photos by Dylan Lujano [click here]

JUST GOT THE PICS BACK FROM MY STUDIO 54 BIRTHDAY PARTY LAST WEEKEND!  Hiring a photographer was the best decision for a big milestone birthday like 25. So worth it to have these memories for a lifetime, (and not just in blurry iPhone pics lol)

The theme was Studio 54.  I wanted disco, fancy, glitter, and balloons.  Everyone dressed up (some completely way off the theme haha) and we all had a blast.  I had some of my friends DJing and a bunch of my friends came from out of town to celebrate 🙂 I was so happy!! (As you can probably tell from the huge smile plastered across my face in all of these pictures haha)

I got my shoes from Steve Madden, and while they’re AMAZING, my toes were numb for five days after this night.  Is Steve Madden seriously THAT horrible quality??  And looking back at these photos, I’m not happy with the dress either.  The way it fell on my body was super unflattering and it didn’t look well made.  Kind of bummed about it, but whatever!  I loved the color of it though.

Do you guys want to see the Pinterest board I curated for this party? I also made a flyer that I sent out to my friends on text and DM… wanna see that too?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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