We’re moving in together!!! We got the place we wanted in Dana Point! We are so excited about this next step in our lives 🙂

If you guys remember in my recent post, it’s apartment 1 (the one on the golf course). I think we’re going to be so happy there. Our move in date is technically tomorrow, but we will actually be “moving in” during the month of March.

I seriously cannot wait to decorate! I’m going to be very strict with the decor. My rule is to not bring anything in I don’t like. I want to create a place that feels like our sanctuary. Stylish and simple. Natural tones. Wood textures, whites, natural beige, black. And plants! Tons of plants. Luckily Rudy has a green thumb, so he can plant some herbs in our backyard patio.

We already have so many fun ideas for this place, and I can’t wait to see it come to life! We’re still deciding what exactly we want to do with the second bedroom… office or guest room? Or my second closet / office? We will see!

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