White Elephant

Hi guys 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! Friday I had work being the model for a hair tutorial photo shoot with a celebrity hairdresser (which is why you see me wearing my hair in this perfect ponytail haha).  My hair had so much hairspray in it, it was CRUNCHY!

Rudy was up in LA for the weekend, so we went to some holiday white elephant parties together. Each person who got my gifts loved them! For the first night I got a biker starter kit: a U-lock for your bike, a biker magazine, and ugly biker sunglasses.  For the second party I gave a holiday edition bottle of Grey Goose (people loved that too haha).  The second party was a potluck with my neighbors, so I brought homemade Swedish glögg with the raisin and almond fixins’ and ginger snaps 🙂 It was a hit!

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