3 Sisters

I love my two sisters! And Emma’s new cutie pup Penelope 🙂

Hello my friends!

WHEW I feel like I haven’t been able to sit down since I got back! I went straight to work in OC the next morning after I got home (modeling job) and now I’m back in LA with a full day of events. I’m excited that I have nothing to do tomorrow so I’ll be able to sit down and write the blog posts I’ve been wanting to do for you guys.

I’m also VERY excited to put together my bathroom organizer that I got for my birthday. I didn’t know I could ever be this excited about a few drawers but it will be so nice to organize my skin care and beauty products so I can actually SEE what I have. It doesn’t do any good to have all this stuff sitting in boxes that I never open… I plan on doing before and after photos if you guys would be interested?!

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