Shining Bright [With Ideas]

Omg loooove all your guys’ feedback on my last post. Thanks to everyone who gave me their input! There’s a few topics that none of you mentioned you’d be interested in, but besides those, it looks like I’m going to cover almost all of them!  This is going to be fun.

Tonight I was at a Louis Vuitton event, and I obviously went for the walking disco ball look…. it was extra (shoutout to my new sparkly boots you guys I’m dyingggggg).  But literally everyone at the event was so extra, it was kinda fun to people watch. SO many characters.  I was hoping to get a goodie bag at the end of the party but unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards haha.  I was hoping they’d be handing out some LV keychains or cute cashmere monogram scarves hehe.  A girl can dream 😉

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