You guyssss. I have the most sensitive stomach! Whenever I travel or change up my diet, my insides freak out. I can barely fit into any of the clothes I brought…  and I’m just walking around feeling so uncomfortable.

France really messed everything up with all of the delicious cheese and bread that I ate, but now I’m back in Sweden and my diet is going back to normal.  No bread, no pastries, no pasta, you get the deal. Today I’ve kept it clean and light with two soft boiled eggs and natural yogurt in the morning, and shrimp salad for lunch with a smoothie as a snack. Hopefully eating right will help my stomach issues.

We just finished lunch at NK and now we’re going back to the hotel to chill until dinner time. Does my life revolve around food??? Looks like it.

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It Was A Bad Connection 

No but seriously my wifi has been so shitty on this trip. The wifi in France was bad enough, and now I’m not even getting a good signal in Stockholm! The room I’m staying in must be a weird zone that has crappy wifi. And that’s the reason there are no pictures in this post!

We don’t know how to spend our free day tomorrow…. should we walk around the city? Go eat near the water? Meet up with friends? We’re thinking all of the above! It will be hard to choose only one or two restaurants to eat at while we’re here, but I’ll be back soon enough anyways :)

I’ll post another blog in the morning with some fun pictures. Talk then!

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Hi guys!

Ahh the wifi is so crappy here at the hotel, it’s so hard to upload photos. I hope it’s okay with just this one of my mom and I from yesterday!  We had another amazing day here in La Rochelle, and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you guys :)

Tomorrow we’re headed back to Stockholm! We have one full day there before we head back to LA.  The commercial my mom was going to film has been postponed, so we have the whole day to do whatever.  Talk soon xx 

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This Charming Little Town

The towns with the most charm always seem to have the worst wifi….. haha. The internet was down last night so I wasn’t able to post, so this is coming from a girl who woke up in the middle of the night!

I had so much fun with my mom and Nicho today.. seriously I laugh so hard when I’m with them! We explored downtown La Rochelle, complete with my favorite pistachio gelato, a little shopping for Nicho, and tons of café hangs. I’ve been to this town three times now so I have a good feel for my way around, so it was nice to show Nicho, who’s a first timer.  Sometimes I forget how big the language barrier is though… it can get really frustrating at times. Do any of you guys feel this way?  I guess I’m just used to people knowing basic English, and that’s definitely not common here! 

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Off to France!

Feelin’ cool and taking off to France right now! We’re flying from Stockholm to Paris, and then we’ll be taking a bus from Paris to La Rochelle.

My overalls are from Guess and my turquoise bag is from Salar Milano

We’re ready for some fun adventures!

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Airport Hotel

We’re having such a good time here in Sweden so far! My mom, Nicho, and I are a great travel team. We almost died of laughter today haha. I think we are delusional from the jet lag so we’ve been joking around the whole day, crouched down laughing like crazy.  That’s the best kind of laughter!

We’re here in Stockholm staying the night at the Clarion airport hotel and we are so pleasantly surprised at how great of a hotel it is. Amazing vibes as soon as you enter through the doors.  We ate dinner at one of their restaurants called Kitchen & Table, which overlooks the airplanes landing and taking off.  

I feel so uncomfortably full though…. I’ve been eating almost uncontrollably these past two weeks for some reason. Of course right before we film a TV show haha.  

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Hanna Lei

Wearing Dazey LA

I just got the photos back from the shoot we did in Long Beach this week! They are so good! These flower leis totally pulled together the look.

Yesterday we celebrated my cousin Emilia’s studenten (graduation) here in Malmö. I’m still gathering all the photos from everyone, but I’ll post them soon :)

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Oh how I’ve missed Sweden… especially in the spring/summer time.  It feels so great to be here. We’re here for my cousin Emilia’s student graduation, to hang with the fam, to do a TV show in France, and to do some work in Stockholm as well :)
We had a really smooth flight (which I’m SO happy about) and the food on the plane was so damn good. Before we boarded I was talking so much crap about the food on the plane, and of course this time it’s amazing haha. Almost ate the whole thing. We had short rib and risotto for dinner and lox and bagels for breakfast!

Now we’re hanging out at my aunt’s house in Malmö, doing some preparation for the party tomorrow.  I cut up a bunch of melon as you can see hehe. Her apartment is so Swedish and cute!

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Bomber jacket by Ramy Brook // suitcase by Raden

Sitting in the business lounge with my mama! We’re grabbing a quick bite (and a glass of wine) before we board the flight. I try to eat a lot in the lounge so I don’t feel starving when they serve the yucky plane food. Even in business class, Norwegian doesn’t have the best food. And don’t get me started on the movies. They change their movie selection I think twice a year. It’s reeeeally annoying if you fly with them frequently haha. I’ve seen the whole list of the last selection, so let’s pray they have some new ones!

We are landing in Copenhagen, and then we’ll drive across the bridge over to Malmö. Wish us safe travels! You know I’m nervous but I’m trying to be tough haha. I’ll talk to you guys when I land!

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One of the Bosses

Have you guys EVER seen a pug drool like that? It was INSANE haha. His name is Sarge, and he lives at the house that I was shooting at today! We did a collaborative photoshoot with Montazami Brand and a few other woman-owned clothing and jewelry lines. It was a successful day for the boss babes (I’ve been surrounding myself with entrepreneurial women this year.  Not only is it a huge source of inspiration but you can learn so much from each other! I’ve met so many great people with good contacts in the industry I work in).  Maybe I’ll do a post on that soon…. surrounding yourself with the right people to benefit your business.

And just like that I’m off to Sweden tomorrow with my mom! Nicho is already in Stockholm with his friends but he’ll be meeting us in Malmö.  Getting really excited for the trip :) Talk tomorrow loves.

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