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Hi guys 🙂

I really wanted to do a post about the first month of 2019.  I feel like January really sets the tone for the rest of year, are you with me?  This is when we have a fresh start, and it can be applied to so many different aspects of our lives, for example in our careers, with our moods/attitudes, relationships, habits, etc.  In terms of my career, I think the best word to describe my approach to 2019 is proactive. And so far, the first half of January has been just that.

Lately I’ve been very adamant about being and staying organized, and it’s already working wonders for me.  In 2018 I was a little all over the place with keeping track of payments for photoshoots + campaigns.  I had a system of tracking, but it wasn’t efficient enough for me.  I needed something that could provide me with more info that was accessible in a matter of seconds.  That’s why I made payment trackers. One for my modeling shoots, and one for my campaigns.  I’m talkin’ good ‘ole Excel spreadsheets, color-coded in pink, loaded with info.  I started logging everything from January 1st on, and I cannot tell you how much of a help it has been already.  Just by creating a simple spreadsheet (that took literally 10 minutes to set up), I can see how much money I’m making, which payments are past-due, if I’ve sent the invoices, and a bunch of other info.   For someone like me who is their own boss running their own show, this is  l i f e – c h a n g i n g.

What’s one way you guys are setting the tone for 2019?

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  • Malin

    Now in January Iam doing my very last for University, will graduate with a Teacher Degree and have just signed a contract on a full time teaching job starting next week. Exciting and it feels soooo good to start this way because this last semester have been heavy with all reading and essay and having a 1 year old waiting at home <3



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