Halloweekend Begins!

Happppppppy Friday!!!

These are a few behind the scenes shots from my shoot today! The team rented out the cutest loft in downtown LA. It was nice to shoot in an actual location rather than just random places outside like I usually do with blog pictures haha.

So, Halloween weekend begins. Tonight I'm going down to OC with Sara for a togas, robes, and kimonos party. I was really set on NOT spending a dime on my costumes this year, so I rummaged through my closet to find something to wear. I grabbed my morning robe, a pink wig, and fuzzy bunny ears and I'm calling myself a playmate haha. It actually came out really cute…. pics coming tomorrow :)

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P1470525P1470596Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.33.28 PM      Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 8.34.04 PM


Hi guys :)

Last week I went to the store opening of one of my new favorite activewear brands, Vimmia.  I actually just found out about their line a couple weeks ago, but I already wear it religiously! I’ve been going through my workout clothes like crazy ever since I started working out so often, so I needed to upsize my collection.

I’m very picky about workout pants in particular, because in my opinion it’s very easy for a pair to be unflattering on the legs and stomach.  Sometimes the design is not well thought-out, the waistline hits at an awkward spot, or the seams cut into the wrong places.  We’ve ALL had that one horrible pair of workout pants that you just hate, that you would never pick out from the drawer, and that ends up just sitting there for a year or two before you finally have the guts to throw it out haha.

That being said, the sets I’ve gotten from Vimmia I really love!  I have the set that you see above, and the pants are so cute on.  Today I wore another set from their line and got so many compliments in my class!  Maybe you guys don’t care that I got compliments on my workout outfit, but I do because I swear I workout 10 times better when I look and feel good.  Anyone else like that?

Click here to see some more styles from their line :)

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IMG_9506      IMG_9504 2

IMG_9508payasa      IMG_9502


my entire outfit is from Pacsun

Who else is getting into the spooky spirit?? I know I sure am.  Today I tested out my panda costume, which is what you can see here in the photos.  What do you guys think?! Maybe I should have added more white to the costume?  Not white face paint though… I’m not that committed haha.

On Saturday I think I’m going to dress up as a joker!  Not the one from Batman, but from the cards.  Black and red, with cool joker makeup like you see above.  I’m going to a club on Saturday so I don’t think I’ll go all out with the hat that jokers are usually known for wearing, because it would probably be annoying to wear on the dance floor haha.

Do you guys know what you’re being?

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dress by MinkPink // bodysuit from Kookai // shoes from Tony Bianco

photos by Mathilde Bresson

Hi angels!

I just got the first batch of photos from my photographer Mathilde, who I shot with a couple weekends ago, and I am loving the photos.  We actually just took these real quick on our walk up back to the car after the photoshoot, and they ended up being some of my favorites from the whole shoot!  The vibe here reminds me of Halloween…. it’s pretty with the white flowers and the black dress.  It’s like innocence and mystery all in one 😉

Speaking of Halloween, what are you guys being?  I think I will be a couple of different things this year, since I have a few events that I’m planning to go to.  One of my Halloween looks I’ll be posting on my Instagram tomorrow.. so make sure to look out for it!

Is it just me or does it get harder and harder each year to find a somewhat not-overdone costume?!  Everything I think of is like been there, done that.  BUT I did come up with a costume that hasn’t been THAT overdone and I’m really excited about it.  Do you guys want to know what I’m being, and possibly see some inspo photos that I’ve gathered for it?

I want to know what you guys are being!!! Anyone have an original AF costume this year?

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Yep, you heard right! We're off to Anna's to celebrate a very early Thanksgiving while her family is in town from Sweden. I would never ever turn down an opportunity to eat Thanksgiving food… and I always love going to Anna's house :)

We just got here so I have to go, but I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

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OM9C1507      OM9C1538

OM9C1556      OM9C1574

OM9C1582      OM9C1528


OM9C1541      OM9C1514

two piece set by Runaway // glasses by RAEN from PacSun // shoes from Bardot // ring from Erin Fader Jewelry

photos by Christian Fang

Happy Saturday lovies :)

I think I have a small obsession with polka dots.  Yesterday I wore a red polka dot dress in the day, and later changed into this adorable polka dot two piece set in the afternoon.  side note: Does anyone else change your outfits throughout the day like I do?? Now that I actually think about it, I think I’m a serial outfit changer.

My friend Christian is in town from Sweden so he met me downtown and we drove to Venice to shoot this look and grab a drink afterwards.   We ran out of time and he had to go to another photoshoot so I ended up grabbing a drink by myself.  I thought it would feel more awkward than it did, but it was totally fine.  I usually don’t like doing things solo (like I would NEVER go to the movies by myself… some people like doing that and I’m like HOW?!) but I just sat and edited some photos on my phone, drinking my spicy mezcal margarita.  It’s the best spicy marg in LA that I’ve had.  Just the right amount of heat and freshness. For it to get me to sit at a bar alone on a Friday, you know this cocktail is no joke.

After my solo cocktail adventure I went to Austin’s to get ready for the Pepperdine Law School ball! We had a pregame first at his place then went to the venue in Malibu around 9ish.  It was fun to meet more of his law school friends :)

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Is Yoxing A Thing?

You might've read the title of this blog post and thought, "hmm, a new workout?! I want to learn more!" or you could've just thought "idk and don't care" but EITHER WAY I'm here to tell you that no, yoxing is not a thing. But I thought it was prior to this yoxing event. FYI yoxing is the combination of yoga and boxing. But it's just that. I thought we would be doing cool moves that were derived from both practices, but no! It was simply just doing a little bit of boxing, then yoga haha. We were all sweating our bootys off.. and the sun was making it that much more intense! But it was fun to workout on the rooftop with my friends :)

We are all wearing Tully Lou, which is an activewear brand based out in Australia. My favorite boxing teacher Josh was the instructor for boxing, and one of the founders of Tully Lou was the yoga instructor. We had a bunch of photo-ops and drank some fresh juices on the rooftop afterwards. It was a great way to start my Thursday morning!

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COCO2579edit copy-3

COCO2713edit copy-10

COCO2617edit copy-5      COCO2586edit copy-4

COCO2667edit copy-7      COCO2535edit copy-1

COCO2728edit copy-13

Processed with VSCO with u1 preset

photos by Coco Biro Photo


I’m feelin’ all the red lately.  It used to be my least favorite color to wear, but something changed.  I used to think it brought out the pink in my skin, but now I think it goes well with my tones.  Maybe because I use self-tanner now haha.

Speaking of red, one of the main things this color represents is strength, which has been a very big theme for me this past month.  Everyday I’m gaining more and more strength to stand up for myself, especially in the work world.  I’ve had my fair share of being taken advantage of, and to be honest I’m SO over it.  As I get older, the less bullshit I can put up with.  Being young and new to the industry that you work in DOES NOT give anyone the right to walk all over you.  I’ve recently been blown away by the situations I’ve found myself in.

I think it’s so important to know your worth.  You know what you deserve and you shouldn’t take anything less.  I’m starting to show more strength in my business endeavors and I can definitely notice a difference.  It’s kind of like a subtle little “don’t f*ck with me” but in a nice, professional way.  More of like a “this is me, this is what I can do, take it or leave it” kind of thing.  DONE WITH THE B.S.!

I know I’m not the only one who has been taken advantage of in the workplace.. what are your thoughts on showing strength and standing up for yourself in situations where you feel you are being taken advantage of?  Leave a comment below, I would love to hear.

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Hanna (1)


Hi lovies!

Oh gosh. my eyesight is getting worse by the day… it’s hurting my eyes to look at the computer screen right now.  I recently did an eye test at the doctors and they said I had 20/40 vision and that I should probably go to the optometrist and get glasses.  I’m really feeling the eye strain right now after looking at the computer a lot today.  I need to make an appointment!

I wanted to tell you guys about the dreamy experience I had at the Burke Williams spa in Hollywood on my birthday.  This birthday I was in the mood to be pampered, so the first thing I made sure to do was schedule an hour massage at their spa.  I’ve been to this location once before for an event, and fell in love with the jacuzzi in the locker room.  They decorated it so nicely with the Moroccan feel.  So of course I had to come back for a full treatment, and to hangout in the jacuzzi!

My massage was absolutely fantastic.  My mind usually gets so stressed during a massage (I know, WHY?) because I’m always thinking “Should I tell them more pressure?” or “I wonder how many minutes are left?” haha.  But this time it was so perfect that I thought of absolutely nothing.  And it was so nice.  My masseuse even added hot rocks and aroma therapy since it was my birthday, so that was definitely a plus :)

After my massage I kept the pamper going and got a pedicure.  They do steam pedicures instead of using water, so it’s very eco- friendly, which I always appreciate.  I just sat there with my cookie flavored tea (which I really wanted to find the name of!) and sat back into full relaxation mode.  And my pedicurist actually did a really good job!  I was really happy with the light pink color.

The next time I go back I think I’m going to schedule a facial, since I’ve heard great things from my friends who have had one there.  Facial and massage sounds pretty good?  And a dip in that dreamy jacuzzi!  For more info about the Burke Williams spa you can visit their website here!

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IMG_2133 (1)

IMG_2260 (1)


IMG_2241      IMG_2247

white two piece by Tigermist // jacket by Mink Pink

The perfect outfit for fall!!!! LOL.

I’m pretty sure the white two piece set I’m wearing is a bathing suit, but it’s also good as an under garment for a see-through dress or something.  And the jacket I cannot wait to wear this season, if it ever cools down.  Yesterday and today have felt like a hot summer day in July.  I’m definitely not complaining though :)

Today I’m home in OC and hanging with my mom, getting some work done for Montazami Brand.  I’ll be here until tomorrow because I have a photoshoot in Long Beach.  Happy Monday!

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