Happy Monday guys 🙂

About a month ago the mattress we ordered online arrived at our doorstep.  When we moved into our new place we decided we wanted to upgrade from a queen to a California king bed, so we had to say goodbye to my old one and start searching for something new and improved.  I looked at a handful of different companies online, read reviews, and compared my options.  After everything I found online, we decided to get the Hybrid Mattress from [Leesa], which I’ve heard great things about from my friends, and the reviews online were impressive.

Basically it’s a combination of spring and memory foam.  The first couple of nights we slept on it, it was too firm for our liking.  I think it needed a good few days of airing out (since it came in a compact box) because it definitely became more squishy after the first week.  After about a month of sleeping on it, I can say overall that it’s semi-firm with a soft, breathable top and it has great support.

On my old mattress I used to almost always sleep on my stomach (which isn’t the best sleeping position for your lower back) and now on this mattress I mostly sleep on my back and side.  Rudy and I both love it!

What kind of mattress do you guys like?  Are you the type that needs to go into a mattress store and lay on each one to ”test them out” or are you transitioning into the new way of buying mattresses—-ONLINE!?

[Click here] to see more about the Sapira mattress

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