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Yay!  Sara’s back from Burning Man and I’m back from my mini vacations (Mammoth & San Diego) so we are finally reunited in Venice and it feels great.  Right now we’re cooking Mexican— we’re making chicken fajita bowls.  I wish you guys could smell our apartment right now… it smells like fresh cilantro and lime.. my mouth is watering as we speak.

I’m a little hesitant towards eating meat right now though… I really messed up my digestive system in Mammoth.  I was eating probably 10X more meat than I usually eat (I usually don’t have that much meat in my diet) and my stomach just freaked out because of it.  Any time I have a change in my diet, my stomach panics and my digestion just comes to a complete stop.  The bloat is REAL.

Anyone else deal with this?  Do you guys have any tricks or natural remedies to get your digestive system back on track once it falls off the wagon?  I know a good amount of preventative measures, like taking those probiotic gummies, trying to stay away from slow-digesting foods like meat, and drinking tons of water, but what about when you need to FIX a struggling digestive system (without taking laxatives lol)?!  I’ve always had a sensitive belly so you would think I’d have this figured out by now… haha.

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  • Malin

    Have you tried kiwi? When I became pregnant I read in an app that start the day with a kiwi and you won’t get so weird when it comes to the stomach. So I did and it worked for me then. It’s supposed to help you not become constipated but I guess it just helps when it comes to moving around everything inside. I’ve heard that rasberry and oatmeal are also good choices, and natural yoghurt is always nice to the stomach 🙂
    Avoid banana and pear, those things often makes it worse if you have stomach problems.



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