…BUT WHERE DO I PUT MY SHOES?! —–the question I asked myself as soon as I finished filling up my closet with all of my clothes and bags.  GREAT!  Shoes take up TONS of space, and if you don’t have a built in shoe closet, it can be tricky to find ways to keep them visible and organized (not stacking them on the floor of the closet). Given I had no space for my shoes, I had to get creative.  I wanted something that I could display my heels on.  Something with doors so that they wouldn’t accumulate dust, and something that adds to the decor of my space.  I went on IKEA’s website and found this one, which I thought was really pretty!  I want my office to be only white and tan colors (think Tulum), so this would be a great fit.  I went to the store the next day to see it in person, and decided to get it.  In a perfect world, I would’ve gotten the double cabinets (they have an option for 2 of these side by side) but I didn’t have enough space on that wall. Grrrr.

In my closet I put two small wooden racks (each with 3 levels) that I use for all of my flats, sneakers, and slippers.  I still have a large moving box full of shoes that didn’t fit in my closet + shoe cabinet (mostly boots) so I think I might have to have them on one of the garage racks we will be getting.  Or do you guys have any other ideas?  I feel like it’s so weird to put your boots in the garage but I feel like that’s my only option?

I also got a cute wooden ladder from IKEA that I put next to the cabinet.  Cute, huh?  Only $45.  Compared to all of the other ”trendy” ladders I’ve seen online, this is a STEAL!

ALSO, I had to show you guys what’s on the other side of the camera…. a big hot mess!  Only one side of the room has been making progress hehe.  I have a bunch of random things that don’t have a place to go yet, so I need to get on that.  4 yoga mats…. unnecessary.  Hats that need to be hung.. decorations and paintings that need to go up on the wall…. pictures/documents that need to be filed… the list goes on.

What do you guys think about the shoe cabinet?  Let me know your thoughts in a comment below 🙂

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  • Malin from Sweden

    There are metall shoe racks you can hang on a door. Save a huge lot of space 🙂


  • Camilla Wikström

    I like you shoe cabinet and I like your idea of ​​having an Ikea furniture like shoe storage and it was fine. Believe that many girls have the same problems including me.

    Hugs from
    Camilla Wikström from Sweden


  • BimNic

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