Today’s spot in Bali was at Roosterfish Beach Club in Uluwatu! It’s part of the hotel we were staying at, and they have free shuttles bringing you down every hour. We were bummed we only had one night at the Renaissance! It’s a little tough to only stay somewhere one night… it’s too much traveling and too little time actually enjoying the area you’re in.  We decided next time we book a trip we’re having a 2 night minimum rule at each hotel!

The food here was bomb… we got fish tacos, icy chilled king prawns, and red snapper ceviche. Everything was so dang fresh!

My bikini is from Vitamin A. I love the print and color, but I always go back and forth between whether or not I like high waisted bottoms on me! I have big hips so I’m not sure it’s very flattering… I tend to like the skimpy bikinis better on me! What’s your favorite bikini bottom style? Mine is the high rise Brazilian (low in the middle, and then hiking the sides up to the hips, kind of like 80’s style).

We just got to Nusa Lembongan and we’re about to head out for drinks and dinner. Muah!

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