My Nephew Eli!

Oh my gosh can I just squeeze those cheeks forever?! How cute is my little nephew Eli. We had a boat day today so my half sister Leila came down with her husband and this little one. And she’s pregnant with another one!! We all thought it was going to be a girl but apparently the doctor was wrong, so it’s a boy! This will be her fourth child, so she’s going to have her hands full, but we’re all so excited for another one.  I love being an auntie :)

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Pocketful of Sunshine

I swear it was the most bizarre thing…. my friends and I were on our way to Taylor’s Malibu beach house and literally the whole drive were in thick grey fog that looked like it was only getting heavier by the second. After 45 minutes of driving in the fog (and traffic) we arrived to her house, and find that it’s in a little pocket of sunshine! It stayed like that the entire day… and when we left, three houses down was when the fog began haha. It was so crazy!

My friend Mariel is visiting from Mexico so we had a nice day barbecuing and playing fetch with the dogs on the sand. It was a perfect Saturday!

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jeans: 1 Denim // bodysuit: Kookai // shoes: Tony Bianco // bag: Florian London // necklace: Caroline Svedbom // bangle: Sophie by Sophie

Hi guys!  Happy Friday! I have to do a super quick post right now because I have to leave in 30 minutes for a dinner with my girlfriends, but here’s what I looked like today for the Nudwear brunch!  I felt brighter than the sun haha.  I think you could definitely spot me from 3 miles away in this bodysuit.  It’s such good quality though…. and a great fit.  And new favorite pair of jeans alert!!!

talk tomorrow<3

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DL1961 Denim SS17 Launch Event at The Nice Guy

I am drooling over this top and jeans from the DL1961 Denim SS17 collection! The one arm sleeve is genius on the classic white button down. I paired it with my Hermes belt and some thin strappy heels. I kinda wish I re-did my makeup and hair (my hair was so knotty and I applied more makeup onto my day makeup instead of re-doing it haha. Lazy.)

The event was at The Nice Guy in WeHo, a restaurant so famously known for its celebrity sightings.  Paparazzi were taking photos of me because we got out of a big black SUV haha.  It felt great haha.  I wanted to act like a celeb and do the classic looking down and holding hands with bae paparazzi photo but I thought that might be a little much haha. Overall fun night though! It was hosted by Sofia Richie and Jasmine Sanders (Golden Barbie) and the drinks were sooo good. Tooooo goood….. haha. 

Going to sleep now, goodnight!

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IMG_2316 (1)-10







pants: Storets // top: Related // bag: Meli Melo // sunnies: no idea!! sorry lol.  All I know is that they were cheap // shoes: NA-KD // bralette: East n West label // diamond necklace: Emma Israelsson

I was mixing half 50’s and half St. Barts vacation vibes today.  Who doesn’t love a flowy white pant?  Especially one with big-ass slits on both legs to show off your tan.  This was my get up for a meeting Sara and I had with a marketing agency we are working with on a trip to Santa Barbara next week.  We met at Kreation in Venice Beach and talked over coffee about the type of content we want to produce with their photographer and videographer team.  We’ll be the two influencers visiting a cute boutique hotel and exploring Santa Barbara and all it has to offer.  We planned a ton of adventures, shoreline horseback riding (which I HOPE we end up doing!), bike rides, paddle boarding, sunset hikes, and so much more.  I’m so excited!

Since there will be a videographer, I’ll have the entire trip documented on video, which will end up on my Youtube channel! YAY.  The wait for my Youtube reboot is soon over haha.  Thanks for being so patient <3

Right now I’m going to finish up some emails and work on Montazami Brand stuff for the rest of the day, but talk soon!

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Model Behavior

Hi guys! How’s your week going so far? Mine’s good, I’m super busy this week with work and events, but that’s what I love. I love having different jobs because it makes each day unique and it keeps everything exciting! Between blogging, Montazami Brand, and modeling here and there I’m always occupied with something :)

Today I modeled for my friend’s clothing line….one of the photos above is from the shoot! It was actually supposed to be at a rented house in LA but the location fell through so we ended up just doing a studio shoot. I think it turned out pretty good! I’m exhausted though…. off to bed before my meetings tomorrow!

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Making Corn :)

IMG_1541      IMG_1542


Today’s lunch was all vegetarian… actually all veggies to be exact! We had grilled corn with sautéed mushrooms and it was the  I know it sounds like that lunch is missing something– like quinoa or chicken– but it was all very satisfying and made me stay full for awhile.  Definitely going to make this again soon! But on another note I really want to get this stove grill after using it today…  the corn tasted like it was straight off the barbecue!

Now I’m back in LA, watching my Monday night TV.  The Bachelor, Vanderpump Rules, and Summer House.  Are you guys watching any of these shoes?  My favorite is Vanderpump! So much drama but so so good to watch haha.

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Tonight was so special for me because both Austin’s parents and my parents got to hangout together! They’ve all met before, but only in party settings, so it was nice to just see them bond a little bit. Austins parents had a box suite at the Ducks hockey game so I was so excited when they extended the invite out to my mom and dad as well! There was tons of good food and cold drinks… we had the best seats in the house! The Ducks lost though…. before the game started Austin and I both predicted a score that was so way off haha. I said the Ducks would win 3 – 2 and they actually lost 1 – 2. Bummer!! 

Off to bed now, ready for a productive Monday :)

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My Favorite

This is from that place I was telling you guys about. How good does it look?!! I crave it almost everyday. They have the best foods and best ingredients hands down!

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bikini from Tavik Swimwear

This is what I wish ever Friday looked like! After our morning workout I answered all my emails, ran a few errands and then did what I do best: sit in the sun.  I wanted to lock in this tan before it gets cloudy tomorrow.

What did your Friday look like?! Any fun plans? Talk soon!

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