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I’m also having a candy contest on my Instagram so make sure to check out my latest post for more details!


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Candy Girl

If you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m a sucker for sweets. Is there any other way to end a good meal than a little chocolate and coffee treat?! I usually don’t like coffee flavored candy but I like these since it’s just the coffee been covered in chocolate :) If I’m feeling sluggish I can just pop a few of these in my mouth and start feeling like the Energizer Bunny. Now that’s a dessert I can live with! I also like how they’re super small pieces so you can have just a little…. or a lot hehe.

There’s two flavors: cinnamon and truffle… but cinnamon is my fave.  If you’re wondering where you can get them, you can find them at Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven in Sweden :)

Right now I’m doing a collaboration with Candy People to celebrate their release of these Talanda candies, and what better way to do it than a CANDY GIVEAWAY! I’ll be posting the contest on my Instagram tomorrow so make sure you remember to enter! All you will have to do is tag three friends and tell me why you would share 100 bags (YES 100 BAGS) of these delicious chocolate coffee bean sweets :)

Okay now I’m craving chocolate and I already brushed my teeth…….

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My Favorite Salad in the World

There’s very few (and I mean very few) salads in this world that are savory that I love. Usually I need both sweetness and nuttiness to offset the boring green leaf flavor.  But this is a true exception! Every time I’ve eaten at The Ivy, I’ve always got the same thing: the grilled vegetable salad with grilled shrimp. You can tell their ingredients are fresh, and it’s fills you up but keeps you feeling light at the same time. I highly recommend it if you ever eat there! And the bread…. ohhhhhhh the bread!!!! But that’s a different story 😉

Now Sara and I are off to an event in WeHo! 

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I Got That Festival Feelin…

There’s nowhere I feel more comfortable modeling than outside and in the sun!  That is when I get in the ZONE, and I feel like it comes across in photos (trying to make this not seem like a cocky comment and more of just my opinion haha). This is for a shoot that we did last week for Montazami Brand and East n West Label.  We’re putting together not one, but TWO jam-packed Coachella giveaways! I will hit you guys with more details on that later, but just know that something fun is on the horizon :)

I’m off to bed now, talk tomorrow!

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A Little Birthday Bling For Austin!

Looks like Austin’s set on his ring collection! He added two more to the party today.  Our favorite silver jewelry store is a place called The Great Frog, with locations in LA, NYC, and London, and they were right across the street from our brunch spot so we planned to go in after we ate. 

So Austin and I have the matching soaring eagle rings, then he has two from his sisters and then two more from me. I think they all look so good on his hands! I bought him the spider haha (part of his late birthday gift). When we got home I was like shit I actually just bought you a tarantula ring, and in reality I freakin hate spiders. But I think it looks so cool on him and he loves it so that’s all that matters :)

What do you guys think?!

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Hot New Workout (literally)

Look at all these hot babes I worked out with last week! We tried Hot Pilates for the first time, which I never even knew existed? But it does! And I like it way more than hot yoga! I’ve been doing hot yoga off and on since high school, so I’ve tried a bunch of different studios both in LA and OC, and I haven’t liked any of those classes more than this one. It’s Pilates on a mat, and the room is heated to a comfortable temperature (this past week I went to a hot yoga class and the teacher set the temperature WAY too high that I started to get dizzy and it completely affected my workout.  I had to leave the room twice because I could barely breathe… it should not be like that!).  The temperature at Hot Pilates was perfect because it was hot enough to get you sweating but not hot enough to interfere with your workout.

We were all there for an event with Varley, which is an activewear line that all of us are wearing in the photos! They have super comfortable and cute pieces.

The best thing about the event was that we got a free month at this studio! So excited about that, especially before Coachella season haha.

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Band of Gypsies


romper: Band of Gypsies // hat: Brixton’s Womens // boots: Matisse

Good morning angels!!  (that just made me think of Charlie saying that in Charlie’s Angels… tbt)

How are you guys today? Well it’s Friday so I’m assuming we’re all doing a little bit better than yesterday :)  The sun is out and I just finished my breakfast, fresh berries and banana slices with two poached eggs– and a bite or two of Austin’s oatmeal.  He always asks if I want oatmeal and I usually say no, but by the time he sits down with a hot bowl of oatmeal and berries, it sounds so f***ing good.  You would think I would’ve learned by now to say yes when he asks, but that’s just not the case.  I think he makes a little extra for “himself” because he knows I’ll be taking a few extra bites hehe.

Ok enough about oatmeal, and more about this white romper from Band of Gypsies.  I love the shoulder detail… it’s looks especially good with a nice tan.  But it’s perfect for the beach, going down to the pool, out for lunch, etc.  It’s cozy and airy, which is exactly what you want when the weather starts to heat up!

Hope you all have a great start to the weekend <3

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Pop of Color!

Top: Winona [here] // jeans: Shop Redone // shoes: Missguided // bag: Aevha London [visit their site here]  this post is in collaboration with Aevha London


Spring has sprung and this season is better than I remember!  We have so many beautiful green hills and blooming flowers because of the rain, and I know I’ve said that like 1000 times here on the blog but I can’t get over it! Mind you everything in Southern California has been pretty much brown dirt until now… so it’s exciting!

With the change of the seasons comes the change of your wardrobe.  I’m starting to wear more whites and bright colors, which is such a relief from wearing black all the time. This past Fall and Winter I was wearing a tad too much black and I got SO over it.  I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I’ve been adding a ton of color to my daily looks. It’s so much more fun to experiment with a little color! Something that makes you stand out. Like this beautiful orange bag from Aevha. It’s so perfect for Spring, what do you guys think? Aevha actually just launched their Kickstarter campaign, where pledgers can get one of their new collection pieces at the start of the season for over 50% off with free worldwide shipping! If you are interested you can see more info here :)

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Current Skin Saviors

The latest and greatest of my skincare regimen. 

You guys know I’m always testing out new skincare products and I only tell you about the ones I love and use every day. 

This La Prairie line intercepting duo cream is seriously life changing. I’ve only been using it for about a week or so and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the fine lines on my forehead, which has always been one of my insecurities!  My skin feels not only much smoother and softer, but more youthful. This duo comes with Day cream (SPF included of course) and a night cream.  They are both phenomenal and I highly recommend it! It’s a little pricy but I think your skin is worth it.  I’d rather spend money on good skincare than a handbag….. that handbag may go out of style but your skin is with you forever!

The second thing I’ve been taking are these Ritual daily essential vitamins. They are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals that most women are not receiving enough of in their diet. They help fight aging, improve mood, maintain energy levels, and protecting the skin.

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The beautiful Bella Skirt and black and silver Moonlight choker from Montazami Brand!

Get the skirt here and the choker here

We’ve had the most beautiful blooming flowers here in California because of all of the rain we’ve had recently. I seriously can’t stop staring at all the pretty greenery around the roads when I’m driving. I’ve been used to flat, dry, and brown dirt surrounding the roads and freeways for so many years now. Austin makes fun of me because he says I’m always sayin “look how green everything is! Look at the pretty flowers!” Haha but I just can’t help it!  I think it’s crazy how much can grow with just a little bit of rain.  The plants have been so deprived of water during our drought so they’re probably happier than ever now that it’s over. I really want to go to a huge field of flowers and take photos. Now is seriously the best time to go!

This is one of my favorite pieces from Montazami Brand, the Bella Skirt. The fit is so good! I’m wearing size Small. It has a knee length slit in the middle and it’s slightly longer in the back :) Perfect for spring and summer!

Shop Montazami Brand here!

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