This might’ve been the best (yet stressful) Valentine’s Day yet! I had work from 9-3 down in OC, then we drove straight up to LA to get all of our stuff packed, and STILL had time for a romantic make-your-own sushi night at our place with the boys! The way Diego and Rudy set everything up was just the cutest thing, and the sushi was DELISH.  Sara and I had a chocolate fondue set that we were going to set up for them, but we ran out of time. We had to get ready to leave for the airport and Sara and Diego were going to a Ja Rule concert!

Our flight was at 11:30 pm so we slept like babies on the flight, especially the one from Taipei to Bali…. I was exhausted!

We just made it to Bali and we couldn’t be happier to start our two week vacation. First up, Ubud!

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