I’m so devastated for all of the destruction that the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, and the Camp afire in Northern California has caused.  Over 175 families have lost their home in Malibu, and some have even lost lives and loved ones.

There are still many people that need supplies, clothing, water, and help in general, so if you want to donate, I will link the website below! You can specifically select the category “California Wildfires” and donate a custom amount. Thanks so much for your help!!!


Venice Beach Launch Breakfast!

What a DAY! Sweden has been treating us very well so far. Today was our “big” day, since we had our Venice Beach launch breakfast in the morning and the Calzedonia / Intimissimi event at night. We napped in between but we’re still tiiiiired.

This morning we got to meet some of the other girls on the show!!! We’ve been waiting to meet them… it doesn’t feel right to not know the other girls on the same show as you haha 😉 We met Julia Bailey and Lina Cedmer and they are the cutest!!! We were all laughing together the second we met. I’m excited to see them back in Venice… where it all began LOL.

At the breakfast they showed the third episode, which airs next Tuesday.  It was the episode where we went down to Mexico!! Woohooooo! There’s a very funny/embarrassing story that comes along with that, but you’ll have to tune in and see for yourself!! 🙂


Another batch of photos from my fav photographer Champagne Victoria! (outfit is No Rest For Bridget)

Hi guys!

Right now I’m sitting in the airport lounge, and boarding time was 1 minute ago….. hehe.  Sara and I are off to Sweden to promote our new show Venice Beach [click here] and to attend some events like the Calzedonia / Intimissimi store opening, Swedish Idol finale, etc.  It’s going to be a fun work trip!!

I hope everyone who watched yesterday’s episode loved it!  I’ve only heard amazing feedback so far so that’s a good sign 🙂

Talk soon x




I can’t believe it’s already premiere day! The first episode of Venice Beach is now LIVE on tv4play.se!!  I’m feeling all kinds of nerves right now… mostly happy nerves though 🙂 I think it’s natural to feel a little bit nervous when you put yourself out there like this, but I think/hope you guys will like it!

The show is very fun spirited, and you’ll see a lot of the sisterly relationship Sara and I have.

Tomorrow Sara and I are taking off to Sweden! We have some events and interviews scheduled throughout the week to promote the new series 🙂

Let me know what you guys think of the first episode!



You know the ”secret project” I’ve been talking about the last couple of months??  THIS IS IT!  Sara and I are part of a new reality series called Venice Beach!  I’m so excited for you guys to get a deeper look into our lives and get to know us on a more personal level, beyond the blog.  The show is about different Swedish girls living in Venice, and it’s a vlog-style show.  There was no camera crew, just us and our old school video cameras.  I’ve been carrying around that camera for the past few months… it’s going to be weird not having it with me all the time!

The show is produced under TV4, which is a Swedish TV network, and it will air on tv4play.se each Tuesday and Thursday.  It premieres next week, and I can’t wait for you guys to see!! We filmed a lot of fun things.

All of the girls speak Swedish on the show, so Sara and I are the only ones speaking English haha.  Swedes are so great with English so I think most will understand, but for those who don’t, there’s subtitles! We’ve never met the other girls on the show, but we’ll be traveling to Sweden next week (to promote it) and we’ll meet them there 🙂

I’ll be posting about the show here on the blog, maybe with a discussion or review after each episode?  Let me know your thoughts!  I want to incorporate the show into the blog in a fun way.

So now the question is…. WILL YOU GUYS WATCH?! 🙂


shirt and skirt from Storets (couldn’t find this one on the website, but [click here] to shop similar! // bodysuit: We Are HAH [click here] // shoes: Superga [click here] // bag: GiGi New York [click here] // glasses: Iorane [click here]

photos by Champagne Victoria

Hi all!!

On my last trip to Paris I came to the realization how great it is to travel with sets of clothing.  It makes it so easy to pull together a look!  It’s perfect for the girl who isn’t that great at packing coordinating outfits, but also loves to look cute on their travels.  This set I’m wearing is from Storets, and they always have tooons of cute skirt and jacket sets.  Now that it’s fall/winter season though, I’ll probably stock up on some pant and jacket sets.

On another note, I have some exciting news for you all… very soon you’ll be finding out what ”secret project” Sara and I have been working on the last few months!  This is MAJOR.  I really hope you guys will get excited about it.  Along with that, we have a new Montazami Brand collection coming out within the next two weeks!  Things are movin’ and groovin’ and I can hardly contain my excitement!!


Hi guys!

Hooe you all had an amazing weekend! Did you celebrate Halloween this past weekend, or are you planning on celebrating this upcoming weekend? I celebrated this past weekend, and dressed up both nights. The first night I was Zorro, and the second night Rudy and I did a couples costume of one of my favorite movies, Overboard. Have you guys seen that movie from the 80’s? Apparently not that many have seen it because I was stuck explaining our costume all night haha!

These photos are from last week, when Sara and I went to a lunch meeting with our friend Kiana, who took these photos. Sara and I might be partnering up with the tequila company she works for, so we were discussing the ways in which we can work together (over a margarita of course) 🙂

OUTFIT DETAILS: pants: Show Me Your MuMu // hat: Brixton // bodysuit is old! // shoes: Bared Footwear


photos by Jessica Prowitz

Outfit details: tights: Calzedonia [similar ones here] // belt: Chanel // bag: Chanel // boots: [here] // dress: The Fifth Label

This is from the other night at the T3 Micro event at Nobu Malibu!  You guys know I’ve been using my T3 Micro hair curling iron for about 4 years now, and our love affair is still going strong.  I also only use T3 hair dryers (unless I’m traveling and there was no room to bring it in my suitcase).  I’m honestly such a fan of this brand and all of the products I’ve tried from them.  I use the convertible curling iron, which comes with different size and shape barrels that you can switch around, but I’ve only ever used the 1.25″ barrel size, which you can buy on it’s own.  I’ll link it below!  I know my hair looks a bit crazy in the above pics, but I think it was from the moisture of the beach wind haha.

We had a fun girls night filled with good sushi, wine, and laughs.  We pretty much missed the sunset (the sun is setting sooo much earlier now that we’re in the fall season) but the view was still stunning.  A lot of the events Sara and I go to are starting to offer Uber codes, which has been a huge help for us.  If we Uber to events we can work from our phones in the car, and we’re able to have a second cocktail at the event.

[Click here to shop the curling iron I use]


Hi cuties!!!

i just got a batch of photos from my Paris trip (!) and here are a couple of shots from the first shoot day.  The outfit is from No Rest For Bridget, and the photos are shot by Chanpagne Victoria (obvi) 😉  I definitely want to go through all the photos once I have them, find the best ones, and add them to my modeling portfolio. Paris really assured my love for modeling.  I usually do e-commerce modeling, but my passion is for lifestyle modeling.

Champagne proposed a really cool idea to me while we were on our trip.  This winter she wants to set up some studio shoots with makeup artists, stylists, and a cool, editorial theme for each. I’ve always wanted to do this! Photo shoots with out-of-the-box creativity.  I really hope we go through with it 🙂



photos by @sayjay.a

Last week Sara and I went to a pilates class in support of breast cancer awareness (October is breast cancer awareness month) hosted by a super cute local brand Show Me Your MuMu, B4BC, Suja juice, Theragun, and Studio MDR (one of the best pilates studios I’ve ever been to!).

We sweat for a cause, but also learned a little bit from the girls at B4BC (before breast cancer) about the importance of checking your boobs regularly, and how to distinguish between fibrocystic tissue, and a ”lump”.  The rubber boobs you see in the photo above has examples of each, so we could feel what to look out for.  The boob with fibrocystic tissue (which is a regular thing for women to get during their cycles) felt like little tiny bumps of fat that you can press down on.  The boob with the ”lump” felt like a frozen ball, very stiff and hard.  This would be the one that would cause concern.  The importance of checking regularly is because if you catch it early on, women have a much higher chance of surviving!

We’re currently at $2,115 of our $4,000 goal, so if you guys would like to donate, you can [click here].  No pressure, just if you want to!  Even if this post makes any of you think about checking your boobs more regularly, I’m happy with that 🙂