Hi guys 🙂

I wanted to show you guys the progress we’ve made —and haven’t made— on our new place in OC.  Decorating a place is a long and slow process, especially if you want things to be perfect.  It’s expensive, so I didn’t buy everything all at once.  We’re probably all guilty of that 1-stop shop IKEA run at some point in our lives haha.  We’re taking our time to find pieces of furniture that we love, instead of buying something that is ”okay” just because we need it.  I mean, it’s not exactly ideal that we sat on the couch eating our dinners around the coffee table for about a month, but it sure was worth it when we finally found our perfect wooden dining table!

Basically the only furniture we had moving in was the couch, a coffee table, and some side tables.  We slowly accumulated our bed frame, mattress, dining table, and lamps over the course of a month.  We ordered really pretty tan leather dining chairs that are arriving next Wednesday… I can’t wait!

I’m sure you guys see the mess that’s happening behind our dining table…. in the second bedroom.  I’m really struggling to find a perfect way to make it a guest bedroom AND office.  I also need shoe shelves in this room.  I need to be smart about what furniture I pick out, since the space is SMALL and I need the room to serve dual purpose.  I was thinking a pull-out couch (for guests to sleep in if they stay over), a standing shelf unit for my shoes, and some type of small desk where I can set up my desktop computer.  I’m preeeeetty sure I can make it happen, I just don’t want it to look crammed.  HELP!

Obviously this was just a ”sneak peek” update of our place, and once each area comes more together, I will do separate blog posts on each room.  As of right now, the living room is the most ”done” so that will probably be first up on the list.

As far as decorating goes, Rudy and I have *thankfully* been on the same page with mostly everything.  There was a point where our place was starting to look a little girly, and Rudy quickly put his foot down lol.  He’s like, ”we need some color!”.  Then we added some cool boyish things like the colorful parrot, his record collection and record table, some blue pillows, etc. for some added character.

I honestly didn’t realize how much stuff I had until this move.  It’s overwhelming.  I’ve been getting rid of a ton of clothes, shoes, decorations, old papers, etc. and it’s a world’s difference.  Being organized and not having so many items makes you actually USE your things.  If you have too many things or your disorganized, you never end up actually using your stuff!  I still have a little while to go, but I’m making progress!

What do you guys want to see more of?  I’d love to hear your suggestions on specific blog post topics so we can get into the fine details 🙂  Let me know in a comment below!

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