dress: NYLA [CLICK HERE] // shoes: Tony Bianco [CLICK HERE, on sale for $20] // purse: Strathberry [only available in tan color, CLICK HERE]

It’s been a minute since I’ve worn a daytime dress like this—one that makes you feel pretty and put together as soon as you put it on.  I think there’s also something about the color yellow that instantly makes me happy.  So, maybe this is my perfect dress? Haha.

I just finished speaking on a podcast about 30 minutes ago (!) and we talked all things business and blogging realness.  It gives me such an adrenaline rush! I LOVE podcasts and have been listening to them a lot lately– mostly in the car when I have longer drives.   This is the second podcast that I’ve guested, and I’m hungry to do more!

We discussed the following topics:

–how I got into blogging (I’m sure most of you know!)

–starting a clothing brand

–balancing different jobs

–working with brands

–blogging, then vs. now

–staying confident through the ups and downs

The podcast is called Swipe Up, and it’s hosted by a totally business savvy, sweet girl named Katherine McDermott. My episode will be live on September 24th and I’ll post the link for you guys on that day!

On another note, I’ll be posting the link to the podcast I did a couple weeks ago with Peter Jumrovkowski from the I Love Success Podcast in another upcoming post!

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