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Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics but I have to share a little bit about the surprise party my family threw me last night for my birthday!

I would love to say I was completely surprised, but I wasn’t haha.  There were a couple of clues that led me to believe something was going on… Sara and I had blowout appointments at Drybar, and she left early to go to a marketing event with Diego, but I accidentally left my makeup bag in her car, and I needed it to get ready for dinner with Austin later that night, so she had to drop it off at the house real quick for me. Right as I was coming home from my hair appointment I see Sara in her car pulling out of her street, so I roll down my window and she gives me this terrified looking face so I was thinking wtf haha then I see a balloon in the backseat of her car.  I was like hmmmm….but I knew she wanted to meet up for drinks after my dinner with Austin so I didn’t think it was that weird.

Finally Austin picks me up for dinner and we arrive at this bar, only to find out I forgot my wallet at home, so we have to go back and get it (sorry Austin if this made your planning harder lol) but all in all we arrive to the restaurant and then Austin blows it all.  He says to the hostess “Party for Hanna” and she starts walking to the back room of the restaurant.  LIKE WHY WOULD YOU SAY PARTY FOR HANNA???? Hahaha he held the secret for two weeks and then spoils it 10 seconds before!  So when I walked into the room I was already smiling, waiting to see a crowd haha.  I was so excited to see my whole family there!!!  They’re always very dramatic when they have to drive up to LA so it felt extra special to see them all there.  AND Austin’s sister Ashli and Diego were there too<3

Whether I was totally surprised or not, I felt so loved and grateful!  What a feeling, to have everyone there.

THANK YOU to all of you for the birthday wishes… it was truly a great birthday.

On another note, our couch finally arrived!  I cannot wait to show you guys the photos. I’m shooting some areas of the apartment today for you all.

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Keep The Love Alive

Jeans: GRLFRND Denim // backpack: Cleobella // top: Tigermist

Hi guys <3

The days go on since the Las Vegas incident but the grief only gets harder for some, and the confusion sets a little deeper for many. My heart is fully with the people who were affected by this tragedy. May God give you the strength you need at this difficult time. It's my birthday tomorrow, and I sure as hell know what I'll be wishing for when I blow out my candles.

In light of the tragedy, this thought has circled my mind again and again: Keep the love alive! Be the happiest version of yourself and make a positive impact on others because life is short and can be taken so quickly away.

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Hi babes!

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite styling products that I use for my hair. Some of these products I’ve already talked about here on the blog, but I’ve been using them for at least 1+ years now and they’re my tried and true go-to’s.

Kérastase  Nutritive Nectar Thermique: THIS IS FOR PRE BLOW DRY.  I blow dry my hair every time I get out of the shower (air dry just doesn’t do it for me) so this is an extra important step in my haircare routine.  It gives high heat protection and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil:  This is my saving grace.  I use it for three different scenarios: after the shower when my hair is wet as a leave in treatment, after I curl my hair as a beautifying oil, and in my hair to make it smell good (if I haven’t showered that day). It’s the freakin’ best, trust me.  There’s a spray version and an oil version, get the oil version.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: The top of the line when it comes to dry shampoo.  I’ve tried a bunch, and this one is by far the best  and it works for extended periods of time.  It doesn’t let your hair look greasy after 2 hours like some other dry shampoos do.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray:  I don’t normally use beach spray but I do take it with me to photoshoots, when curling irons aren’t available.  My hear’s very heavy so curls die FAST.  I’ll just bring this one in my bag and spray and crunch my hair into beachy waves when it starts to frizz up and straighten.

You can shop all of my hair products on Lyko’s website HERE

Today I’m offering 15% off with code “hanna15″ but don’t wait because it only lasts 48 hours!!

Beyond the hair products that I’ve mentioned here, Lyko has over 40,000 different products from over 1000 different brands. They also have over 40 stores in Sweden and Norway. They basically sell everything I have in my beauty closet, from Montazami Brand White Label Eau de Parfum to my Redken shampoo and conditioner 😉

This post is in collaboration with Lyko
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My heart is broken. Yesterday on October 1, 2017, a horrific act of terrorism took place in Las Vegas, at a country music festival.  An evil human, whose name I refuse to mention, took away 59 precious lives, and injured more than 500.  This coward has taken away moms, dads, daughters, sons, cousins, husbands and wives, and friends away from their families.  All for what?  For nothing.  No sane person could ever understand how a person could commit an act of terrorism.  It’s something too bizarre to wrap our heads around.

My roommate in college, Jessica, was greatly affected by this tragedy.  Her dad is the President and COO of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where the shooter committed this horrific crime Sunday night.  I know he did his best to handle the tragedy that occurred at his hotel.  Thank you to the Mandalay Bay and concert staff, all first responders, and heroic civilians who helped those in need during the extreme panic.

The stories I’ve heard on the radio and on the news are truly devastating.  What will it take for this country to start implementing gun control? There are too many guns in the hands of insane, mental people and they are killing our neighbors in cold blood.  THINGS NEED TO CHANGE.  A gun that could kill on this scale should not be allowed in their hands, period.


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Celebrating at Rosenthal Winery!

It was so fun being the birthday girl this weekend! Sara and I have birthdays in the same week so we planned a joint birthday party at Rosenthal Winery in Malibu, and it was an absolute blast. We had a party bus take us to and from the winery (which was so much better than taking boring Ubers) and it really got the party going.

Sara and I both wore red, and my outfit is from Tigermist!

My actual birthday is on Wednesday, and I'll be celebrating with my family and Austin. Austin says we have a special dinner planned so I can't wait to see where it is :)

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Wow, 27 has never looked so good! Happy birthday to the girl I do everything with. Thanks for letting me follow you around as a kid (and now), finishing my sentences, letting me use your protein powder in my daily smoothies, always being there to talk to, and being the one that truly gets me. You are the best big sister I could ever ask for, and I'm so unbelievably lucky to have you!

The card that I bought for Sara was so perfect. Every birthday we make sure to buy a card for the birthday person that stands out and really touches your heart when you read it. After standing in the card aisle for ten minutes, I picked up this cheesy looking purple card and before I even read what it said on the inside I knew it was the one, just from the front. On the outside it said, "I might not always say it, and you may not even know…" (it said one more line but I forgot), and this was so perfect for me because I'm not always so mushy-gushy with Sara and I don't always verbally tell her how special she is to me, even though I feel it on the inside. I guess sometimes I just get awkward with that stuff haha. But the inside said something like, "you're my sister, you're so special, and I love you". It was definitely the ugliest looking card on the shelf but it was the one that I connected with! Later when Sara opened the card, she's like, aww I love the butterfly! I hadn't even noticed the butterfly on the front of the card!! (I have always loved butterflies). It was a sign that I picked the right card I guess :)

We celebrated by meeting our mom at South Coast Plaza to get Sara a belt and a wallet from Saint Laurent (fancayyyy!) and ended up drinking champagne, dressing up and dancing in the dressing room haha. I will never forget that memory!

Afterwards we did an Alo Yoga class on the helipad of the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. What a view!!! It was insane. Then we sang and ate cake by the pool. It was a great day to say the least!

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3Y9A1257_colorcorrected_      3Y9A1220_colorcorrected_

top by J.O.A. // shorts by Mcguire Denim


dress by Rails LA


Montazami Brand tee (here) // L’Academie duster // Doc Martens

IMG_0885-16      IMG_0874-11

entire outfit from Zara



dress from Tavik // hat from Brixtons // shoes from Agaci Store

CX3A6273-22      CX3A6222-20

dress by Cupshe // shoes by Din Sko


The Sofia Dress by Montazami Brand [here]


Dress from Cupshe // belt from Principessa


dress by Sisters the Label



outfit by Free People

IMG_6769-3      IMG_6767-2

top by Daydreamer LA // shorts by Mcguire Denim // belt from Lovestrength Xo //jacket by Rails LA // bag by Salar Milano


top by Ramy Brook // shoes by Billini // Levi’s Skirt // Salar Milano bag

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Misa Dress

A little review of my summer looks!  This is so typical me… every look is very different.  I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember.  Picking a new and exciting outfit each day in high school was like the biggest thing to me.  Maybe that’s why I was (and still am) always running late?  Yeah, definitely the reason haha.

Which look is your favorite? I LOVE the striped set from Zara that I wore in front of the Duomo in Florence, and the Montazami Brand tee with the Doc Martens.

Comment below with your favorite look, I want to know!

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2017 09 15 Wink, och tjejerna del 2 jpg+ raw_8277 fix, m      2017 09 15 Wink, och tjejerna_7819 fix, m, 2

2017 09 15 Wink, och tjejerna del 2 jpg+ raw_7976 fix, m

Here are some photos from the shoot I did with Wink Stockholm while I was in Sweden a couple weeks ago!

Hair: Bebas Hair and Beauty // photo: Lennart H Sundberg // for Wink at Sturegallerian

Who else is ready for the Fall Season?  My closet is starting to fill up with warmer clothes, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I always look forward to this time of year because it’s so cozy.  You know, the blankets, sweaters, boots, coffee, fireplace, and snuggles to be exact. Especially the snuggles!! Austin has been so busy with law school so our time together is limited but very cherished.  I miss him now that he’s not around so much anymore :(  Sometimes I fall asleep before he gets in bed so it’s kind of a big change for us, especially since we were able to spend so much time together before.  I see him around 10:30/11 at night and then he leaves at 7 am.  But I knew it would be like this, in fact, I actually thought it would be worse, it isn’t too bad since we live five minutes from each other!

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Ideal of Sweden Brunch

Saturday I went to Ysabel for the Ideal of Sweden brunch with a ton of other bloggers and influencers! A lot of Swedes too :)

I'm so so exhausted from the weekend, I slept all day and night yesterday and I'm still tired! I'm happy it's Monday though, so I can get back on track with work stuff. We have a couple MB meetings today, which could be the start of a few exciting things :)


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Home is Where The Heart Is

LA is my hooooome. I'm so lucky to live here!

Outfit by Honeybum // sunnies by YHF

On my way to an Ideal of Sweden (phone case Brand) brunch at Ysabel in West Hollywood, and I'm so late. Why is it always that you get the worlds slowest Uber when you're in a hurry?? That always happens to me! Or maybe I'm just always late haha. I wish I didn't have that quality!

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