photos by Jessica Prowitz

Outfit details: tights: Calzedonia [similar ones here] // belt: Chanel // bag: Chanel // boots: [here] // dress: The Fifth Label

This is from the other night at the T3 Micro event at Nobu Malibu!  You guys know I’ve been using my T3 Micro hair curling iron for about 4 years now, and our love affair is still going strong.  I also only use T3 hair dryers (unless I’m traveling and there was no room to bring it in my suitcase).  I’m honestly such a fan of this brand and all of the products I’ve tried from them.  I use the convertible curling iron, which comes with different size and shape barrels that you can switch around, but I’ve only ever used the 1.25″ barrel size, which you can buy on it’s own.  I’ll link it below!  I know my hair looks a bit crazy in the above pics, but I think it was from the moisture of the beach wind haha.

We had a fun girls night filled with good sushi, wine, and laughs.  We pretty much missed the sunset (the sun is setting sooo much earlier now that we’re in the fall season) but the view was still stunning.  A lot of the events Sara and I go to are starting to offer Uber codes, which has been a huge help for us.  If we Uber to events we can work from our phones in the car, and we’re able to have a second cocktail at the event.

[Click here to shop the curling iron I use]

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