We are moving FAST with the wedding plans.  Madi got engaged a few weeks ago, and we are already trying on dresses!  She wants to have the wedding in late summer / early fall, so she kind of has to act quickly in terms of planning.  This past Saturday she invited her sisters, mom, and two best friends (Amanda and I) to try on dresses at this beautiful bridal store in Newport Beach called Casablanca Bridal.

She tried on a total of 5 or 6 dresses, and each one was different than the last, and they all looked SO GOOD.  We were all like ”oh no… this is going to be harder than we thought”.  Towards the end of our hour and a half long appointment, we could narrow it down to two different styles.  One was more elegant and bridal, and the other was more sexy.  She doesn’t have her wedding venue secured, and the venue does play a role in deciding which dress to get, so she was torn.  She took down the info of both dresses so she can always go back and try them on again.

This was my first time wedding dress shopping with a friend, and it made me realize how hard it actually is!  One day I will be trying them on, trying to narrow it down to my favorites.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t help that I’m naturally indecisive when it comes to things like this.  Nothing to worry about now though… I’ll leave that to Madi hehe 🙂

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