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Last week Sara and I went to a pilates class in support of breast cancer awareness (October is breast cancer awareness month) hosted by a super cute local brand Show Me Your MuMu, B4BC, Suja juice, Theragun, and Studio MDR (one of the best pilates studios I’ve ever been to!).

We sweat for a cause, but also learned a little bit from the girls at B4BC (before breast cancer) about the importance of checking your boobs regularly, and how to distinguish between fibrocystic tissue, and a ”lump”.  The rubber boobs you see in the photo above has examples of each, so we could feel what to look out for.  The boob with fibrocystic tissue (which is a regular thing for women to get during their cycles) felt like little tiny bumps of fat that you can press down on.  The boob with the ”lump” felt like a frozen ball, very stiff and hard.  This would be the one that would cause concern.  The importance of checking regularly is because if you catch it early on, women have a much higher chance of surviving!

We’re currently at $2,115 of our $4,000 goal, so if you guys would like to donate, you can [click here].  No pressure, just if you want to!  Even if this post makes any of you think about checking your boobs more regularly, I’m happy with that 🙂

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