Twilight Skirt

Skirt: Storets // top: Fifteen Twenty // boots: Matisse // choker: Missguided // high-waisted undergarment: East n West Label

Hiiiiiiii guys!

So I hate how it takes like three days to get back to normal after Coachella. I’ve just been feeling like crap ever since yesterday.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign that I had a sore throat a few days before Coachella weekend. Now after lack of sleep and dust in my ears, throat, and lungs, I feel like laying in bed all day…. like until Friday. BUT that’s out of the question so let’s not even daydream about that! This girl’s got work to do.

Hmmm let’s see… what can I do to put my recovery process into hyper speed? I’m thinking about booking a massage… or trying cupping? Not sure if I’m down for those bruises though!

But guess who came to visit today?! My mom came up to LA and we filmed at our apartment. Talk about forcing that hangover away! It was super stressful to make sure everything was clean because we got back at 8 pm last night, but it was kind of a blessing in disguise because now everything is spic and span and I got to see my mom :) Tomorrow’s our last day of filming Swedish Hollywood Wives season 11 so we’re going to lunch with the film crew right now for a little bonding time!

Talk soon xx

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Thank you Coachella!

It’s time to go, after such a great weekend! We had another great year at Coachella, but now I’m ready to go back home and get back into the regular routine.  The wifi reception has been so bad here all weekend! 

Here’s a look inside our last day, with my French braids and big hoops.  I wore my double purse harness from GG Maull which was perfect for the festival and super different from the standard cross body bag. I’ll be putting together a compilation of all of my Coachella photos and posting them on here within the next couple days!

Special shoutout to Erikam White (the blonde in the photo above), who’s a blog reader that I ran into yesterday! Love running into you guys :)

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See Thru

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Day 1 Coachella DOWN!

Another day 1 Coachella is in the books! I had such a great time so I’m so ready for the craziness of day 2.  Yesterday I saw Glass Animals, the XX, Travis Scott, and Dillon Francis. They all put on a great show but my favorites were The XX and Dillon Francis.  Austin and I always listen to the XX in the car so I knew so many of their songs to sing along to!

I wore a mesh t-shirt dress with a bandeau and high waisted shorts with my Doc Martens. Simple and comfortable :)

Today we’re going to relax by the pool for a little bit until we go to the Revolve pool party.  More photos coming!

Oh and PS have you guys entered ourWeekend Two Coachella giveaway?? Montazami Brand has partnered up with a few of our favorite brands to put together an awesome bundle of festival essentials worth $700. Go to my Instagram to enter! Winner will be announced on Sunday.

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The Desert Files

Top: Pacsun // skirt: Storets // boots: Doc Martens // choker: Storets 

We’re here in Palm Springs and we had the whole day to shoot some looks, so I’m a happy girl right now. This is the first look, half gothic half school girl haha.  I think it’s so refreshing to change up your style from day to day. I’ve done that since I can’t remember and I never get bored with what I wear :)

Tonight we’re going to a Jamie XX concert at the air museum here in Palm Springs. Then tomorrow’s the first day of Coachella! Talk tomorrow :)

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Brunch before we hit the road

Two piece by Just One Answer // shoes by Din Sko

How cute is this two piece set for spring?! I’m swooning over the color and floral print. It’s the perfect outfit for brunch, and that’s exactly where I wore it to today! We were invited to a Storets brunch at the Mondrian hotel in WeHo to kick-off the Coachella season.  

We went to brunch with our Coachella stuff packed in the back of the car because we wanted to hit the road straight from there. It took us about two hours of driving but we made it to Palm Springs! We’re staying at Austin’s house like we do every year :) 

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Tonight Austin and I went to see the British musician, Sampha perform at El Rey Theater in Hollywood. The concert was amazing! He sounds exactly the same in person. My favorites of the night were “Too Much” and “Without”. Some of his other songs that I would recommend checking out are “Like the Piano” and “Happens”.  Do any of you guys listen to him? If so, what are you favorite songs?!

Coachella is only a few days away and I leave tomorrow! Are any of you guys going?

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Coachella Prep!

Time is flying so fast! There’s so much for me to do and so little time. I feel bad for uploading phone pics two days in a row but I promise I’ll be uploading tons of fresh content from this week and Coachella!

I already bought my desert shoes and got my nails done, but here’s what’s left on the Coachella to do list:

  • Coordinate my outfits (do you guys want to see a sneak peek of my looks or should I keep it a surprise??)
  • Buy body paint 
  • Apply another layer of Loving Tan
  • Shoot all my looks on Thursday out in the desert 
  • Costco run
  • I need a mophie! My phone dies so quickly and I lost my mophie that I got for Christmas :( so bummed about that
  • PACK

But more importantly I have a TON of work stuff that I need to get done before I leave on Wednesday. 

So you know how I was debating about selling my clothes on Poshmark? Well I didn’t have enough space to keep it in my room anymore so I took it to Buffalo Exchange and sold a few things.  It’s kind of the quick and convenient way to do it but obviously you don’t get as much as you would if you sold it on your own… All of the stuff they didn’t buy I’m giving away to friends and donating to Goodwill like I always do :) In the future though I think I’ll use Poshmark for all of my nicer items.

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My Cute Parents

Look how cute my parents are! I love them so much :) I’m so thankful for everything they do for us… from my mom’s always happy attitude to my dads endless support and goofiness. They are the best!

I’ve been sick all day with a booming headache.. I can’t wait to go to bed and hopefully wake up feeling normal again.  Tomorrow is going to be a full day of work and cleaning up my apartment! I need to get everything situated because we’ve been so busy lately and our apartment is looking like a mess.  Mess no more by tomorrow!

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I’m so heartbroken over the events that have happened today in Stockholm. Sweden has always been a safe place, for me and I’m sure for most people, and today that was shattered by a heinous act of terrorism. This is heartbreaking! I feel so sad :( It happened so close to home… my friend Cassie was about 5 minutes from the attack and the location was actually where we celebrated the launch of our perfume a few months back in November.  I’m so sorry for the people that lost their lives, and for all of the people who lost a loved one. Praying for this world<3

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