Venice Beach Launch Breakfast!

What a DAY! Sweden has been treating us very well so far. Today was our “big” day, since we had our Venice Beach launch breakfast in the morning and the Calzedonia / Intimissimi event at night. We napped in between but we’re still tiiiiired.

This morning we got to meet some of the other girls on the show!!! We’ve been waiting to meet them… it doesn’t feel right to not know the other girls on the same show as you haha 😉 We met Julia Bailey and Lina Cedmer and they are the cutest!!! We were all laughing together the second we met. I’m excited to see them back in Venice… where it all began LOL.

At the breakfast they showed the third episode, which airs next Tuesday.  It was the episode where we went down to Mexico!! Woohooooo! There’s a very funny/embarrassing story that comes along with that, but you’ll have to tune in and see for yourself!! 🙂

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