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Hi my loves <3

Did you shop until you dropped?!  The major sale weekend is now over, but my holiday shopping doesn’t stop there.  I have presents for Emma, my parents, and a little for Sara, but I have tons of more people on my list!  I’m really excited to get Rudy’s gift this year…. it will not even compare to the gift I gave him last year haha.  I didn’t really know him too well (we weren’t even officially dating) and now I know the gift I got him last year was SO NOT HIM haha.  Chanel cologne.  Rudy is a very rootsy, down-to-earth, chill, artistic person, and Chanel cologne is probably the antithesis of Rudy LOL.  At least he wears it on special occasions (maybe just to be nice haha).

BUT I’ve thought of a great gift for him this year… I just need to figure out how much it costs, since I have no experience buying this particular item….

Overall though, I’ve realized getting your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday-Cyber Monday is the bomb.  Why haven’t I done this before?? Is it just me or are all the deals getting better and better each year?!

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