Hi guys!

Hooe you all had an amazing weekend! Did you celebrate Halloween this past weekend, or are you planning on celebrating this upcoming weekend? I celebrated this past weekend, and dressed up both nights. The first night I was Zorro, and the second night Rudy and I did a couples costume of one of my favorite movies, Overboard. Have you guys seen that movie from the 80’s? Apparently not that many have seen it because I was stuck explaining our costume all night haha!

These photos are from last week, when Sara and I went to a lunch meeting with our friend Kiana, who took these photos. Sara and I might be partnering up with the tequila company she works for, so we were discussing the ways in which we can work together (over a margarita of course) 🙂

OUTFIT DETAILS: pants: Show Me Your MuMu // hat: Brixton // bodysuit is old! // shoes: Bared Footwear

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