Holy crap guys—- are you seeing this?!  Tonight we had the most orange, fiery sunset that I ever remember seeing.  I had a meeting with a fit model agency in downtown Manhattan Beach, and as soon as I got out I looked at the sky and knew there was about to be an epic sunset.  I walked to my car, dropped off my laptop, walked into Starbucks for a chai latte, and strolled down to the pier to watch the surfers and the sun, both gliding down the water beautifully.

It was a perfect evening actually– alone to myself— observing, thinking, watching everything around me.  I’ve realized it’s when I’m alone that I’m best at taking everything in.. it’s also great for productivity and self-improvement… I love it.

[BUT it also can be dangerous when there’s no one there to tell you NO when you go on a shopping spree!!] On the way back up to my car, I saw something sparkly in the corner of my eye.  It was a rhinestone top and skirt set (LOL) so I walked into this bikini store.  Next thing you know I’m trying on alllllll the bikinis and end up spending way more money than I wanted to.  Do you guys want to see which bikinis I got?  Let me know in the comments!

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