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The day dedicated for lovers and friends is just around the corner! I’m so happy that the meaning of Valentine’s Day has somewhat ”modernized” over the years.  Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated between friends, lovers, family, and anyone you love! No rules.  I feel like there’s also not as much pressure surrounding the holiday either.  A lot of couples/friends like to stay in and keep it casual rather than going on a fancy date, which is sometimes a huge relief.  I remember in college I was so sad one year because I had no significant other, no date, and no girls date planned.  Now I just look back and realize I was being a little dramatic haha.

So whether you’ll be having a hot date with your man, or a fun night in with your galentines, love is in the air.  Would you guys be interested if I did a Valentines Day gift guide, one for your S.O., and one for your BFFs?  The only reason I ask if because I’m not sure if you guys are into giving gifts for V-Day?  My gift guide would consist of mostly inexpensive, cute + thoughtful gifts, nothing too crazy.

Also, I want to know— how are you guys planning on spending V-Day?  Rudy and I will be going somewhere magical together….. can you guess where? 🙂

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