I brought about 10 different bikinis with me to Bali– first because I knew I was going to be living in a bikini the entire trip, and second because I. always. need. options.

I brought two new kinis from Indigo Swimwear, a company I just recently found out about through one of my friends in college, and they were my go-to’s for the trip! The fabric is 100% regenerated nylon, which is made from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste.  Cool, right?  It was really sad to see so much pollution on the beaches in Bali.  I think Bali became so popular so fast that they didn’t have the proper resources to dispose of the high volume of trash from all of the tourists visiting.  Also, throughout Bali you will see beautiful little palm leave squares on the ground, which are religious offerings.  From what I saw, they were usually filled with flowers, tobacco, and food of some sort.  Unfortunately sometimes the ”food” was plastic-packaged candy/crackers, which probably end up in the ocean as well.

I traveled to Bali about 7 years ago and I noticed the pollution then, but it has definitely gotten worse since.  That’s why it’s great that companies like Indigo Swimwear, who are environmentally friendly, exist!  It makes me proud to support them…..And not to mention the bikinis are just my style (high on the hips, slimming, comfy material, and cute colors)!

I’m wearing the Amelia Top and Bottom in Goldfish and the Sophia Top and Bottom in Olive.

Shop Indigo Swimwear here!

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