The $80 TOAST

The setting sounds great right? Sitting at the Butcher’s Daughter restaurant, sipping my matcha latte, eating my avocado toast, and having a good conversation with my sis next to me. Everything was juuuuust dandy until I saw the little present the parking police left me on my windshield… my very first parking ticket in LA! To be honest that’s pretty good for living here for 7 1/2 years haha. So with a $73 ticket to pay,  now you know why I call it the $80 toast 😉

Rudy and I are getting packed up for our trip to Bali. I cannot wait to be in the warm tropical climate… sitting at the beach and exploring some beautiful places. My friend gave me a little Bali restaurant guide so that’s going to be a huge help. Do you guys have any general Bali recs?

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