Two Perspectives

The difference between a pro camera and an iPhone selfie… which do you prefer?!

These were taken at a shoot for one of my regular clients, Stylist LA. I seriously LOVE working with this team… we’re constantly making jokes and laughing with each other. Never a dull moment.  I feel like workplace happiness is so important. I was listening to a podcast about this the other day actually. They were talking about how important it is to be working at a job that you love and enjoy doing. If it isn’t bringing you joy, is it worth it?

I remember being at one of my PR firm internships and hating it. I was steaming clothes, swiffering the floors, and packing boxes. I wasn’t learning anything valuable! After a couple months I really thought hard about what the f*** I was doing there. Was this really going to help my future career? No. Once I came to that realization, I was out of there. I sent her an email that I was no longer going to be interning there, and guess what? I never even got a response back haha. It was such a negative working environment there so I wasn’t entirely surprised.  Have you guys been in a similar situation?

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