Happy Friday babes!

I have an early work day today so I’m sitting in the makeup chair getting my hair done while I write this.  I have tons to do today so I had to bring my laptop to get some other work done while I work ūüėČ

I did a collaboration with Swedish blogger Kenza’s clothing line, Ivyrevel, and we put together a code for you guys to shop on their website for 20% off!  My absolute favorite is the Vega skirt… it’s so glam and it feels so luxurious on the body.

See Hanna Montazami for Ivyrevel here!

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Today was a reaaal driver of a day. Went a little something like this: Marina Del Rey –> Playa Del Rey –> Culver City –> Beverly Hills –> West Hollywood –> Playa Del Rey.  And half of that was during traffic hours haha. BUT even though it doesn’t sound like it, I had a great day.  It was a blogger pampering day, from pedicures to yoga classes to showroom visits!

See those dessert balls on the platter? I almost died when I tried them.  Like I want that dessert at my wedding.  They were THAT good. Whenever my wedding happens I’m having those balls on the dessert table no joke.  They’re from a chef-duo company called Nourish Renew, which is all plant-based and vegan foods.  Everything that I tried I loved!

I have to get up early tomorrow for a photoshoot, so let’s talk tomorrow loves.

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A few weeks ago a Malibu-raised girl reached out to me on my email, giving a little intro about who she was and how she had a small family skincare company that she would love for me to test out.  A few of the things that really grabbed my attention was when she mentioned the line was made from plant-based, natural derived ingredients, it was organic, and it was local.  Before I even responded I took a look at the website for a little behind the scenes research (like I always do with my collaborations!) and I was even more intrigued.

If it wasn’t the packaging that instantly caught my eye it was the overall mission and story about the company.  You know I love a good family company (ahem, Montazami Brand) so I was totally excited to try a few products out.  I emailed back expressing my interest, and she responded with a few questions about my skin, what I want to improve, etc. so she could tailor the product selection to fit my needs.

Well today I received the package and I’m here to tell you guys my first impression.  They sent me the atmosphere protection cream, eyes and lips, argan oil, ocean cleanser, and ocean milk cleanser.  I was randomly excited about the packaging being beautiful glass bottles (love that) but beyond that I was soo ready to try them out.

I tried all of the products except for the ocean milk cleanser, and it was so freaking amazing!  I’m not just saying that either, I have become a huge skincare freak over the past year or two so I’m very picky about what I put on my face.  I like what I like and I stick to the good stuff.  But I can tell you the Osea line will definitely make it’s way into my skincare routine.

Here’s what I love about it so far (short term results):

-the SMELL is like heaven.  It smells like nature and heaven had a baby.  Fresh, plant-y, oceanic, and natural is the best way to describe it.

-everything goes on very smoothly

they’re not sticky!  the atmosphere cream is a tad sticky right when you put it on but it smoothes out a couple minutes after

One thing that I really stand by is using good skincare products!  There can be a lot of icky ingredients like dyes, fillers, and chemical products in some skincare products, so make sure you do your research!

I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like it two or so weeks from now, so I can give you a full review of any changes I might notice.

you can see more of their products here

Lots of love,


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top and pants from Allen Schwartz // jacket from Ivy Revel // bag from Florian London // shoes from Zadig & Voltaire // necklace from Bagatiba

Hi hi :)

Six years of being a blogger will provide you with MANY clothes.  My closet is seeming smaller and smaller, and my clothes are only growing, so I’m getting rid of stuff like every three weeks.  We’re talking trash bags full of clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories, some of which haven’t even been worn once.

Remember that time I told you guys I was thinking about setting up a Poshmark account to sell my clothes?  (For those of you who don’t know what Poshmark is, it’s an app that people use to buy and sell used clothes). Well I did, and it kind of sucks.

At least for me, it doesn’t really make sense.  So I weighed out the pros and cons for you guys, in case any of you are interested in selling your clothes to make a quick buck.

PROS of Poshmark:

  • YOU set your own prices
  • You get more $$$ for your clothes
  • You have the ability to accept and decline offers
  • You can trade directly with other “poshers”

CONS of Poshmark:

  • Time consuming
  • You have to upload a bunch of pictures and information on each piece.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to research online how much your clothing item once retailed for
  • Other poshers can give you lowball offers
  • Poshmark takes a big chunk out of your sales (20%) so just imagine if you’re selling a top for $30, you’re only making $24, and you’ll probably get an offer for $10 less.
  • It takes up way too much of your time! Answering people’s questions, setting up listings, etc.
  • The clothes that haven’t been sold yet are still sitting in your room, taking up space

PROS of Buffalo Exchange:

  • QUICK AND EASY, you’re in and you’re out with a check in 20 minutes
  • They have tons of locations
  • Whatever they don’t take you can leave there and they will donate.
  • you can get 50% of the sale in store credit, and 30% of the sale in cash

CONS of Buffalo Exchange:

  • you get less $$$ for your clothes

So, is it obvious which method I’m leaning towards?  Yep, you guessed it.  Buffalo Exchange for the win.  I just don’t have the time to upload each piece of clothing, price it, describe it, fill out all the categories, etc.  And then on top of that, have the clothes sitting in my room until they get sold?  No thank you!

Today I walked into Buffalo Exchange with three trash bags and left with a check for over $213.  And I was happy to have those clothes out of my room and off my chest!  Whatever clothes they didn’t take I’m giving away like usual :)

So, I’d love to hear what you guys prefer…. selling your clothes through an app or at a secondhand store like Buffalo Exchange?!  Have you guys had any bad or good experiences that you want to share?  I’d love to hear!

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Sister Modeling!

Monday means back to work! This week started off with a sister photoshoot for my friends clothing line, Donna Mizani.  How cool is it to model with your sister? And have completely different looks at the same time. One blondie and one brunette :)

My legs are so sore from standing in those heels all day though.  Steve Madden sure isn’t known for being comfortable, that’s for sure.  My thighs feel like I did an intense workout, and all I did was stand around (for 8 hours though)!

On another note I’m so saddened about the occurrences in Manchester, England today.  All I can think is why? Why and how? How could a human being do such a horrific act and kill so many innocent people.  It’s so sad.  Nowhere is safe anymore.  The world is seeing more darkness every day.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not seeing more light each day as well. Sometimes it’s so easy to give up on positivity when things like this are happening so often, but we have to try to keep on shining light and spreading happiness to those around us <3 

Praying for everyone in this world.

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Breakfast with my Cutie

Tried out a new breakfast spot with Austin this morning! It’s called Lunetta All Day, and they’re only a month old to the neighborhood.  I got the woodfired eggs, with eggplant and kalamata olives, and he got the steak and eggs.  I think I would want to try something else next time but Austin’s was really yummy!

Afterwards we went to the Bungalow for my friend Marila’s going away party.  She’s going to graduate school abroad! I always run into so many people from LMU when I go to Bungalow haha.

Tomorrow I work all day so I’m going to get a good nights sleep.  I wish you guys the best week :) Talk tomorrow!

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Look how cute she is!!

I got a bike and I’m SO over the moon excited about it! I’ve been ranting for so long (too long) about how I want to ride my bike around venice, down the boardwalk, around the marina, allthat fun stuff and now I finally can!

I took it out for our first ride and she rode like a beauty. So comfortable and smooth.  The only thing I get scared about is not having handle breaks. The breaks are actually back pedal breaks, which can be scary if you’re bombing down a hill like I did haha. Sara and I rode until we discovered a cute little Mexican bar, so we stopped in for a cold beer and chips and salsa. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! And it was a great thigh workout when we had to go uphill… sheesh they were burning!!

My bike is from Tuesday Bicycles, top from Morris Day The Label, jeans from Mcguire, and shoes from Adidas from Din Sko

I’m currently laying on the couch watching Impractical Jokers with Austin.  Crazy Saturday night hehe.  Happy weekend loves!

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this post is in collaboration with Calzedonia

blue bikini by Calzedonia

It’s Fridaaaay. ¬†My favorite day of the week. ¬†I just love that feeling that Friday gives you. ¬†You still feel productive because it’s a work day, but you are oh so ready to relax and have fun tonight. ¬†I¬†think today is movie/dinner date night with Austin so I’m excited to spend some down time with him. ¬†This week I didn’t get to really hangout at home with Austin since we had so many events, I was down in OC, etc. so tonight we’ll make up for it! ¬†What are you guys doing tonight? ¬†Is it a relax at home with your dog or go out and party with the girls kind of night?

I had an event this¬†morning and I knew I was going to shoot some bikini looks afterwards, so I had to put on my tan right before the event. ¬†Like right before. ¬†Yes I smelled like tan. ¬†Yes I had to warn everyone “I smell like tan” before they came up to hug me. ¬†Am I really that girl that lathers on the fake tan last minute and makes everyone around me suffer from the smell? ¬†YEP, guess so. ¬†Whatever haha.

The tan I ALWAYS use and absolutely swear by is Loving Tan. ¬†It seriously kicks ANY¬†spray tan’s booty. ¬†And this stuff is applied in the convenience of your own bathroom and it only takes a little more than five minutes. ¬†You can kiss the days of putting on your tight jeans on your freshly spray tanned (still moist) body goodbye. ¬†And then sitting in the car like a cricket trying to not rub your tan on the¬†seats…. what a nightmare.

So do I recommend Loving Tan?  YES.

Is it the best color?  I definitely think so!

Am I going to do an at-home tanning tutorial for you guys?  YES.

Pictures or video? VIDEO.

WHEN?! Next time I go to OC, I’ll¬†film it in my moms gorgeous bathroom. My bathroom here in LA is just not photo-worthy, hence why you guys have probably never seen it here on the blog haha.

Remember the photos above is me with the tan BEFORE I’ve washed it off. ¬†It may look a little extreme / blotchy in some areas but that will smooth out once I shower. ¬†Then I’m left looking like a beautiful bronzed hot dog. ¬†But for real I actually look like a hot dog in the picture below haha.


#ad #ItalianBeachwear #Calzedonia

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Hi hi :)

So a new Sephora opened up at the Westfield Century City Mall and it is where all makeup dreams come true. It is a tricked out Sephora. Like you haven’t seen a Sephora this good before and that I can almost guarantee. Maybe in New York?? Everything’s bigger and better in New York haha.

But we’re talking computerized beauty classes (you pick a category and they literally show you step by step how to correctly apply certain makeup), huge location, and a great setup. I was too sidetracked by the ahi tuna appetizers so I didn’t have time to sit down and browse through the beauty classes (I wonder if they’re free?) but I’ll have to go back and see what it’s all about.

The event was hosted by a few of our friends at Locale Magazine.  I wore my shiny gold duster and new white cowl neck tank top from Allen Schwartz.  I swear this gold duster is a compliment magnet! Everytime I wear it, I at least get around 15 compliments, from both girls and guys.  I call it the ego boost duster.  If I’m ever feeling insecure all I need to do is throw it on, go in public, and wait for the compliments to roll in haha. Not trying to be cocky at all, because who doesn’t love to be showered with compliments sometimes?

More outfit details: jeans: Shop Redone // shoes: Steve Madden // purse: Strathberry // top: Allen Schwartz // gold duster: House of Harlow x Revolve // Maria necklace by Montazami Brand

Talk in a bit! x

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Rough Day

Top from Donna Mizani // jeans by Storets // belt by Lovestrength // Sara’s bag haha (don’t know the name of the brand)

Today was rough… we found out about a HUGE production problem for Montazami Brand. The pants that I was SO excited to release are now all ruined and unusable. Our production team messed up all of the grading, so everything was 3 times smaller than what it should’ve been.  I could barely even get the size Large over my hips…. 

I’m so bummed. The pants will hopefully be replaced (if we can find more of that same material) but still it was a huge waste of our time and money.  We will never work with that production team ever again!

This kind of stuff happens sometimes, especially when the design and production process includes more than 1 party.  But every mistake can be turned into a lesson, so I always take away something positive from a negative situation.

On another note, I didn’t get the hair commercial job.  Haha this hasn’t been the best week, but it’s definitely not the worst! I’ll just keep trying.  There is so much opportunity here in LA, which is a big reason why I moved here. Just keep trying until you get where you want to be!

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