Hi guys 🙂

We just made it back to Bali after 2 nights in Jakarta for the wedding.  The wedding itself was gorgeous, but Jakarta itself was a little hectic.  It didn’t really feel like vacation.  But we’re back in our favorite place and so ready to enjoy the next week here.  We just checked into probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at, called Six Senses in Uluwatu.  We’re here for the next two nights, so we’re going to enjoy every moment.  Rudy’s in the shower now, I’m just waiting for him to finish getting ready so we can go get dinner at one of the restaurants.

I wanted to share with you guys basically the only 3 hairstyles I do in Bali.  It’s SO hot and humid here so I can’t even BOTHER with my curling iron.  I shouldn’t even have brought my hair dryer, since all of the hotels have one in the rooms.  So I basically brought those two hair tools for nothing haha.

I actually like when my hair gets beachy wavy/curly from the humidity, so the hairstyle I’ve been doing most is half up / half down. My hair’s really thick so when it’s humid, it can look frizzy, so I just pull those pieces back!  It’s really cute to tie a bandana around the hair tie to dress up your look.

The easiest hairstyle I do is the messy twisty bun.  This also waves my hair (and makes it less frizzy because I keep it compacted in the hair tie).

My ”crazy” hairstyle is the space buns.  You do need a comb though to separate your hair evenyl! The only bad thing is that this style starts to hurt my head after about 5 hours LOL.

Okay Rudy is ready so we’re off to dinner… talk soon!

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