Living in Paradise

How did I get so lucky to live in such a beautiful place like this?! I literally walk out my door and have this as my backyard. Feeling very grateful for this beautiful life 🙂

I felt a little hungover today after going out last night, so I went to the gym, went on a sunset beach walk to try and get back to normal. I think it was because we had a couple of Fireball shots…. that shit is so sugary! I might have to just stick with tequila when it comes to hard alcohol haha. Tequila and mezcal are my favorites!


OMG what a little few changes can do to your space!  Sara and I updated our living room with a few new plants, one for the corner next to the wet bar, and another for underneath the bookshelf by the hallway.  I’ve always dreamed of having a fiddle leaf fig tree.. they give the space a clean, stylish look.  We weren’t really sure which plant we were going to buy for underneath the bookshelf, but we found this one at the nursery and fell in love with it.  The employees at the nursery said it’s been around since the dinosaur ages, and that it’s very low maintenance.  Sounds like the perfect plant to me!  We bought a cute little stand so it has some height 🙂

We’re planning on selling the furniture that doesn’t go with our coastal Moroccan vibe we want.  Right now everything is a bit busy with the mirrored furniture and that random turquoise side table.  I want more coastal / rustic / fresh / Moroccan if that makes any sense haha.  The rug is a bit too red for me and I think it throws off the vibe, but it’ll stay there until we find another one.  It’s a really nice rug so it would be kind of sad to get rid of it.  Who knows, we’ll see if it stays or not!

Do you guys like our new plants??  The little one is named Jared, Jer for short.  We’re still thinking of a name for the fiddle fig…. any ideas?


AHH this makes everything become so much more real!  My best friend Amanda is getting married in less than three weeks so we are DOWN TO THE WIRE.  I just picked up my bridesmaid dress and went straight to the tailor afterwards to get it fitted perfectly.  I think Amanda did such an amazing job picking out the dress. The color is so beautiful, the shape is elegant, and it’s in a very comfortable stretchy and slinky material.

As far as alterations go, I’m sure you guys can see the obvious things that needs to be done.  I need to take in the sleeve so the top of the dress fits tighter on my boobs and take off a couple inches from the hem on the bottom.  I’m also taking in the waist a tiny bit to get rid of that loose wrinkle.  Hopefully everything will be fixed by next week!

What’s your favorite color bridesmaids dress?  I’m loving this light silver / lavender color so much!


tee: Montazami Brand [here] // pants [here] // hat [here] // sunnies [here]

I’ve been super into earthy tones, and more of a basic sense of style lately.  The pieces in your closet that never really go out of style, and that always look good.  My favorite closet staples are loose, white button down shirts, fresh white tees/tanks (we have sooo many amazing tees from Montazami Brand!), a good pair of high-waisted light blue denim jeans, white and black converse, and anything in earthy colors!

I’m going to start wearing more of that style from now on, but I could never give up fun and colorful dresses every so often 🙂

Today I’m going to the DENTIST!!  I was flossing my teeth the other night, and the floss got stuck on the bonding behind my front tooth and it completely flew off!  I saw it fly into the air and I could never find it… It felt really weird behind my tooth, especially since the tip of my tongue rests on that specific area, but today I’m getting it fixed.  I had bonding there because I chipped my two front teeth on a granite countertop when I was younger… it was PAINFUL haha.  I’ve had to keep redoing it over the years because it happened when I was in 2nd grade.  I’m really not looking forward to this appointment though because I feel sooo uncomfortable when anyone works on these two front teeth!  Wish me luck 😐


I’m having an obsessed moment with this bodysuit and I’m spilling the beans why, right now.  Not only is it super cute and flattering, it’s actually COMFORTABLE, and reversible.  It’s like a superhero of bodysuits.  I think this way is cutest in the front but when you want a more simple look, you can switch it around and wear the tie up corset in the back.  It’s a thong, so no granny panty lines here.  Does anyone still make bodysuits with granny panty lines?? If so, please stop!

Another thing this magical bodysuit has is removable straps, when you need a tube top to achieve your look.  IS THERE ANYTHING THIS BODYSUIT CANNOT DO?! Hehe 😉

You can see and shop this bodysuit as well as other cute pieces I’ve been wearing lately all on my Foray profile!  Just [click here] to see my collection, and [click here] to shop my store!


Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday 🙂 I’m starting this morning off with some editing tips!  I recently started editing and creating my photos a little differently, trying to get less of the yellow tones and busy backgrounds.  I’m trying to go for bright whites, pale blues, and more earthy/cool tones.  A huge part of my editing process for Instagram is the VSCO app.  I recently upgraded to VSCO X, which is basically like having Lightroom on your phone.  There’s SO many filters and you can adjust the color settings (HUGE help to get rid of too yellow/orange tones).  The only thing is that it’s $19.99 per year but I think it’s definitely worth it!  It is for me at least 🙂

I can definitely see a difference on my IG feed, and I like it way better.  Everything looks a lot cleaner than before!  I also started ”painting” the whites whiter when there’s a lot of white background in the photo.  I go to Facetune and ”whiten” the areas that might’ve gotten yellow from the filter I used.  I did this on the two photos with the turquoise shutter and the pic of me wearing the one piece bikini surrounded by palm trees.

What are your best photo editing tricks?? 🙂


A few looks from my photoshoot with the Stylist LA!  Which look is your favorite?? I think mine is the long red señorita dress 😉

Good morning guys! I had an early start today, which felt good after a weekend of relaxing.  I’m about to leave my parent’s house to go back up to LA.  I have some exciting things happening this week— tomorrow I’m going on a podcast!  Peter from the I Love Success podcast asked me to guest star on the show, so I’ll be meeting him in Santa Monica.  He’s Swedish, so I’m assuming we’ll talk about my journey from being on Svenska Hollywood Fruar to blogging, to starting our clothing line Montazami Brand.  I’m not sure which specific questions he’s going to ask me so I can only guess, and prepare for those! It shouldn’t be too scary 🙂  Have you guys heard of his podcast?



Look at my cute little handyman! Rudy took on the job of building a new gate for my parents house. The one we currently have is worn down and literally looks like someone took an axe to it, so it was time for a new one.  He spent almost 3 hours at Home Depot making sure he got every piece to build it. He’s such a cutie!

also, this is the first bouquet of flowers he’s gotten me 🙂 I was wondering when I would get flowers from him… it’s only been 7 months haha 😉


I love the colors in these photos… magical blue water, white foamy waves, and bronzed skin.  Looks like all of the ingredients of summer 🙂

I’m SO sorry for the blog being down the past few days… I had no idea what was going on but I guess the server was down…  But, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because we are BACK!  Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Yesterday was a big day with lots and lots of driving, but Sara and I figured out a lot for Montazami Brand’s future style.  We’re going to be narrowing it down to a certain look, and I think you guys will really love it.  I can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store… 🙂


When I made Rudy stop the car, pull over, and take a photo of me in front of this beautiful truck and flower backdrop!  Definitely worth it 😉

Hello friends! This picture makes me want to move to Laguna Beach!!  Well, at least after about 1 or 2 more years in LA.  I love living in Venice but I also crave being closer to Rudy and my family.  I find myself more and more in Orange County, and it doesn’t help that my apartment rent will be raised next month :/ Right now marks 1 year of living in our apartment… I can’t believe how fast time flew!

Sara and I are both feeling an urge to change up our style in the apartment as well.  We want to get rid of the mirrored furniture we have and swap it out for light wood, bright whites, and tan colors.  A little more beachy, Moroccan rustic. My room currently looks like two different styles so I need to simplify it!  It’s harder to achieve the style you want when your bringing old furniture with you.  My style has changed so much from before!