This is my ballerina moment! I just needed to point my toes a tad bit more 😉

As you can see the sunset tonight in Seminyak was very romantic. We ran down to the beach and danced in the reflections until the sun went completely down. You know when you just know during a certain moment that you’ll always remember it?! This was one of those moments!

Rudy and I have been an on early bedtime / get up before sunrise schedule the entire time we’ve been in Bali, and it’s been SO great. We have so much time in the mornings to get shit done before we start our day. I wish it was always this easy! Tonight is our last night in Seminyak before we go to Jakarta tomorrow morning for the wedding festivities. We were talking tonight about how we need to start training ourselves to stay up past 9 pm so we don’t fall asleep at the wedding haha. Maybe we will take a nap before the ceremony to make sure we’re energized 🙂

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