Seriously you guys… I’m so happy I waited to do this post, because I can confidently say I have finally found the holy grail of lip treatments.  I’ve been telling you guys over the years about my dry lips, and what I use to help them.  For me, it seems like I would find something that would work great for a few weeks, and then after awhile my lips were back to being chapped.  I was always on the hunt for something that A) I didn’t have to re-apply every 30 minutes, B) didn’t leave a sticky, gross residue, and C) leaves a sheer, shimmery gloss instead of a thick, ointment-looking sheen.

SO a few months ago when I kept seeing this pink lip mask all over instagram, I got really curious.  Other bloggers were talking about how great it was, and the reviews online were great, so I had to get my hands on one.  It’s called the Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige, and it comes with a small, cute applicator.  The directions say to apply it at night but I do it both at night and in the morning.  I let my lips absorb the mask, so I never ”take it off”.

For real though, this stuff is incredible! I can’t say enough about how much better my lips feel because of it.  They feel baby soft and smooth to the touch.  No dry, flaky skin. Not anymore!

My second favorite lip balm is the one from Kiehl’s, and I specifically like the cranberry one.  It’s light, hydrating, and I love the smell.

My third favorite is Aussie Papaw, which is 100% fermented papaya.  I discovered this stuff in Australia last year and I fell in love.  I bought like 6 bottles, and just had Madi bring me back some more from her recent trip there.  I’m a papaw fanatic.  I have one in my bathroom, one for my purse, one at Rudy’s, one in my gym bag, etc. It’s also great for bug bites and rashes!

I linked the three lip treatments below if you guys want to check them out further 🙂


1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask [click here]

2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm [click here]

3. Australian Papaw [click here]

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