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Today we’re talking hair. Specifically about heat settings for your straightener!  I recently learned that I should be switching up the heat settings on my straightener depending on how clean my hair is. Basically if your hair is dirty and full of product, having too high of heat settings can press that product to build up into your hair strands, making it look dull and feel stiff.

I definitely do NOT wash my hair every day.  I usually go about 2-3 days in between washes.  I can even go about 4 days, but I’d be pushing it haha.  Anyone else like this?  I wouldn’t be able to wash it every day… SO MUCH WORK, right?

So I basically found the perfect little straightener for me, one that has different settings tailored to the different levels of cleanliness of my hair.  It’s called the Morning After straightener from Bed Head [here]. The settings are ”wash day,” ”second day,” and ”third day” – to avoid unnecessary heat exposure. This makes it super easy for me when I’m in a rush and I don’t know what proper heat settings I should use.  The unique LED settings and  tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and also keeps my hair looking sleek AF, for that salon blow-out look (peep my IG stories today to see how I style my straight, sleek hair!).


  1. for sleek, straight hair.  I usually don’t like having slick straight ends so I twist the straightener when I reach my ends for a ”flipped out” look 
  2. to straighten the back of my head when I curl my hair.  I mostly straighten the top back of my head (where it’s naturally very wavy) when I have e-comm photoshoots.  For e-comm shoots we shoot a ton of photos from the back, so everything needs to look 100.  I swear the hair texture on the back of my head feels like it belongs to another person… It’s very thick/course and extremely wavy.  So you know I’ll be straightening those pieces before my shoots!
  3. on days when I need to touch up my look, to reduce frizz and create a sleek ”day after” style

You can shop it [herefor $34.99, and you can also see Bed Head’s other products [here]!


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