My healthy go-to lunch that’s easy and quick— it’s the perfect option when you don’t have much time but you want something homemade…. TUNA SALAD.

My version is crunchy, flavorful, and has a lot of pickle flavor from the cornichons. You can scoop it onto crackers like me, or put it between two slices of bread and add cheese for a yummy tuna melt. It’s pretty freakin good, and after most of my peeps on instagram requested a recipe for this, I’m serving it up right here on the blog!

What You’ll Need:

2 5 oz. cans of Albacore tuna

6-8 cornichons, chopped (the cute little pickled cucumbers)

1 small red shallot, finely chopped

4 green onions, chopped

handful of fresh parsley sprigs, chopped

salt and pepper

In a medium mixing bowl, empty both tuna cans and separate the chunks with a fork. Add cornichons, green onion, and shallot, mix together.  Mix in the chopped parsley.  Season with salt and pepper, to taste.  Top with a few sprigs of parsley and crackers. Store the leftovers in tupperware in the fridge to snack on for the next two days.  Enjoy!

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