Tonight was a very special night for Austin because he was invited for dinner at the house of the Dean of Pepperdine Law School! After he got accepted a month or so ago, there has been multiple counts of thoughtful gestures from the school, and it seems like such an amazing place already. It feels like the family-feeling and community presence is so strong, which I think will be great for Austin to be a part of. A couple weeks ago austin got a sweet introduction letter from the dean and his wife, along with a beach towel to “prep for Malibu life”. Then he was personally invited for dinner at their house, and I got to be his plus one! There were only like 3-4 other prospective students there tonight, so it felt really intimate.  

We went around the table telling a bit about ourselves, and had some great conversation over Mexican food.  The campus is stunningly beautiful and sits on the hills of Malibu overlooking the ocean. I don’t think Austin would mind spending a good amount of time there!

I just want to say congrats to Austin for following his dreams and working so hard. Go cutie!

ps. do you like my new Pepperdine Law tee? 😉

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Work that doesn’t feel like work = the best kind of work to do! Today we shot for a beautiful dress line called Josa Tulum and I got to work with such a great team.  The people who you work with and choose to surround yourself with can truly make or break any experience! I’m so thankful to have met those great humans today :)


I’m going to Sweden on Wednesday! We’ll be there for my cousin Emilia’s graduation, and then we have something exciting planned in France! I’m soooo excited. It’ll be just my mom, Nicho, and I, but Nicho left today to spend a few days there with his friend from home.

I have to start packing because I have a photoshoot lined up on the day before I leave. What’s the weather like? I’m hoping it’s the beautiful Swedish summer weather <3

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So yeah, I went boxing for the first time and it was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had.  The whole vibe when I walked into Box N Burn was so on point. Blasting rap music, people fighting in the rings, and a ton of pepped up trainers welcoming you as you walk in.

It was a full hour workout with a bunch of different exercises like box jumps, squat ladders, ropes, lunges, punching bags, and being in the ring with the trainers. It was so intense but so much fun and very exciting! I definitely want to go back!

Thank you Box N Burn and Varley active wear for a perfect sweaty morning!

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One thing I’ve always been a little self-conscious of—- well, I don’t really want to say self-conscious, more like just annoyed about it— is some of the hair on my body and face.  I don’t like my sideburns, the hair in between my hairline and the sides of my eyebrows, and my happy trail. TRUTH.  I mean, who wants a freaking happy trail in 2017? There was even an area in the middle of my chest that bugged me because the hairs became darker as I became older.  It was cute and I didn’t mind it when it was blonde, but when it started to go to the dark side I just wasn’t into it.
So, I’m guessing most of us girls, and guys, have some areas on our body and face with unwanted hair.  Hair in areas that you’re just not comfortable shaving with a normal razor.

Que the solution……

TINKLE mini razors.

I ordered these babies on Amazon a few weeks ago and I’ve been staring at them since they’ve arrived, because I started to get a little nervous about trying it out.  I was nervous about cutting myself more than anything.  Before I opened the package I had to do some research.

I go to type into Google “How to…” and then I was thinking hmm, what do you even call this? And then I typed in Tinkle and quickly realized I just typed “How to tinkle” in Google haha. LOL.

So i took to Youtube and watched some videos on how to use it, and it looked so easy.  So I tried it.

YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF HAIRS THAT CAME OFF MY FACE.  Seriously you guys it was insane.  I had to call Sara to come in my bathroom to see for herself.  If you guys are like me and you have deep satisfaction in stuff like this, you would definitely enjoy this process haha.

Besides butching up one of my sideburns, I did pretty ok.  Everything looks great except for the sideburn that looks like a 3 year old boy coming home from a haircut.  It’s actually really bad now that I look at it.  Austin was like OMG what did you do.  Whatever, it will grow back… it was my first sideburn and I was learning.  

I ended up doing it above my eyebrows and lip, my chest, my happy trail, and my cheeks and sideburns.

Before I did this my skin was smooth and peach fuzzy feeling, and now its like a baby’s butt.  I love it!

So you’re probably wondering WELL IS IT GOING TO GROW BACK THICKER?!?! And the answer is no.  It grows back the same, it will just feel different because it’s growing back blunt instead of having fine ends.

 Sooo yeah. Have you guys ever done it? I’ve actually had it professionally done (pointless because you achieve the same result as a DIY treatment, but you probably won’t end up with a botched up sideburn which is always a plus) but from now on I’ll definitely do it myself!

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shorts: McGuire // tee: Day Dreamer LA // belt: Lovestrength XO // jacket: Rails // shoes: Missguided // bag: Salar

So…. this is awkward.  I used to hate bermuda shorts with a burning passion and now 10 years later I’m wearing them with heels in Venice Beach.  If you told me I would one day like bermuda shorts again I would’ve never believed you, but again, here I am.

Fashion changes just like we do.  Trends go in and out, they get popular and then suddenly become disgusting.  That’s what the case was for me and my bermuda relationship.  I wore them when I was a pre-teen (LOL at that sight) and thought they were the cutest things ever, then thought they were absolutely hideous two years later.

The ongoing hate continued until about last week when I picked this pair up from a PR showroom in West Hollywood.  It was like a lightbulb went off when I held them up.  The outfit just came to me in my head, so I had to get them.

I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel weird to wear them, but I’m definitely a fan.

I’m not sure if I would wear them without heels, because my legs would probably feel like tree stumps if I wore flats.  So I’ll pass on the bermudas with slides look.


Sara and I went to look at a new apartment today!  We’re currently looking on a few housing apps and I found it this morning as I was scrolling through the list.  It’s in Marina Del Rey and it is beautiful, but there were too many deal breakers unfortunately. The apartment was facing another building, there was building construction EVERYWHERE (horrible noise), and it looked like an older crowd living there.  It was nice and the location is obviously fantastic, but it’s not for us.

The search continues……

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YEP, that’s right. I froze my little butt off today and I liked it. I thought I would be the LAST person on this planet to enjoy cryotherapy (I hate cold, I love hot), but it was actually so refreshing! I tried it today after my boxing class (post about that coming soon) with my friends Hailee and Ella.  

So what is cryotherapy you ask? It’s a chamber of liquid nitrogen, or in some cases, refrigerated cold air, that drops below -200 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is COLD. 

What do you do? Well, first you strip down to nothing except for the long socks, mittens, and rubber booties that they provide you. Once you enter the chamber, you remove your robe and stand there naked for usually two minutes. My chamber was open at the top so I was able to speak with the girl who worked there as she handled the machine panel.  It wasn’t unbearable at all, in fact I actually really enjoyed it.

But the best feeling came AFTER I was done with my session. The employee took the temperature of my body and it said 57 degrees Fahrenheit…. which is usually supposed to be around 98 degrees. But damn did I feel refreshed! It was the perfect thing to do after my intense boxing class workout. I felt energized and recharged.  Some people I’ve talked to say that afterwards they felt intense heat waves going through their body, but I didn’t experience any of that! It might depend on a variety of factors like if you’ve trained that day, what you ate, etc.

Scientific evidence supports that it helps with arthritis, fibromyalgia, lesions, injuries and imflammation.  Although there isn’t much scientific proof, it is also believed to help with weight loss as well.

I would definitely do it again at that studio! I went to Renew Juicery (it’s actually a really good juice and almond mylk bar with a cryotherapy area in the back) in Culver City. The girls who work there are so sweet and informative.

Have you guys ever done cryotherapy? Did you enjoy it?

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My Day in IG Stories

I’m sorry for these screenshot photos but I thought it could be fun just this once haha. It was a little hard to take photos today since I was shooting all afternoon, and working on the computer for the remainder of my time. I modeled for Lovestrength XO and Swirl Boutique down at the Balboa Island Fun Zone in Newport.  There were a lot of cute looks so I’m excited to see the photos :)

I’m so excited to just have the day to my self tomorrow. I have no shoots planned, just boxing in the morning and then I have the whole day to sit at a coffee shop and get work done on my laptop. We’re finalizing graphic tee ideas for Montazami Brand and other fun stuff!

Ps. Thanks to everyone who ordered from Montazami Brand’s three day sale!  We love every single one of you <3

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Memorial Day Weekend

Jeans my McGuire // top from Donna Mizani // shoes from Indigo Rd. 

Hi guys!

Sorry I wasn’t able to update the blog yesterday, there was a problem with the server! But I’m back here now :)

I had so much fun this weekend with friends, celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.  Yesterday we celebrated my friend Sam’s 24th birthday, and then we went to Manhattan Beach for a little  pool party action.  Today it’s crappy weather, but we’re still down on the boat barbecuing with family and friends! 

What’d you guys do this weekend?

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New Makeup Look

tee by Day Dreamer LA
When you leave a 5 hour photoshoot only to take more selfies in the car… haha. I guess I was just really feeling my makeup?

I’ve completely revamped my makeup routine, not sure if you guys can tell but I made it more glow-y and natural. I really got inspired from the makeup artist who was at one of my photoshoots last week. Also, I decided I want to get a half set of eyelash extensions.  Key words here are “half set” because I do not like when they’re too fake looking.  I used to be so against them but now I’ve seen them done right and I really want to try.  I just want to have that flirty “natural” eye.  I actually hate the look of thick black mascara! Like, it’s not cute and so 2004.

Hope you guys are having a nice sunny weekend! I see you Swedes are FINALLY getting some sun!! Soak it up :)  

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Hi babes!

It’s that time of year!!! Graduation station :)

What are you wearing this year?  Haven’t picked out an outfit yet?  Well that’s why I’m here to give you a little inspo for your big day!  Here are two styles that I chose from the Bubbleroom selection of dresses and jumpsuits.  They’re both completely different looks, because who said we all have to look the same celebrating our graduation?

Get the white jumpsuit here

the beige satin bomber here

the nude heels here

and the long blue tie up dress here

Every piece I’m wearing in the photos above are all under 500 SEK!  Click the link below to see all of the beautiful dresses and pieces they have up on their website.  I also definitely recommend the shoes I’m wearing.  They’re mega comfortable and very flattering on the leg!


this post is in collaboration with Bubbleroom
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