I’m loving my new beauty organizer!  It’s perfect for me because I have so many great makeup and beauty products and now I can finally see exactly what I have.  I organized it by category, so I have a drawer for lips, eyes, face, skincare, and hair products each.  I bought it from the Container store, and basically you can customize it so each drawer is the size you need/want.  I’m thinking the bottom drawer is a little too big so I might return it and get two smaller ones, which will give me more storage!

Building this thing was SO easy but it was definitely a headache because I had to put it together and take it apart three times because I put one side backwards, then upside down… haha.  Why is it that you always mess up the first time you do it?!  There was no instructions so I had to figure it out on my own, but I managed!  The second time I messed up I made SURE that it was 100% right when I made it for the third time.

My bathroom is really small (and outdated) so the functionality of the space is really poor.  I had to rearrange the space a little bit because it didn’t fit where I had planned on putting it.  I moved the trash can to the other side and had to put the organizer between the toilet and the shower.  It’s fine there!  Do you guys use organizers like this??

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