, but I switch off! The front side is a deep blue color with the Aries constellation symbol in gold. I picked it out not knowing that, but decided to take that one because Rudy is an Aries, so it works haha. [shop here]

-The big coin necklace is from Ellie Vail. The gold is so pretty. [shop here]

-My bangles are from the Bujukan collection from Gabriel NY. I have four and I wear them all the time! [shop here]

-My purple gem stone ring is from Les Néréides [shop here]

-My petite diamond band ring is from Noemie, [here] (use code HANNA_50 for $50 off)

-My pointer finger ring is from Wanderlust + Co [shop here]



[tights here]

rose quartz roller

summer water wine

laneige sleeping mask

Glossier lip gloss

peachy bath bomb

Happy socks

Brixton beanie

Eggplant bath bomb

sex bath bomb

love boat bath bomb

matching MeUndies

Haha hope you guys like some of my V-Day gift ideas.  I laughed out loud when I saw the eggplant bath bomb.  It would be fun to make a little ”love basket” and put stuff like that in it.  Something for him to open after dinner hehe.  In case you guys wanted to shop any of the items in the gift guide, I linked all of them individually below each guide.

But wait, there’s more.  This is my favorite part of the whole V-Day gift guide…. a PLAYLIST!  I made a hot + heavy valentine’s day playlist that I wanted to share with you guys.  It has a mix of old love songs, songs I like to get ready to, to listen to when I’m alone, or with my babe.  I called it TOI ET MOI (you and me) and you can find it on Spotify here:

This post made me veryyyy excited for Valentine’s Day.  I’m feelin’ the love! Are you?


Speaking on the WWD MAGIC PANEL!

Ummm. Major bucket list moment you guys! Sara and I just got back from a quick work trip in Vegas for the WWD MAGIC Convention. We were asked to speak on a panel about our careers as bloggers and fashion designers, and also about being on Sveanka Hollywood Fruar and Venice Beach. We spoke for about an hour and there were about 40 people in the crowd. The best part was the crowd kept growing throughout our panel, which was a really good feeling. I was nervous that I would choke on my words, but everything was fine! I’m super proud of ourselves 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be getting some professional pictures over the next couple of days from the photographers… I would love to have those!

Our “Staycation” at Westlake Village Inn

Westlake Village Inn

How closeby to your house do you have to be to still call it a staycation? Westlake Village is just under an hour from my place in Venice, so Rudy and I made plans for a quick romantic getaway over the weekend. We were worried about the rain, but luckily it didn’t really interfere with our stay. We had a nice wine tasting at one of their restaurants, followed by a cozy night in the room watching movies and eating pizza and pasta. It was so nice! Just us two lovebirds 🙂

In the morning we ordered hot tea and fresh fruit to the room, and sat on the computer and looked for apartments. The apartment hunt is going okay, we think we might’ve found a good one that we will visit in person this week! The only thing is that the kitchen is outdated… and the bathrooms too. But it’s a great price and great location… should I show you guys pictures of it when I go this week?


our matching undies are from MeUndies, click here to shop!

The day dedicated for lovers and friends is just around the corner! I’m so happy that the meaning of Valentine’s Day has somewhat ”modernized” over the years.  Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated between friends, lovers, family, and anyone you love! No rules.  I feel like there’s also not as much pressure surrounding the holiday either.  A lot of couples/friends like to stay in and keep it casual rather than going on a fancy date, which is sometimes a huge relief.  I remember in college I was so sad one year because I had no significant other, no date, and no girls date planned.  Now I just look back and realize I was being a little dramatic haha.

So whether you’ll be having a hot date with your man, or a fun night in with your galentines, love is in the air.  Would you guys be interested if I did a Valentines Day gift guide, one for your S.O., and one for your BFFs?  The only reason I ask if because I’m not sure if you guys are into giving gifts for V-Day?  My gift guide would consist of mostly inexpensive, cute + thoughtful gifts, nothing too crazy.

Also, I want to know— how are you guys planning on spending V-Day?  Rudy and I will be going somewhere magical together….. can you guess where? 🙂


suit from Amuse Society x Flynn Skye // photos by Chelsea Leogrande

Hi guys!

Hope you all have been having a great week 🙂 Today the rain was coming DOWN.  The thunder was so loud in the morning that my whole apartment shook.. I was low key freakin’ out.  I feel like my apartment is so thin and weak…  every time you close the door the windows rattle… it’s really annoying! It looks like we’ll have rain throughout the weekend though, so I better get used to it.  Rudy and I actually have a little staycation planned for Saturday.  We’re staying at a resort in Westlake, and they have wine tasting, spa, good restaurants, etc.  They also offer bikes to ride but unfortunately I don’t think that will be in the cards because of the rain.  We plan on just relaxing. Bubble baths, movies, wine tasting, and enjoying each other!

Laced Up

Dress: Stillwater / boots: Bellini / purse: the Wolf Gang

my OOTD yesterday was on fleeeek :)I’m so obsessed with these boots. I’ve had them for quite some time now but I’m just starting to wear them more often. Are you guys into tall boots?


This is what my office looked like today…. well at least for the first half of the day hehe.  I shot for the new Flynn Skye x Amuse Society collaboration line of bikinis with one other model in Malibu around the pier.  All of the bikinis are so damn cute… they sit high on the hips and the material is extra soft.  These will definitely be coming with me to Bali in February.  I can’t remember if I’ve already told you guys about my Bali trip?  I’m so excited!  Rudy and I are headed there for a wedding, and we made a 2 week trip out of it.  It’s crazy to think about all of the places we have been together over the past year.  I remember last Valentine’s Day we were headed off to Cabo, and this year it will be Bali!  I’m so happy we share the same love for travel and adventure, and that both of our jobs allow for that!

Quick question: do you guys use self-tanner? I always use Loving Tan, which is an at-home building mousse that I apply with a mitt.  I put it on last night before I went to bed, and washed it off before my shoot this morning.  I’m so happy I did, or else I would’ve been starkly pale.  Some of the filters I used in the above photos make the tan look a little blotchy, but in real life it looks very even and it’s a nice, golden brown color.  It’s a beauty hack for me every winter!


Our day at Disneyland was nothing short of magical! Like usual, we had ALL the snacks, including a clam chowder bowl (that also happens to be all over Rudy’s face haha), astronaut ice cream, pickles, slushies, pretzels, etc. You can’t go to Disneyland and not eat all the junk food, right?? I really wanted DipNDots but I couldn’t find them.. probably for the best though since I have a bikini shoot tomorrow morning!


Bodysuit: MESHKI // necklace: Wanderlust + Co // shorts: Nobody Denim

Hi guys 🙂

Here’s my OOTD from the other day.  I love the ultra thin spaghetti strap on this bodysuit!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend. Right now I’m sitting in line to go see Minnie Mouse at Disneyland! I haven’t been here in awhile so I was overdue for a Disney day. We’re here with Rudy’s family, and he has a 3 year old niece so she’s in absolute heaven… but we all kind of are hehe.