Hi guys!!

So Rudy and I had the apartment showings on Friday for 2 different places in Dana Point.  Since my dad is a real estate agent, he was able to show both of them to us!  My dad’s been helping us through the entire process, and it’s been very helpful having his resources.

We went to the golf course property first, and I absolutely loved the vibe.  It’s very home-y, it has a lot of light, and it’s in a great location.  I like how there’s hardwood floors throughout, and the patio view is the gorgeous golf course.  The cons are the bathrooms and kitchen are outdated, there’s ugly drawer lining in every cupboard (easy fix), and there’s only 1 garage space.

The second property from the outside was NOT my vibe.  Ugly building, right on a busy street.  Also, you had to walk up two flights of stairs.  When we walked in, the living room and fireplace were great, and there was an amazing ocean view from the patio.  The kitchen was remodeled, along with both bathrooms.  There was an awkward sized room in the middle of the 2 bedrooms, but it would be great for a second closet area for me.

Between the two properties, the first one won by a landslide.  It had our vibe.  It felt right, and the second one just didn’t.  Which one is your favorite?  It’s hard to get a true feel for the apartments unless you’re there in person, but maybe you guys can tell just from the photos.

We applied to the first property, and we’re waiting to hear back from the listing agent! Apparently we are competing with an older single woman.  We’ll find out if we got it tomorrow, so I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

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  • Mia

    Apartment one is the nicest,
    maybe you can fix the kitchen and bathroom?
    Congrats on moving in together.


    • hannamontazami Post author

      I’m happy you see that too! Hopefully we can make it nice with our decorations, and maybe Rudy can fix up the bathroom and kitchen if the owner let’s us. Thanks babe!



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