..If you guys have ever wondered what my hair looks like straight….

Oh and I went blonder. I told my hairdresser Vanessa to do more of a golden blonde this time, and I'm really happy with the result. I've kind of always said the same thing to her, that I like golden honey tones, but today I suggested we modify the color a little bit to make it brighter and warmer.

What do you guys think? Or maybe I'm the only one that sees the difference haha. In the photo it looks like it goes darker at the ends but I think that was just the flash doing something weird… let me know if you like!

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Sitting on the steps of a building in Rome.  Don’t remember the name but it was beautiful! pants from Agaci Store and top from Kookai Australia


A cute ceramic store in San Gimignano! I really wanted to get an olive oil holder but my luggage was getting too heavy, but of course now I’m home and I regret not getting it.  Classic.


Fontana di Trevi.  I made a wish with a euro :)


This cute little lady who worked at the leather goods shop in San Gimignano! I bought a purse from her for around 200 euro.  It’s really good quality and I’ll have it for many years.


Inside the Coliseum in Rome! I definitely recommend getting a tour guide that can tell you the history behind it, unless you already know.


My tangerine dress and I in Positano.  The night we closed out the club (we had time to kill) and slept on the beach. The dress is from Sisters The Label.


“World’s Best Gelato” store, 5 meters down from another gelato store called “Best Gelato in the World”.  I didn’t know who to believe so I tried both.  I thought this one won.


Sara and I rented a vespa to ride around in Tuscany.  It was scary as shit in Tuscany… I couldn’t even imagine if we did it in Rome!!! (we almost did)


wearing my Montazami Brand scarlet palazzo pants in Tuscany.  Perfect pants for vacation, seriously.  They don’t wrinkle in the suitcase and they’re comfy and chic. Buy the pants here!


another shot inside the Coliseum


Outside our hotel in San Gimignano.  Waking up and having breakfast with the view of beautiful Tuscany felt like a dream.

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Scenes from the Calzedonia Leg Show

OMG words cannot describe how amazing the Calzedonia Leg Show was last night! It was a huge fashion show to preview the Fall Winter 2017 collection of tights and socks, and boy did it get me excited for fall fashion. I will be rocking tons of tights and fancy socks with heels.

I had no idea what it was going to be like since we got barely any details (Sara and I thought we were modeling in the show, if that tells you how clueless we were haha). I didn't know it was going to be that big of a production. There were bloggers from all over the world, and we were part of the Swedish division.

I'm going to try and find professional photos from the show so you guys can see, but until then, go on my Instagram stories and watch before it's too late!

Now we're boarding a flight back to LA. I'm sad to leave, but I will definitely be back to Italy very soon. Ciao!

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When did I become a stripe pshyco?? It’s all I wear these days.  And I love it.  Even better if it comes in a set.  I was walking around Florence and it was kind of chilly / I didn’t really like my outfit so we walked into Zara and bought a whole new look for the day.  I found this red striped jacket and pants and just had to have it!

Speaking of Florence though, what a magical city.  I love how different the cities in Italy are from each other.  They’re not all the same, and there’s something special about each one.  Each city we’ve been to has a different vibe than the last.  Florence treated us so well, but now we’re off to Verona, to work with Calzedonia!  We really took advantage of this work trip…. with one day of work and eleven days of vacation I’m not sure if it still passes as a “work trip” but whatever hehe.  I’m so happy we did our little tour through Italy!

jacket and pants from Zara // bag from a little shop in San Gimignano


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So the 1st night we arrived in Rome we knew we wanted to do something special while we were there.  I was on the AirBnb app when I saw the “experience” category, so I clicked on it and started scrolling through the options.  I saw a bunch of cool things but the one that stood out to me the most was a pasta making class with a former restaurant owner named Veronica.  Her kitchen looked absolutely gorgeous and the reviews were great so we booked it right away!  It was about $119 per person, which I thought was a little pricey, but I knew it would be a great memory.

The class was around 8 people from all over the world, and we really got to know each other because it was so intimate.  Veronica and her friend Barbara were so sweet and helped us make BOMB Italian pasta.  We made three different kinds: tagliatelle with pomodoro and basil, pesto gnocchi, and sage and butter ravioli.  My favorite was the tagliatelle :)

After making it, I realized how easy it is to make from scratch… I wonder why more restaurants don’t make their pastas by hand?  That small change could make such a difference in their restaurant, and it’s so easy!  I wonder if it will taste the same if I make it back home… I’m sure the flour in Italy is better, but we will see.  I just need to get my hands on a pasta wheel…. but I wouldn’t really want to buy one and then use it once or twice a year.




TA DAAA. Would you guys eat it???

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dress by Faithfull the Brand

I couldn’t be happier that we decided to make it out to Tuscany for a little Italian countryside wine tasting!  What a dream it is here…  I can’t describe how relaxing you feel here.  The people that live in Tuscany on a winery must be so relaxed haha.  Yesterday we went to Tenuta Torciano, which is a gorgeous winery in San Gimignano.  They gave us a tour of the vineyard and we got to try 9 of their wines, from pinot grigio, to brunello, to chianti reserve, to prosecco.  My absolute favorites were the brunello and the pinot grigio.  Yummy.

We got to experience a private tasting/ lunch pairing, and we loved it so much we also stayed for the group tasting.  Gabriel our guide was nice, funny, and informative.  I will definitely go back there next time I’m in Tuscany!  Have any of you guys ever been there?

The whole vibe of Tenuta Torciano is very family-oriented, which in my opinion, adds so much charm!  I’ve wine tasted a bunch in Napa Valley and I’ve never experienced a winery like this one.  We ended up leaving with three bottles of wine to take home to our family and friends so they can try :)  Thank you Tenuta Torciano for the fantastic Tuscan experience!

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pants grom Agaci Store // top from Kookai Australia // Ray Bans 

Hi guys :)

We’re sitting on the bus on our way to San Gimignano! I have to say traveling throughout Italy has been so easy.  I was worried it would be hectic, especially since we’re lugging around our heavy suitcases, but it’s been just the opposite.  We’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes to board a connecting train or bus, and everything’s very convenient.  Go Italy transportation!!

Today it’s a little gloomy with on and off rain, but it’s so charming.

Today’s agenda: wine tasting in Tuscany.

Even though Rome was a little too intense for me, it was still very cool to see all of the historic buildings and sites.   In total we saw the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel.  We did one night out but it wasn’t fun.  We had really good pizza the first night at Pizzeria de Remo (great pizza and so cheap) and we also loved Osteria de Fortunada for dinner (get the Cacio y Pepe and the Ragu pastas!).  We stayed near Campo dei Fiori, which is like a little charming square with restaurants all around.  They have a farmers market in the square daily, with fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruit, smoothies, truffles, pastas, spices, etc.  After walking all around Rome we definitely think that was one of the best places to stay!  We stayed at an AirBnb, and while it wasn’t as clean as our last one, it was still roomy and in a great location.

We also took a a cooking class and it was such an amazing experience, but more on that later!

Talk soon my loves <3

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So as you guys know now I’m in Rome, but these pictures are from our time in Capri!  I really wish we would’ve stayed longer on the Amalfi Coast, but now we know for next time!  We’re cutting our trip in Rome a day early and taking off for Tuscany.  We have organized a day at a beautiful winery in San Gimignano, where we have a bunch of fun activities planned.  I’m really looking forward to being in a small town again.   Rome is a bit too intense for me..

Pants from Faithful the Brand // bikini top from Triangl // shoes from Solsana

Capri was so “homey” to me.  It had so much charm!  People say it’s “too chic” and “bougie” but I don’t think of it like that.  It’s a very small island so everyone knows each other, and the people are so sweet to each other.  There’s beach clubs, boat tours, insane views, good food, and nice people.  That is right up my alley! The only thing I really wish we had time to do is a boat tour around the island and to the blue grotto.  We unfortunately didn’t have time, so we will have to save that for our next trip to Capri!

Some restaurants I recommend are Virgilio Capri and E’ Divino.

Luigi beach club is a must! It’s right next to the famously known Fontelina beach club.

You must get the gelato that is near the town square.  There was the longest line for ice cream I’ve ever seen!  Everytime we passed it we weren’t in the mood for gelato, so I never got to try it :/ but I know it’s good just from the smell and the line!

The cable railway is so easy to take from the port to the main square, and it costs only 2 Euros.

Don’t waste your meals eating at one of the restaurants in the port… tourist trap for sure!


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Well, actually, going against the title of this blog post, you should be in Positano for more than 24 hours!  We went there “for the day” and it wasn’t enough time…. like at all.

Before I start with the recos let me just tell you a little story about our experience in Positano.  We had a veeeery late night the night before we left, and we woke up around noon.  That messed everything up because there wasn’t a ferry from Capri to Positano until 3:30.  So we had to “kill time” and grab lunch in the port, but ultimately we were losing precious time in Positano, because the last ferry going back to Capri was at 6 pm.  So yeah, we would’ve essentially only been there for three hours.  We couldn’t not go, so we just said f*ck it, let’s just do it.

We arrive to Positano at the most beautiful hour, when the sun is on it’s way down and the buildings turn to pastel colors.  Immediately we were so happy we still decided to go.  We headed straight for the Il’Encanto Beach club (the one with those famous green and orange umbrellas) and jumped in the water.  Before we knew it we were on our way back to the port to buy our 6 pm ferry ride back to Capri.

On our walk over there, the owner of a restaurant came up to us and asked where we were going.  We told him the situation and he was like hold on one second.  He tried calling a couple of hotels he knew but all of them were booked.  He told us we would be making a mistake if we left, and that we should really try to find a place to stay.  Two minutes later Sara looks at me and I already knew what she was going to say.  She was like, “Do we even need a hotel??” And being the more cautious sister, I was stating a million reasons why it would be a bad idea to stay without accommodations (staying on the beach, FYI) but in the back of my mind I reeeeally wanted to stay.

After 10 minutes of deliberating and going back and forth, we decided to say f*ck it once more, and stay on the freaking beach in Positano.

Let me just say it was the best decision we’ve made on this trip!  The memories we made and the friends we met made it all an unforgettable experience.  One to tell the kids about.

We met the sweetest people, and ended up staying up all night talking and listnening to music in a cute little Italian beach hut, and ultimately waking up on the sun bed on the beach.  Caught the earliest ferry to Capri in the morning and got on with our travels!







So, here’s what we did and what I recommend:

Beach club: Il’ Encanto.  You don’t really even need to know the name because you’ll see it when you get there.  Sun beds with an umbrella is around 15 Euro. Bring a towel because they charge 5 Euro to rent one, with a 20 Euro deposit (annoying).

To go for drinks: Bucca de Bacco (amazing view at sunset!! perfect place to share a bottle of wine)

Dinner: Chez Black (this is the restaurant of the owner we met!) The ravioli and seafood dishes are amazing, and try the lemon delight for dessert, you will not be disappointed!

After dinner drinks: Fly Bar. THIS IS A MUST. Order the “In My Mind” cocktail if you like vodka, cucumber, and amazingness.

Dancing: Music on the Rocks.  GREAT music and such a fun vibe.

Don’t Miss: watching the sunrise.  You don’t have to sleep on the beach like me LOL but get out of the hotel early one morning and enjoy it!

Good picture spot: Right by the church!  You only have to climb a little bit of stairs from the main area and you’re there.  Go when the sun has just went down.

Aaaaaand that’s all I know because again I was only there for less than 24 hours haha.  Have you guys been to any of these places?



PS my tangerine dress is from Sisters The Label <3

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Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.28.30 AM-2

Am I the only one who stresses out about where they eat on vacation? Especially when I’m in Italy.  You just don’t want to end up eating somewhere mediocre when your meals are limited!  Well I guess they’re not really that limited since you pretty much eat as much as you breathe when you’re on vacation, but still.  It’s something that Yelp has helped me out with tremendously while I’ve been in new places around the world.

Sara and I were craving pizza since we’ve arrived in Italy, but we wanted to save it for Rome and Florence, because we thought it might be better there than the beach towns.  I’m sure it’s good everywhere, but you get the point.  What we really should’ve done is got a pizza in Napoli, since the margherita pizza was born there! We only passed through Napoli to get to and from Capri so it was a bit difficult with the suitcases to find a famous pizza place (that probably would’ve required an extra taxi ride, etc.). All of the Italians talk about how good the pizza is in Naples, so it must be reeeally freaking good.

Today in the taxi we were told the story of how the margherita pizza was first made.  A baker in Naples named Raffaele Esposito once made three different pizzas for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, and the one that she liked best was the one with three toppings: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil.  All of which are green, white, and red, the colors on the Italian flag.  Then that pizza was named the margherita pizza in her honor.  So adorable!

Now we are in Rome, and tomorrow we’re doing a tour of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica, and possibly the Colisseum or Trevi Fountain.  We also booked some very exciting last minute activities for Thursday… Stay tuned :)

Above I’m wearing a light pink tee by Twenty and white ripped denim from Mcguire Denim.

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