The Road Less Traveled

Hi guys!

I just realized one of my blog posts from this weekend didn’t publish, so I will repost that tomorrow!

But side note— OMG. You guys have no idea what our car ride back to OC was like today.  Think the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland— on 738281 steroids!!! It was INTENSE.

The traffic was dead stop, one lane, for miles and miles. We were probably moving 5 feet every 30 seconds… is that like .01 mile per hour? Anyway, you get the point— slooooowly making our way back to OC.

Then we saw some people going on a dirt road off into the distance. We didn’t know where it led to, or if it led to an undrivable road, but we decided to veer off the highway and just go for the mystery dirt road route.

It was SO SCARY!!! I wish I could post the video on here right now, but you’ll get to see it later (I filmed it 🙂 ).  We were charging up hills, dodging boulders, oh geez. I wish you guys could see my worried face haha.

After 20 minutes of non-stop, car bouncing, extreme off-roading, we finally found a turn to go back to the main road, and we were so relieved! I think both of us were secretly panicking (maybe I wasn’t so secret haha) that the road would lead to nowhere.

Beyond the memory of this roller coaster ride, we got to share this beautiful sunset over the mountains 🙂 Now we’re back in OC and so ready for bed! I have a modeling job at 7 am so I have to get some rest! Goodnight 🙂

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