First off, I’m sorry for being M.I.A. The past couple of days, I’ve been so busy trying to get organized for the move…. which was TODAY! Last night (Friday) I was up until 3 am packing up my entire room into boxes, and then we rented a U-Haul this morning. It was just Rudy and I doing all of the moving, so I’m pretty burnt out as you can imagine haha. Also, I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Like I need to Marie Kondo the sh*t out of the stuff I already Marie Kondo’ed. Multiple rounds of letting stuff go. It doesn’t feel good to have too much stuff, I’d rather have fewer things that I love and cherish. The clothes and shoes are just the hard part. Whenever I’m going through my belongings, it helps thinking “someone else can use this more than me” and the item usually lands in the giveaway pile!

This is such an amazing new chapter for us and I’m so excited to move in and get everything situated. And don’t worry about Sara and I, we think it’s going to be better for us anyways! I’m soooo happy she’s staying at our place in Venice, because it would be too hard to say goodbye to that spot! I’ll be over all the time when I have work or anything in LA, but this time I’ll be the guest hehe.


I brought about 10 different bikinis with me to Bali– first because I knew I was going to be living in a bikini the entire trip, and second because I. always. need. options.

I brought two new kinis from Indigo Swimwear, a company I just recently found out about through one of my friends in college, and they were my go-to’s for the trip! The fabric is 100% regenerated nylon, which is made from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste.  Cool, right?  It was really sad to see so much pollution on the beaches in Bali.  I think Bali became so popular so fast that they didn’t have the proper resources to dispose of the high volume of trash from all of the tourists visiting.  Also, throughout Bali you will see beautiful little palm leave squares on the ground, which are religious offerings.  From what I saw, they were usually filled with flowers, tobacco, and food of some sort.  Unfortunately sometimes the ”food” was plastic-packaged candy/crackers, which probably end up in the ocean as well.

I traveled to Bali about 7 years ago and I noticed the pollution then, but it has definitely gotten worse since.  That’s why it’s great that companies like Indigo Swimwear, who are environmentally friendly, exist!  It makes me proud to support them…..And not to mention the bikinis are just my style (high on the hips, slimming, comfy material, and cute colors)!

I’m wearing the Amelia Top and Bottom in Goldfish and the Sophia Top and Bottom in Olive.

Shop Indigo Swimwear here!



postcards from Canggu

Hi guys!

Rudy and I are about to board our flight back home! It’s so bittersweet. We had such a great time on vacation so we’re sad to leave, but we’re so excited to go home and move in together!

Talk soon 🙂


Why does my pizza look 10 X bigger than Rudy’s? Haha… whoops! Ate every last bite. This pizza was the bomb. Definitely adding this place to my Bali guide.  We are now about to go to sleep after a long day of exploring Canggu, which was surfing, walking, eating, and shopping mostly. We are getting completely munched on by mosquitos since our villa has shutter doors that have openings. There’s so many 🙁

Tomorrow we go home! We have a long day of traveling… I just can’t wait to be in my own bed!!


We’re moving in together!!! We got the place we wanted in Dana Point! We are so excited about this next step in our lives 🙂

If you guys remember in my recent post, it’s apartment 1 (the one on the golf course). I think we’re going to be so happy there. Our move in date is technically tomorrow, but we will actually be “moving in” during the month of March.

I seriously cannot wait to decorate! I’m going to be very strict with the decor. My rule is to not bring anything in I don’t like. I want to create a place that feels like our sanctuary. Stylish and simple. Natural tones. Wood textures, whites, natural beige, black. And plants! Tons of plants. Luckily Rudy has a green thumb, so he can plant some herbs in our backyard patio.

We already have so many fun ideas for this place, and I can’t wait to see it come to life! We’re still deciding what exactly we want to do with the second bedroom… office or guest room? Or my second closet / office? We will see!

Slice of Paradise

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan gave us the perfect day today. We sat on the beach, scootered around the island to different spots, and I watched my babe surf 🙂

I was so excited (he was probably more excited) when we found out that he could rent a surfboard at one of the beaches we were at. Rudy hasn’t been able to surf as mush as he wanted to on this trip, so he was extra grateful for today. Me, I just enjoyed the heat and the beach (a little too much because I have a sunburn).

Tonorrow we’re off to Canggu! Our last stop before going home. I can’t believe we’ve been here for two weeks! My body is struggling a bit (I always have bad digestion while traveling) so it will be good for me to return back to my normal routines haha.


Today’s spot in Bali was at Roosterfish Beach Club in Uluwatu! It’s part of the hotel we were staying at, and they have free shuttles bringing you down every hour. We were bummed we only had one night at the Renaissance! It’s a little tough to only stay somewhere one night… it’s too much traveling and too little time actually enjoying the area you’re in.  We decided next time we book a trip we’re having a 2 night minimum rule at each hotel!

The food here was bomb… we got fish tacos, icy chilled king prawns, and red snapper ceviche. Everything was so dang fresh!

My bikini is from Vitamin A. I love the print and color, but I always go back and forth between whether or not I like high waisted bottoms on me! I have big hips so I’m not sure it’s very flattering… I tend to like the skimpy bikinis better on me! What’s your favorite bikini bottom style? Mine is the high rise Brazilian (low in the middle, and then hiking the sides up to the hips, kind of like 80’s style).

We just got to Nusa Lembongan and we’re about to head out for drinks and dinner. Muah!


Hi guys 🙂

We just made it back to Bali after 2 nights in Jakarta for the wedding.  The wedding itself was gorgeous, but Jakarta itself was a little hectic.  It didn’t really feel like vacation.  But we’re back in our favorite place and so ready to enjoy the next week here.  We just checked into probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at, called Six Senses in Uluwatu.  We’re here for the next two nights, so we’re going to enjoy every moment.  Rudy’s in the shower now, I’m just waiting for him to finish getting ready so we can go get dinner at one of the restaurants.

I wanted to share with you guys basically the only 3 hairstyles I do in Bali.  It’s SO hot and humid here so I can’t even BOTHER with my curling iron.  I shouldn’t even have brought my hair dryer, since all of the hotels have one in the rooms.  So I basically brought those two hair tools for nothing haha.

I actually like when my hair gets beachy wavy/curly from the humidity, so the hairstyle I’ve been doing most is half up / half down. My hair’s really thick so when it’s humid, it can look frizzy, so I just pull those pieces back!  It’s really cute to tie a bandana around the hair tie to dress up your look.

The easiest hairstyle I do is the messy twisty bun.  This also waves my hair (and makes it less frizzy because I keep it compacted in the hair tie).

My ”crazy” hairstyle is the space buns.  You do need a comb though to separate your hair evenyl! The only bad thing is that this style starts to hurt my head after about 5 hours LOL.

Okay Rudy is ready so we’re off to dinner… talk soon!


This is my ballerina moment! I just needed to point my toes a tad bit more 😉

As you can see the sunset tonight in Seminyak was very romantic. We ran down to the beach and danced in the reflections until the sun went completely down. You know when you just know during a certain moment that you’ll always remember it?! This was one of those moments!

Rudy and I have been an on early bedtime / get up before sunrise schedule the entire time we’ve been in Bali, and it’s been SO great. We have so much time in the mornings to get shit done before we start our day. I wish it was always this easy! Tonight is our last night in Seminyak before we go to Jakarta tomorrow morning for the wedding festivities. We were talking tonight about how we need to start training ourselves to stay up past 9 pm so we don’t fall asleep at the wedding haha. Maybe we will take a nap before the ceremony to make sure we’re energized 🙂


An oversized white button up shirt will never go out of style in my eyes! I feel like everyone should have at least one. I think I have 20, but I wear all of them, and to me they’re all different haha.  I’m obsessed with the one we designed for Montazami Brand [see here]

Today we kept it easier than yesterday.  We woke up early (4:30 am haha) and worked on the computer + drank coffee in bed until about 8 am, when we went to the gym.  We got a good workout in (or at least a good workout for being on vacation lol) and then ate a yummy breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Ubud jungle.  We were bummed knowing we had to eventually leave the Viceroy!

We chilled by the pool for a bit before our foot reflexology massage at noon.  Have you guys tried foot reflexology before?  Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock because I just found out what it is.  Rudy was reading me the different spa treatment options and when he read this one I almost freaked out.  I alwaaaays ask Rudy to squeeze my feet, and this is basically the professional version of feet squeezing, with some great benefits.  Foot reflexology is known to help with blood circulation, anxiety/stress, stimulation of organs, improved energy, etc.)  They basically apply tons of pressure to certain areas of the foot but it feels SO GOOD.  It’s like a mixture of squeezing, pressure, and massage.  I felt like a new person walking out of that spa.  Ugh, I want more!  Now I’m super intrigued about reflexology…. can I get it on my hands and head?!  For some reason my hands, feet, and head love intense squeezing pressure.  Anyone else?!