An oversized white button up shirt will never go out of style in my eyes! I feel like everyone should have at least one. I think I have 20, but I wear all of them, and to me they’re all different haha.  I’m obsessed with the one we designed for Montazami Brand [see here]

Today we kept it easier than yesterday.  We woke up early (4:30 am haha) and worked on the computer + drank coffee in bed until about 8 am, when we went to the gym.  We got a good workout in (or at least a good workout for being on vacation lol) and then ate a yummy breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Ubud jungle.  We were bummed knowing we had to eventually leave the Viceroy!

We chilled by the pool for a bit before our foot reflexology massage at noon.  Have you guys tried foot reflexology before?  Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock because I just found out what it is.  Rudy was reading me the different spa treatment options and when he read this one I almost freaked out.  I alwaaaays ask Rudy to squeeze my feet, and this is basically the professional version of feet squeezing, with some great benefits.  Foot reflexology is known to help with blood circulation, anxiety/stress, stimulation of organs, improved energy, etc.)  They basically apply tons of pressure to certain areas of the foot but it feels SO GOOD.  It’s like a mixture of squeezing, pressure, and massage.  I felt like a new person walking out of that spa.  Ugh, I want more!  Now I’m super intrigued about reflexology…. can I get it on my hands and head?!  For some reason my hands, feet, and head love intense squeezing pressure.  Anyone else?!

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