photos by Nicole Belasmo

Hi friends 🙂

Since the move down to OC I’ve been very selective with the events I go to (since mostly all of them are in LA) but I’m so happy I decided to go to this one with Farmacy Beauty.  It was a farm-to-table lunch at a restaurant called Manuela in the arts district of Downtown LA.  A bit of a drive for me from OC, but so, so worth it.  THE FOOD WAS LIFE-CHANGING. Sara and I were freaking out haha.  I wish the photographer took photos of the food so I could show you (it was delicious AND pretty) but she was probably too busy eating like we were hehe.

We made our own flower bouquets, which is now sitting beside my computer on the kitchen table. Whites, greens, and pops of pale apricot and light rosy pink.  Quite lovely!

I’m actually a newbie to the skin care line (Farmacy Beauty) so it was nice to learn about their products through the makeup tutorial they held.  The celebrity makeup artist was showing us how we could mix the honey oil with our foundation.  I’m curious to try it out… it sounds crazy to mix oil with your makeup, but they said how it doesn’t leave an oily residue.  To be honest I probably wouldn’t try mixing it with my makeup, but I would definitely test it out for my skincare routine.

Are you guys open to introducing new products to your skincare routine, or are you a creature of habit & don’t want to mess up the system you got goin’ on?  I definitely have my ”regulars” but I love adding and taking away certain products and seeing the change with my skin.  If the product is good, I usually can notice differences after just one night.  That’s when I decide to keep it in my routine.

I think my skin/body always likes changes to the products I use.  For ex., I have to switch up the deodorant I use about every 2 weeks or else my body acclimates to the deodorant and beats it… haha.  In other words, the deodorant stops working.  Now I usually switch up my deodorant every other day.  But I do have my favorite…… [this one]

Do you guys have a favorite deo? I’m always looking for natural, aluminum free deodorants that actually work!

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