Photos by Coco Biro // suit from Storets // bag from Nelly // shoes from Nelly // sunnies from Crap Eyewear

Hi cuties!

This is a look you won’t usually find me in, but I sorta love it. The only thing is, I would like the pants to be a tad longer and a bit thinner in the legs. Don’t you think? When you wear a loose fitted suit, it still needs to be fitted in a way that’s flattering!

After a long weekend of turkey and pumpkin pie eating, I’ve been back in the gym full force. I had a two hour workout yesterday, tonight I went to yoga, and tomorrow I’m going to my favorite “barre fit cardio” class with my fav teacher Aubre. She’s so damn good!!! This class is only once a week on Wednesdays at 7:15 am, so I cherish them.

Tomorrow I’m going to a winter ball! I’m getting my hair done at Drybar, and I’m going to ask for “Old Hollywood” hair. Do you guys want to see the before and after? Comment below!

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