Aw no it’s already our last night here in Maui! Tomorrow we go home to LA. We’ve had the best time here… I love Austins family! 

Here’s a few shots of our horseback riding session the other day at Ironwood Ranch. They treat their horses very well and all of them are so friendly.  My horses name was Lady Gaga (but I liked just calling her Lady). She was named that because she goes Gaga over food. I kid you not this horse was stopping for a snack every FIVE seconds! It was insane. You could say we had a lot in common..

We went through the tropical forest and saw caves and little creeks where old villages used to be. The guide was super informative and the route we took was extraordinary compared to other riding sessions I’ve had in the past :)

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My Love

Clogging this post with a whole lotta LOVE! I love when I get to travel with Austin, especially since he starts school this month! He has a lot of work ahead of him so it’s nice to spend a lot of time together now :)

We are sitting in the car on our way to Wailea, which is on the other side of Maui from where we’re staying. It’s known to rain a lot over here, which is part of the reason why it’s so green and jungle-y. We’re going to dinner at a place called Mateo’s, which is an Italian place so we’re going to eat good tonight! We’ve been eating good for every meal here haha. That’s one thing I love about the Smith family… they LOVE good food and Austins mom is such a good cook. She’s the kind that can just whip anything up and it’s the best you’ve ever had!

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Chocolate Wafer Goodness

If you live in Sweden and you have access to Willy’s or Hemköp, do yourself a favor and try this chocolate! It is insanely good. I almost ate the whole thing in less than ten seconds today.

It tastes good AND protects the environment because it’s free from palm oil. Palm oil extraction can be very invasive and destructive to the environment, especially in the rainforest regions! The Waffie from Candy People is the perfect combo of chocolate and wafer, and its bomb dot com.

Have you guys tried it yet? :)

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top from Montazami Brand here

The pictures don’t even do it justice.  Yesterday was an absolute dream! I haven’t ridden in a helicopter since I was very young so it basically felt like the first time for me.  It wasn’t scary at all.  I had the front seat with Austin and we saw the most jaw-dropping views of the island.  First we flew over the Haleakala craters (a volcano that hasn’t erupted since 1790) and then over the cliffs before we did a cliffside landing.  It was windy as hell, but such a pretty sight!  Afterwards we went through the green forests and saw dozens of waterfalls (really tall waterfalls) over Hana.

I would definitely recommend a helicopter ride with Air Maui if you guys ever visit.  It was indescribable in a way.  The pilot played music in the headsets and taught us some facts about the island.  I kind of wish that our pilot was a bit more “lively” but he was still super nice.

Thank you to Trip Advisor for organizing this tour for us!  It was so easy to book through them.

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MB in Maui

Palazzo pants by Montazami Brand // top from Winona Australia

Today was totally perfect! The helicopter ride was out of this world. I have tons of photos from it so I’ll be posting tomorrow or the next day. We saw unbelievable sights of green jungles and waterfalls that you don’t just see anywhere.

Tonight we had sushi near the hotel and I wore my comfy palazzo pants and flats. The perfect thing to wear on vacation :)

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Postcards from Maui

It’s Saturday on the island and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be spending my weekend :)

Today we chilled by the pool and went surfing! I really wanted to surf so Austin and I rented boards and went out, and as soon as we did a HUGE (probably not huge, but it looked huge for a beginner surfer haha) set came in and I was getting tossed and tumbled.  I just got nervous since my board was so big and heavy.. I didn’t want it to fly back and hit anyone in the head!

I went back on shore and watched Austin surf for a bit before I decided to get back out there and try again. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t! Low and behold as soon as I get back out there, two cute sea turtles came up to me next to my board to say hi! They were so friendly, just floating along and playing.

Tomorrow we go on our helicopter ride! I haven’t ridden a helicopter since I was very young so I don’t really remember anything about what it’s like. I can’t wait to see the lush green mountains and waterfalls.. it’s going to be epic.

p.s. here’s a sneak peek of one of our new Montazami Brand tees! It will be dropping this week :)

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IMG_2211      IMG_2212




Who doesn’t love candy?  Crazy people!  Nut jobs!

I just tried this one from Candy People Sweden called Nut Cup, and it’s their FIRST ever GMO and palm oil free candy! I love how even a candy company is evolving with the times and creating new products that are better for us to eat.  Palm oil has a very high saturated fat content, which can be linked to numerous health problems, along with GMOs.  So this candy is nice on the tongue AND the body :)

It’s a yummy little milk chocolate cup filled with creamy peanut butter… and there’s two in each package.  One for you and one for…. you hehe.  But one of my personal favorite parts about it is the cute packaging… perfect for a party to fill up in a glass jar on the candy table.  Or just eating at home by yourself 😉

Right now I’m actually doing a contest on my Instagram where you guys can win 100 Nut Cups!  That’s like 200 actual nut cups, people!!

For your chance to enter, go to my Instagram (@hannamontazami) and click on my latest post and read the directions :)  Unfortunately this is just an Instagram contest so if you don’t have an account, I’m so sorry but we will organize a blog giveaway soon.

Good luck to all my little candy lovers!

This post is in collaboration with Candy People
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The Squad

Here we have the entire Maui crew! The Smith family and their plus ones :)

We took this in the living room before we went to dinner last night. We’re staying in these cute little condos on the beach so we’ve been cooking breakfast and playing card games at night all together. Much more intimate than a small standard hotel room!

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Hawaiian Attire

IMG_2165      IMG_2126

IMG_2003      IMG_2006


two piece set from Hello Molly Fashion // white dress from Rails

Here’s what I wore the past two nights here on the island.  It’s the perfect place to bring out all of your flow-y dresses and summer prints.  Even though the two piece set was slightly velvet, it still worked since it was so thin and light.

Today we’re going to chill by the beach and pool, and possibly go jet skiing :)  I’ve been getting my work done in the mornings so I have the whole day to just relax.  Answering emails on a balcony with a cup of coffee and palm tree views… cannot complain!

I got a good restaurant recommendation from a reader yesterday, she said to go to “The Restaurant” for a nice romantic dinner.  I really want to try it.  Do you guys have any other recommendations?  I found a place on Yelp called 808 Grindz and it looks like they have the best loco moco in town.  I promised myself I would indulge in at least one loco moco meal and one pancake meal while I’m here :)

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Landed in Hawaii

These pictures are what I’ve snapped so far in the car, at Costco, and from our balcony.  It’s just so freakin beautiful here! I can’t wait to see what this trip has in store for us :) I’m ready for some serious Maui adventure. 

We’re planning on doing a helicopter ride, catamaran, hikes, and scuba diving so far. Don’t think I’m going to scuba dive because it’s not really for me. I get scared of sharks and I’m very sensitive to pressure. Have you guys tried it? I’m sure it’s an amazing experience…

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