Happy Monday friends!

I just got these photos from the Foray Holiday gala we went to last week.  The theme was ”Old Hollywood” and the location was absolutely stunning.  It was at a gorgeous estate in Bel Air with a white Rolls Royce parked outside, champagne towers, jazz music, portrait photos, and In-N-Out served on silver platters (just to give you guys an idea haha).

I wore this black polka dot jumpsuit from Monique L Huillier, with my Via Spiga black heels.  I got my hair done at Drybar (that’s why it looks different from my usual curls!).  We tried to do the Old Hollywood glam hairstyle…. did it work?  My hair kind of lost it’s style by the time I got to the party… Why does that always happen when I get my hair done?  I’m thinking it’s because they wash my hair right before they style it, and usually my hair doesn’t hold as good when it’s clean.  Does this happen to you guys too?

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