photos by Malin Göranssen, dresses by By Malina

Hi guys!

I’m back in California after a great week in Sweden! Thank you to everyone for making it an unforgettable trip 🙂  My heart is heavy knowing all the damage the Woolsey Fires have caused in Malibu and its surrounding areas.  Although it has been tragic for many people, animals, families, etc., we’ve also been able to see a beautiful thing– people coming together as one, as a community, to help others in need.  Some donation centers have been overflowed with supplies, and that makes me so happy!  I couldn’t imagine the feeling of losing your home…. donations are helping these families immensely.  Also, I want to give a huge shoutout to all of the firefighters and policemen risking their lives to save the communities.  SENDING LOVE, PRAYERS, and DONATIONS!


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