Carry On

Photos by Claire Huntsberger

How cute is this showroom?! It’s for Calpak, one of my favorite luggage companies, and they designed the space to look like the inside of a plane! Sara and I went to an event here a few weeks ago to celebrate the launch of the Jen Atkin X Calpak collaboration. That’s when I got my bright red carry-on suitcase!! I am in loooove. Instead of zippers it has just two latches (that can be locked) and the luggage itself is light but still sturdy. You guys will see it in my future posts 🙂

Rudy and I are currently watching the second season of Narcos. It’s about the Mexican drug cartel… pretty gnarly to watch before bed, knowing I tend to have bad dreams of I watch something violent (or eat sugary foods) right before bed…. :/ haha

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